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meet me represenative

How to request an appointment with your U.S. Representative and Senators. Feel free to customize this sample letter to request your Congressional meeting. I remember nervously pacing the hall outside my Representative's door before my first ever meeting. I was with a group, but I was doing the. Can I forward my message through the Contact Webmaster mailbox? No. Are there alternative ways to reach my elected representative? If you know who your .

Some congressional leaders have Web forms and others have a direct email address. Identify yourself as a constituent and also identify yourself by profession teacher, administrator, professor or student.

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Be sure to ask for the fax number or email address. DO NOT mail the request via the post office. Due to terrorism threats, all mail service to Senate and House offices has been suspended indefinitely.

Schedulers receive many meeting requests and the Congressional calendar is very full. Be patient and persistent- you may need to contact the office several times. Your appointment will probably last between 15 and 30 minutes. Be sure to allow minutes between appointments to allow time to travel between offices. Also, some offices might have automatically assigned higher-level staff to meetings with donors to ensure campaign finance rules were followed.

And the study doesn't answer this question: Even if donors were getting in the door more often, were they getting the results they wanted?

meet me represenative

Recent reports suggest that might cost even more money. He's a hedge fund manager who bet a billion dollars on the demise of a nutritional supplement company called Herbalife. Ed Markey of Massachusetts to meet with key staffers who investigate big business. Ackman says he has never donated individually to either member, but both of them did end up writing letters to the Federal Trade Commission to demand an investigation of Herbalife.

And the FTC opened a probe into the company just this month, Herbalife disclosed. Sheila Krumholz of the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics says maybe you can't prove money is the singular reason Ackman got these results, but there's no question it set him apart on Capitol Hill.

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Devon Osborne is a dialysis patient from Dallas who got a meeting with two junior staffers in the office of Texas Sen. Osborne folds up his wheelchair, eases himself down with a cane on to a couch near the front door of Cornyn's office.

He has 15 minutes to make the case for better Medicare coverage of kidney dialysis. And the staffers inform him that one of them might have to leave a few minutes early. It was an ordeal for Osborne to come to Capitol Hill.

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Your Street Address, City, State and ZIP code, the member or congressional district information you are trying to reach and the member or congressional district the service is reporting that you feel is in error. Can I forward my message through the Contact Webmaster mailbox? The webmaster will not forward messages to congressional offices.

meet me represenative

If you are having problems contacting your representative, you can report the problem using the Contact Webmaster formwrite or call your elected representative, or visit the member's website for alternate contact information. Are there alternative ways to reach my elected representative? If you know who your representative is but you are unable to contact them using their contact form, the Clerk of the House maintains addresses and phone numbers of all House members and Committees, or you may call for the U.

In addition, you may choose to visit your member's website directly for further information.