Meet me conference avaya maximum exposure

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meet me conference avaya maximum exposure

Meet-Me Conference Limitations Conferences .. Maximum Phone Fallback Queue Depth Service Parameter .. Exposed interfaces vendors: Lucent/ Avaya Definity G3R using T1 or E1, Avaya MultiVantage and. Avaya Multimedia Communication Server (MCS) is a strategic of the MCS into the existing telephony infrastructure means a risk free evolution to new services and investment protection. Meet-Me Media Conferencing (requires Media Application Server) The small system supports a maximum of users. through the following Web site: Preventing . those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposures. Contact .. Change or create a VDN for Expanded Meet-me Conferencing. .. The total number of members should match the Maximum number of Expanded.

They need solutions that help them Be more proactive Deliver value Personal Easier for customer Simpler to manage Easier to change Situation: Working from the office Expectation: To be able to communicate with the people who no longer work in the office Reality: Currently office workers must rely on non-real-time communication Situation: Working from home or hotel Expectation: Workers at home, hotel, or other locations can conduct business just as if they were in the office Reality: Typically has to rely on personal phone and just to talk to the office.

Customers are even harder to talk to. Customers never have to know where you are to know how to reach you Reality: Most rely on cell phone and desk phone depending on the day.

meet me conference avaya maximum exposure

However, the company needs to be able to field calls around the clock. Thomas Electronics The organization also rolled out the Avaya one-X Portal and Avaya IP Office Softphone tools that enable mobile staff to make and receive calls using their laptops when they are on the road. Think of all the unavoidable hurdles employees face in their everyday lives that prevent them from physically getting to the office … sick child or parent, inclimate weather, car trouble, home issues, etc. The browser allows them to turn their home or cell phone to their office phone, access the corporate directory, set up conference calls, get voic — even record calls.

On average, most employees have 3 or more unexpected absences per year. Click on the You Tube video for an animated scenario of the Office Worker solution. Trade commute times for productivity Recover days of lost productivity per person, per year. Your people are likely your biggest investment and with a very small investment you can ensure that you get the maximum in productivity from them.

When that happens you lose productivity and results are impacted. By enabling them to work anywhere as if in the office, you eliminate a large part of that risk. Bring your company directory everywhere for instant access to all your contacts. Call,IM and check presence for more meaningful collaboration. Set up, manage conference calls. Take full control of conference calls. Tap to add, mute or disconnect callers to manage conferences as easily as if you were at your desk.

Take your phone extension with you. Calls to your office ring on any designated device, so you never miss a call.

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Log on to any IP desk phone in your network and it becomes your phone; get calls, messages, speed dials and more. IM, chat, click to call, video, web collaboration, call logging.

Is IM recording supported? This type of function is available through 3rd parties. Refer to the Avaya Developer Program for details. Not at this time.

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This is under consideration for a future release. Yes, system administrators can provision public names for users such that PSTN calls display public names if provisioned instead of the private name that would be displayed for internal calls.

This is provisionable on a user, sub-domain or domain basis. Does MCS support any customization? Yes, there are a few options. This enables access to all options in Personal Agent and enables the gathering and modification of such information. As an example, a location application could update presence and reachability routes. Ad Hoc conferencing is used for adding additional persons to a conversation. This feature is also referred to as 3-way or 5-way conferencing.

For example, if two persons are engaged in a voice conversation, the participants can dial a third person, and have another participant join the conversation. Other participants can be added up to the limit configured by the system administrator for that user. Note that it does not matter who called who. It is even possible for a person engaged in 2 conferences to join those 2 conferences together. Meet Me conferencing provides an audio bridge function.

Each user is given their own personal access code and chairperson password. To hold a conference, the chairperson provides their unique access code to all expected participants such that all participants dial into the conference bridge and provide the given access code.

Note that bridge numbers and access codes are permanently assigned to individual users. Can I schedule conferences for the Meet Me Conferencing application? Yes, each user is given their own personal access code and chairperson password and as such conferences can be scheduled such that bridge information can be sent out well ahead of the meeting, however, note that today, Meet Me conferencing is reservation-less, that is, audio ports are never reserved on the server and are subject to a first come, first served basis.

Reservation based conferencing is planned for a future release. Can I reserve conferences for the Meet Me Conferencing application? No, today Meet Me conferencing is reservation-less, that is, audio ports are never reserved on the server and are subject to a first come, first served basis.

What advantages does reservation-less conferencing offer? Reservation-less conferencing provides for maximal use of system resources. Unused ports are always available to other users. This enables an enterprise to oversubscribe the Meet Me Conferencing application thereby lowering total conferencing expenditures. Is recording of Meet Me conferences available? Yes, the chairperson has the ability to start and stop conference recording.

VOX Network Solutions Blog: How to Setup a Simple Multi-Account Avaya Meet-Me Conference

How does Meet Me conference recording work? When the chairperson stops conference recording or when the conference is terminated, the conferencing server saves the recording into a. Even if participants join a conference after recording has started, they will be automatically informed that conference recording is active. Are quick start conferences supported for Meet Me Conferencing? Yes, the chairperson has the ability to configure their bridge for quick start.

