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Applying an emollient when your child's skin is sore, irritated and itchy can be challenging for parents. E45 Junior Foaming Bath Milk is suitable for use all over . Life was like Groundhog Day for our family but then a South African dermatologist hydrocortisone creams and gels, Daktacort, Epaderm, Elocon, E45, . I met Aron in London in June the day before he was due to meet 50 of. I first learned about E45 several years ago when my parents brought some back from a Caribbean cruise. I've had psoriasis most of my life, and one of the little.

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Our life was Groundhog Day without the moral redemption. Or the funny bits. When we look at baby photos of her years later, we see how truly awful it was.

That she was and still is a sweet, loving, energetic child who never complained all that much is heartbreaking.

Our daughter’s eczema was out of control until we found Dr Aron

When her language skills improved enough to tell us how it felt, we were mortified, guilt-ridden. Her elder siblings have all had eczema flare-ups at some stage, but never from head to toe in such excruciating discomfort and a short blast of steroids or antibacterials would usually do the trick. But nothing would work for very long with our youngest. But then my girlfriend, searching online discussion groups, started to hear about Dr Richard Aron78, a South African consultant dermatologist who used to practise in the UK.

The standard approach in the UK is to use a steroid or antibiotic cream intensively on the affected area for a few weeks, then stop for the skin to recover and repeat when it flares up. Which works for lots of people, but not our youngest and not for thousands like her.

He then tailors the frequency of application and amount of each constituent according to the age and weight of the child and severity of the eczema and other factors.

Our daughter’s eczema was out of control until we found Dr Aron | Life and style | The Guardian

He uses significantly diluted steroids and antibiotics for longer periods instead of short blasts. Most of his patients use his therapy for a minimum of six months. And we should know as we tried all the different coloured lenses the optician had to offer. Always wear a peaked cap in sunlight.

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Again we tried the Baseball style but that would mean their necks would burn or be left exposed. So we discovered Beanie Hats like anglers wear, good coverage and trendy too. Long sleeve t-shirts are great and readily available as they are 'trendy' at the moment and come in some very attractive designs, also the longer length shorts for boys are appropriate.

Sun Creams - What a mine field. Some people with Albinism are lucky enough to get their cream on prescription from their GP, others have to buy it. I had to buy it and fought for 12 years for my son to be seen by a dermatologist who then prescribed some very effective sun creams. She even prescribed a tinted face cream, but when on their faces look a little strange. I tend to use a sunblock on tops of ears, nose and back of neck.

Also in winter use a cream as the UVA rays in can also damage the skin and its good practice to keep the skin in good condition.