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I shall meet you at the Chantry in Valence. Try not to delay." #. The small Chantry was beautiful. Leliana smiled softly as she looked around. The Valence Cloister is a special temporary zone that is located north of At the chantry, although Leliana reads off a series of clues that are. I shall meet you at the Chantry in Valence. Try not to "Inquisitor, this is Natalie, a trusted friend," said Leliana breaking away from the hug.

Upon escaping, Leliana and her companions are betrayed by Marjolaine, who stabs her lover and leaves them at the mercy of Raleigh's guards. Utterly broken, Leliana almost gives in to despair when an unseen benefactor provides her with the means to escape from her cell. Leliana finds and frees Sketch but discovers that Tug had been tortured to death; another prisoner they free, Silas Corthwaitedecides to accompany them to seek vengeance against Raleigh. After escaping, the band is brought to Lothering by Leliana's benefactor, who reveals herself as Revered Mother Dorothea.

Dorothea explains that the Orlesian documents Leliana had seen originally belonged to her and asks her to retrieve them. Leliana and her companions chase after Marjolaine and Raleigh and finally corner them on an unnamed coast. After dealing with Raleigh, Leliana once again confronts Marjolaine.

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She then returns the documents to Dorothea and joins the Chantry as a lay sister, having found faith in her ordeal. Origins This section contains spoilers for: Leliana first encounters the Warden at the Dane's Refuge tavern in Lothering.

Following the fight, she explains that the Maker had sent her a vision which meant that she must aid the Warden in their quest to end the Blight. Despite the Chantry's claim that the Maker does not communicate directly with individuals, Leliana is firm in her belief. This causes Alistair to suspect she was mentally unstable, while Morrigan also doubted her sanity. If Leliana was rejected: The Warden denies Leliana's request to join their party, though she intercepts them as they left the village and again presses her request.

Once again she is denied and so leaves Lothering and the Warden behind. If Leliana was accepted: To her great delight, Leliana is accepted into the Warden's party and sets out with them from Lothering, having previously obtained permission from her Revered Mother to do so. The Urn of Sacred Ashes During the quest to recover the fabled Sacred Ashes of Andrastethe Guardian of the Ashes states that the Maker only ever spoke to one mortal, Andraste, and accuses Leliana of inventing her vision.

He proposes that she fabricated the tale for attention as she feared her life would become dull in the Chantry when compared to the thrill of a bard's life. Affronted, Leliana makes a flustered denial of the Guardian's accusation. If Leliana was killed: Witnessing defilement of the earthly remains of Andraste, Leliana becomes infuriated at the Warden's sacrilege and attacks them.

She is slain in the temple at her companion's hands. If Leliana was intimidated: Leliana is appalled at the defilement of the Sacred Ashes, but is intimidated out of hostility by the Warden. Leliana's Past Following much discussion with the Warden of her life as a bard, Marjolaine sends assassins to murder Leliana. Upon defeat, the assassins reveal that Marjolaine is in Denerim. Leliana and the Warden thus set out to find her former mentor.

After breaking into her house and killing her guards, Leliana confronts Marjolaine. Knowing that if she was spared, Marjolaine would continue to pursue her for the rest of her days, Leliana kills her old lover, encouraged by the Warden to do so.

Despite the countless injustices she visited upon Leliana, Marjolaine is spared by her old student. She returns to Orlais but made no promise not to seek out Leliana again. After this event, Leliana has a discussion with the Warden back in camp to discuss her crisis of faith. Leliana begins to question if her new virtuous self was just an attempt to run away from her previous life after her mentor's betrayal, and that the real Leliana is a worldly bard who loves all of the danger, intrigue, and at times even the killing that goes along with that lifestyle.

Depending on dialogue choices, the Warden can encourage Leliana to embrace her ruthless Bard lifestyle and Leliana's personality can become much more pragmaticno longer objecting as vocally to the more morally grey choices her companions make. Or the Warden can reaffirm her faith in the Maker and her new, more virtuous path. The result of which is that she remains unhardened.

Epilogue Leliana is present at the coronation of the new monarch of Ferelden following the death of Urthemiel and the end of the Blight. Origins - Awakening This section contains spoilers for: If Leliana was in a romance with the Warden: Leliana sends a love letter to the Warden-Commander wishing them luck in eradicating the darkspawn threat in Amaranthine. Following the conclusion of the Amaranthine Conflictsome rumors state that the Warden-Commander was spotted in Denerim with their love and never again returned to Vigil's Keep.

Dragon Age II This section contains spoilers for: The Divine dispatches Leliana to Kirkwall under the pseudonym of "Sister Nightingale", in order to assess whether an Exalted March against the city would be necessary to suppress the conflict between templars and mages. Perhaps you could save some for me? All right, that was a joke. Do not spare them. That would be sillly. You are always in my thoughts. That would make it so much prettier, don't you think? Leliana assumed mastery over a coterie of her own agents, and once again reinvented herself and resumed the role of bard that Marjolaine trained her for.

