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meet other wiccans

Meet other Wiccans in the area! Circle of the Moonlit Sea is a traditional Wiccan Coven of the Blue Moon Tradition. Blue Moon hived from the Blue Star Tradition. A site dedicated to the service of Wiccans and Pagans in Kingston, Ontario. It is an open and public meeting where you can come to meet other Wiccans and. includes workshops, rituals, vendors and entertainment. Concurrently, during MerryMeet, CoG conducts its annual business meeting known as Grand Council.

If a coven is looking to add new members, they will want to spend time with potential initiates as well. Coven members often form very close bonds with each other, and may even consider the coven to be like a family. As with any group, the overall energy will change with the addition of new people, so all involved should take their time deciding whether a given person would be a good fit—including the person seeking to join!

meet other wiccans

So you really need to be willing to make a dedicated commitment to reliable participation. Most covens require at least a year and a day of studying Wicca—and possibly longer—before you can be eligible for initiation.

A circle is a more informal group whose members meet to discuss and learn about the Craftand may experiment with an eclectic blend of practices in terms of ritual and magic.

Wiccan Covens, Circles, and Solitary Practitioners

Depending on the overall preferences of the group, there may be many members, some of whom drop in and out as it suits them, or just a few regularly involved friends. There are many online communities of Wiccans and other Witches to explore, and there are also many benefits to solitary practice.

We celebrate eight festivals a year. On these sacred days we attune ourselves to the turning of the Wheel. The procession of the seasons and the cycle of the year, the grain cycle and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Who Are The God and Goddess? How do we relate to divine nature? The Lord Our Lord is represented by the Stag. Often as a combination of a man and stag together.

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The Stag is the symbol of strength, and nobility, but not controlling power over the lives of others. He is strong, honourable, respected, loving, gentle, kind and loyal. His love for the Lady is beyond compare. He would do anything for her.

meet other wiccans

He would die for her. He is her companion, friend, lover and soulmate. The Lord is the embodiment of freedom, individuality and self—confidence. The Lady Our Lady is represented as a strong and beautiful woman.

She has the wisdom of ages, the beauty of divinity, and the compassion of a loving mother. She is not always easy on us. She sets a high standard. She is agile, dexterous, crafty, witty, mysterious and sometimes cruel. She is the Lord's perfect partner. She fulfills him as he fulfills her.

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She loves him, empowers him, and blesses us all. She is the embodiment of nature, beautiful in its diversity and endless creativity. The God and Goddess are beyond putting into one box. They are very often personified as people with whom we can directly relate. But they are much more than this.

meet other wiccans

And they are recognized, understood and honoured by Wiccans at many other levels, and by means of other symbols. The Sun We see the God symbolized in the great celestial light of the day. He is the golden glowing orb that pours forth its radiant brilliance. He endlessly showers the world with light, energy and warmth which we recognize and honour as his life sustaining boundless generosity.

The Sun God cycles once per year. We honour the phases of his life through the cycle of the eight Sabbats. At his death, his journey to the underworld, his rebirth as a child, his youth and growing maturity, his sexual union with the Goddess.

Crazy as this might sound, it's a common trope of pagan narratives. Anyone who saw the recent horror flick "The Witch" got a gruesome reminder of that. Webster explained that this stereotype is indicative of deep seated fear and distrust people feel toward pagans. Cristian Baitg via Getty Images Another common stereotype is that all pagans are lusty and promiscuous. Yes, some pagans incorporate sexuality into their rituals, and some pagans are polyamorous.

But many are not. As Webster put it: Can you tell me a little about paganism?

meet other wiccans

Matt Cardy via Getty Images If you don't know anything about paganism, then ask! It'll show that you're truly interested and give you an opportunity to learn about an often-misunderstood faith. What drew you to paganism? This will help them feel safe to talk about their spiritual path. And their reasons might highlight what they find most meaningful about the faith. How do you practice paganism?

meet other wiccans

Now that we've got orgies and baby sacrifice off the table, get to know what rituals, holidays and traditions pagans actually practice.