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meet my family 2 mediacorp channel

The new Meet My Family series features interesting big families in Singapore and showcases. Channel Guide for Toggle V3. 美差事苦差事Behind Every Job - EP 2. More Details. (R) "Dirty Job" 鹿鼎记(HD) The Deer And The Cauldron (HD) - EP 0. Was Chen Hanwei the most "suay" cast member of 'Blessings 2'? The TV sweetheart turns badass with her first action roles after surviving the risky- sounding.

Her latest project is the upcoming Channel 8 drama While We Are Young, which was filmed during the school holidays in June.

meet my family 2 mediacorp channel

She could easily channel the pressures she faced in school into her role of a stressed-out student. Her mother initially had concerns about daughter getting into show business, she says. She was scared that I had crazy dreams to become a celebrity. I had to convince her that my studies came first. The exposure will help me improve my people skills.

Father and son are starring in the same series for the first time, but they will not be seen in the same scenes. A Million Dollar Dream will air next year.

That would be just like everyday life. His interest in acting was sparked after appearing as a national swimmer in Channel 5 drama Faculty Tackling a Mandarin-speaking role is a challenge for him, as he says many youngsters like him are more conversant in English. He has been taking Chinese language lessons with a teacher who goes through with him his script and the enunciation of words.

At home, his father practises his lines with him. Some of them even come in twos. Now they are getting their feet wet and have found their way into show business. Grooming the next generation of stars Addy Lee, 46, celebrity hair stylist, and talent agency owner Lee not only tends to the manes of local actors and actresses, but he is also grooming their children for stardom.

His talent agency, Starlist, has cornered the market on second-generation stars, signing five of them: They can sing, dance and play the violin. They are all good kids too.

If they can juggle their studies and withstand the pressure, why not gain some experience in show business? Lee, who owns a chain of hair salons, says: Then when I next saw her, I realised she got prettier. To prepare the rookies for the limelight, he has been grooming their appearance and sent Calvert, Shalynn and Chantalle to Shanghai for training last year.

I used to nag at Chantalle, who used to wear slippers out. Now she is not allowed to do so. They will be starring in the upcoming Channel 8 drama While We Are Young, about students navigating teenage life. I left them in the good hands of the director and experienced actors. Ah Jie Zoe gave them plenty of guidance. It airs on weekdays. What a difference a year can make. Yixin was a camera-shy introvert when The Straits Times interviewed her last year.

A change of environment has helped her blossom into a confident lass ready to take on acting. In my secondary school, I used to get teased. I always had this feeling that everyone was watching me.

Meet My Family S2 - Toggle

But once I went to poly, my perspective broadened. When she came out, she was hysterical. And RO 2 Nurul Hazirah, her personal supervisor, was there to console her.

Being a source of comfort might seem a job for counsellors, rather than prison officers. RO 2 Nurul Hazirah said: Among young inmates, especially those from broken families, it often started with peer pressure and the need for attention and love.

Inside the women’s prison: Empathy, rigour and help to turn inmates' lives around

Hanging out at the recreation yard, which is like a sports hall. Many inmates also told the officers that a lack of control was their downfall. Whatever the reason, some 75 per cent of the women inmates are drug offenders — not that their officers view them through the prism of their crime.

An unprecedented look at life behind bars 8: DSP 1 Hoo, an year veteran, said: But at the end of the day, you realise that an inmate is still a person. This person could have been your neighbour or someone you sat next to on the bus. Deputy Superintendent of Prisons 1 Ottilia Hoo talking to an inmate with a request. And just as the inmates do not easily fit the stereotypes of them, the officers too are not quite what some expect.

This means minimal rehab programmes. They are allowed one book at a time, and no visits are permitted, except from lawyers, embassy officials or counsellors. Inside one of the cells, inmates' belongings and rolled-up straw mats. Their cells are spartan. All inmates are issued a standard set of toiletries, a wrist tag they must wear wherever they go, and for their bed, they have a straw mat.

meet my family 2 mediacorp channel

A low wall separates the sleeping area from the toilet. There are no mirrors to be found, only a polished stainless steel plate hung in a sports hall, their Recreation Yard. An inmate checks herself in the stainless steel mirror that hangs in the Recreation Yard.

They can have up to six books — three from their family and three from the library — in their cell. Unlimited letters from their family are allowed, while they get to send two letters a month. Importantly, they can receive two visits a month, either a combination of a minute face-to-face meeting and a minute teleconference, or two minute teleconferences.

Inmates can have up to six books in their cell. Yet, despite the weight of the daily operations, she went about with a smile, even bantering with the inmates about prison food. The use of technology has freed up officers like her for their higher-order work of rehabilitative engagement. Changi Prison raises tech bar with automated checks, surveillance system that detects fights In the Recreation Yard stood an example of the automation of routines.

At a blue kiosk, two inmates were peering at the screen to check the status of their requests, such as for dental treatment and religious reading material.