To this day, even despite the love of her mother Oisine, the nurturing presence of Lady Cecilie and the salvation of Dorothea, Leliana understands that Marjolaine shaped her deeply, in both speech and action. Leliana and Cassandra Pentaghast in Kirkwall. The Divine soon dispatches Leliana to Kirkwall under the pseudonym of "Sister Nightingale", in order to assess whether an Exalted March against the city would be necessary to suppress the conflict between templars and mages in the city.

After confirming that Cassandra was unable to locate Hawke, the two agree to return to their other plan. She encounters Knight-Captain Evangeline de Brassard at the ball held for the Divine and is also present when RhysWynne, Pharamond and Adrien are granted an audience with Justinia upon their return from the Adamant Fortress.

Leliana participates in the raid on the White Spire in order to free the captured mages, and it is her presence that reveals to Lord Seeker Lambert that Divine Justinia is conspiring against the Templar Order.

She later sings at the funeral of Wynne. The empress goes on to demand that the Divine make an official statement on the mage-templar conflict within three weeks, or she will be unable to restrain the overeager nobles at her court from interfering. Leliana agrees to take this proposal to Justinia. By doing so Celene would demonstrate the same control over her own affairs that she had demanded of the Divine.

Given her adventures alongside elves in the past, Leliana regrets the repressive tactics employed against the elven population, but bids Celene good luck before leaving.

Valence Cloister

Re-establishing the Inquisition Leliana, spymaster of the Inquisition. Leliana joins the Inquisition as its spymaster, and leads the clandestine division responsible for espionage and assassination.

She provides an effective alternative when diplomacy or blunt force fail, collecting information, dispatching agents and scouts, and signing her letters with an ominous nightingale sigil that leaves no question of its author.

Grieving for the loss of her dear friend, Divine Justinia V, Leliana begins to struggle with a crisis of faith following the tragedy of the Breach. As the war council assembles, Cassandra and Leliana suggest approaching the rebel mages for help with the Breach.

She believes that mages deserve their freedom, in inspiring good rather than dictating it, redemption of past sins, and in radical reform for the Chantry to stamp out inequality for all races. In Hushed Whispers In an attempt to recruit the rebel mages, Leliana and her group are sent alongside Dorian Pavus to eliminate a group of Venatori and their leader, Magister Gereon Alexiusat Redcliffe Castle where the mages have made their base of operations under the guise of the Herald negotiating with Alexius.

These experiments leave her traumatized and cold towards Dorian and Maxwell. When the party confronts Alexius, Leliana murders Felix and helps to delay approaching Venatori and demon reinforcements to buy Maxwell and Dorian time to get through the time rift and stop this future from occurring.

Just as Dorian manages to reopen the rift, Leliana is overpowered by her attackers and killed. Upon returning to 9: Relocating to Skyhold When Maxwell takes control of the fortress of SkyholdLeliana will spend her free time in the rookery, making it a new home.

Leliana is more hardened and is willing to respond to betrayal with vicious reprisal. After the attack on Haven, she also berates herself for the sentimentality she has for her agents, believing they lost Haven because she pulled her agents back when her first lookouts went missing. Maxwell discourages her sentiment, insisting that she only protected her scouts. At any rate, she apologizes for letting her emotions get the better of her during their first conversation.

Leliana (Dragon Age)/History

In private, Leliana comments on Aedan fondly, stating that he is "always in her thoughts" and is "her love". She adds that once the Inquisition is over, she plans to join her Warden husband "for good this time" as well as mentioning that with Aedan at her side, anything was possible. Emotional turmoil After a spirit posing as Divine Justinia aids the Inquisitor when he goes back to the Fade to recover his missing memories, the spirit aids him in finding the truth of how he obtained the mark on his hand and also escaping the Fade once again from the Nightmare demon that serves Corypheus.

The spirit once again sacrifices itself to weaken the Nightmare but not before asking Maxwell to relay a message to Leliana: I failed you, too. The mission takes several hours and culminates in a letter from Aedan to Maxwell, with a private note for Leliana enclosed.

The letter begs him to help her find the light if she is faltering. Receiving this note, Leliana is comforted to know that he "is still out there, fighting to be with [her]. Renewed faith Leliana later receives a posthumous letter from Justinia, directing her to the Chantry in Valence.

She notes that Aedan accompanied her there to meet Dorothea before her ascension to Divine, and so she asks Maxwell to accompany her in case of potential trouble. Arriving at the Chantry, they are greeted by Sister Natalie. As the Inquisitor finds three hidden mechanisms that unveil a hidden box, Leliana grows suspicious of Natalie, who makes a slip of the tongue, prompting Leliana to put a knife to her throat.

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She deduces that Natalie was sent by Grand Cleric Victoire, who had secretly disparaged Justinia and is anti-Inquisition, to see what secret Justinia kept hidden. Leliana then opens the box, only to find it empty, with an inscription reading, "The Left Hand should lay down her burden.

When they return to Caer Bronach, Leliana personally greets them with a new assignment from the Inquisitor. Unfortunately, by the time they arrive at Skyhold, Maxwell and his army have already departed for the Arbor Wilds. Divine of the Andrastian Chantry "I have been many things - bard, sister, Left Hand - and always because someone needed something from me. I realise now I am all of these things, and yet, not defined by any one.