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meet lorraine kelly

Britain's best-loved TV presenter Lorraine Kelly tells Judith Woods why she on highs, hideous hairdos and the rudest celebrity she ever met. Her daughter went to my children's school. Although I never met her formally, I was told she is lovely. (She also "cooed" over my daughter when she was a baby . In recent years, Lorraine Kelly has undergone a dramatic body transformation. Gone is the woman who began her career on TV – nowadays.

When I say that she seemed more mumsy and middle-aged in her 30s than she does now, she shrieks in agreement. I was a very late bloomer.

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I would hate to be a young woman these days with the pressures of social media and the distortions of filters and airbrushing. But can she possibly be as nicey-nice as she seems when welcoming Dame Helen Mirren or Ricky Gervais into the studio?

Lorraine is open, upfront and, having grown up in the Gorbals, is very much in touch with reality. Her tears, when she wells up while talking about the Manchester bombing or the Dunblane massacre, are real.

meet lorraine kelly

She was an academic child and considered studying Russian at university until a job came up at her local newspaper and her fate was sealed. She progressed to television where she became Scotland correspondent for TV-am, haring across the country with cameraman Steve Smith, whom she subsequently married.

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It was her exhaustive yet sensitive coverage of the Lockerbie bombing in December that brought her to the attention of TV-am bosses in London, who summoned her to do holiday cover in the studio the following year. Now that Rosie is in Singapore working in the charity sector, Lorraine and Steve have sold up in Scotland and live in Berkshire with their border terrier Angus.

I have a curious mind.

meet lorraine kelly

If you are interested — and interesting — things will go well. She flies the flag enthusiastically for HRT and when she suffered a miscarriage she spoke about it on air, receiving support from viewers that helped her through a very difficult time.

meet lorraine kelly

Am I sad not to have had more kids? But I feel so lucky to have such a lovely daughter.

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She needed four hours of surgery, a blood transfusion and hundreds of stitches. Again, the outpouring of concern from her fans was touching. Lorraine is also no stranger to radio.

meet lorraine kelly

She presented her own network show on Talk Radio: She has also presented live afternoon radio shows for radio 2 in Lorraine made her first fitness video in called Figure It Out which went to No 1 in the health and fitness video chart beating Anthea Turner, Beverly Collard and Rosemary Connolly.

With this success a follow up video was made in called Figure Happy which also proved a big hit.

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Lorraine writes a weekly opinion column for the Scottish Post and in april taking full advantage of the success of her video and journalism skills she launched her own weekly column in the Sun newspaper covering health, fitness and lifestyle. The column which originally went out in the paper on a wednesday was so popular it was expanded to a full page and moved to there saturday paper.

meet lorraine kelly

She has previously written columns for the child care magazine "first steps" and is a regular contributor to many women's magazines. She is one of britain's most versatile broadcasters. Not only at home with news reporting, she covered Piper Alpha and Lockerbie while working as Tv-Am's scotland correspondent.