With quick start, the conference starts as soon as the first person joins the conference as opposed to having to wait for the chairperson to join the conferencing. Can other participants assume the role of chairperson? Yes, but only if the chairperson leaves the bridge.

What chairperson controls are available with Meet Me Conferencing? The MCS offers many alternative solutions for video. This solution enables PC and Web client users to communicate using video in point-to-point conversations.

Point-to-point video with compatible 3rd party endpoints: This solution enables PC client users to communicate with compatible 3rd party endpoints in point-to-point conversations. Desktop multi-point video or MAS-based video conferencing: This solution which is available on the Ad Hoc and Meet Me conferencing servers enables PC and Web client users to engage in a multi-point video conference. This solution supports switched video.

This solution makes use of compatible 3rd party bridges or Multipoint Control Units MCUs to provide the multi-point conferencing bridge functions. These will generally provide support for legacy H. What do I need to be able to do video at my desktop? If using an MCS soft client, the only hardware requirement for desktop video is a web cam. What is the difference between switched video and continuous presence? Switched video which is supported on the MAS-based video conferencing enables users on the video conference to see the most active speaker.

In other words, users only see one video source at a time and when another participant begins to speak, the video will switch to that participant. Continuous presence which is available with some 3rd party conference bridges enables users to simultaneously see multiple video sources. Can audio only users participate in a video conference? Yes, users can participate in the audio portion of a video conference if they are only equipped for audio. Do I need a web cam to be able to receive video?

What web cams are supported on the MCS ? The MCS will operate with most web cams in the market. When will the MCS support reservation-based video conferencing? Reservation-based video conferencing is planned for a future release on the MAS-based video conferencing bridge.

Reservation-based video conferencing is likely available from the compatible 3rd party MCUs supported. Only the DIVX video codec is supported on the conferencing applications at this time.

Continuous presence support is under consideration for a future release? How are video solutions licensed on the MCS ? Desktop video is included with the base MCS software.

In order to use video with Ad Hoc or Meet Me conferencing, video port licenses are required on the respective audio servers. One video port license is required for each active video client. The video port licenses are incremental to the audio conferencing port licenses. What collateral or documentation is available for this solution?

If a customer has existing 3rd party video equipment, will it work in this solution? Providing the equipment can be upgraded to the required software level then it should work. Older equipment can also be supported through the 3rd parties as they may support legacy equipment.

In any case, customers should contact the 3rd parties directly for assistance and refer to the Avaya Developer Program website for additional information.

The only requirements on participants who wish to join a web collaboration session are for a compatible web browser such at Internet Explorer or Netscape with Active X enabled.

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How do users join a web collaboration session? Users can join a web collaboration session in one of 2 ways. First, by joining the Meet Me Audio Conference from an MCS client, users will automatically receive a web push which will connect them to the web collaboration server. Second, the chairperson may publish a URL which will connect users to the web collaboration server. Can a user join the web collaboration without an MCS client?

meet me conference avaya maximum exposure

Yes, an MCS client is not required to participate in a web collaboration session. How can users not connected to their corporate network access web collaboration? In order for users that are outside the company to access a web collaboration session, they would need access to the web collaboration server. This can be accomplished by locating the web collaboration server outside the firewall, by opening the necessary holes in the firewall, or by traversing the firewall using an IPSec or SSL VPN.

Do users need to reserve a web conference? No, web collaboration is reservation-less. Can other participants be presenters or application sharers? Yes, the chairperson can pass control to another participant in document publishing mode such that the other participant controls the document being published. Similarly, the chairperson can pass control to another participant in application sharing mode such that the other participant can share applications on their desktop or make changes to the application being shared.

Can multiple participants make changes at the same time when sharing an application? No, only one person at a time can make changes to an application.

What is the difference between document publishing and application sharing? Document publishing is for presentation purposes only. Users can not make changes to the content. Application sharing enables the chairperson to make changes to the shared application and all participants see the changes dynamically as they occur.

Why is there a need for both publishing mode and an application sharing mode? The publishing mode provides better performance than the sharing mode and optimizes bandwidth by converting documents before publishing the document. Can PowerPoint builds be used?

Yes for application sharing. No for the publishing mode because the PowerPoint file is converted to JPEG image for broadcast to the other web collaborators. What security exposures are introduced by allowing someone to share a desktop? Showing someone your desktop does not pose a security threat, however, giving them control of your desktop potentially does.

With control of your desktop, a user can pretty much do anything to it as if they were sitting at your desktop including deleting files. Do participants in an application sharing session need to have the application being shared installed on their PCs? No, only the chairperson needs to have the application being shared. Note that when accessing web collaboration for the first time, participants may be asked to download and install software in order to join a web collaboration session.

If so, the web collaboration application will prompt the user through the process. Can multiple web collaboration servers be used to share the same information? A single web collaboration session can not span multiple web collaboration servers. Is it necessary to have Meet Me conferencing to do web collaboration? Yes, the web collaboration server works in conjunction with the Meet Me conferencing server. The chairperson launches the web collaboration by issuing DTMF pressing 91 on the telephone commands once connected to the Meet Me conference.

Can a web collaboration server support multiple Meet Me conferencing servers? How many web collaboration sessions are supported from a single server?

Does the web collaboration application support polling? Yes, the chairperson can submit multiple choice questions to all participants.