Meet our fellowes wexner foundation

meet our fellowes wexner foundation

The Wexner Field Fellowship is a special opportunity for Jewish professional The Wexner Foundation recently piloted the Wexner Field Fellows with professional coaches and Jewish educators to meet with regularly. The Wexner Foundation focuses on the development of Jewish professional and volunteer The Wexner Foundation created the Wexner Graduate Fellowship, meet the challenges of professional Jewish leadership in the North American. Wexner Heritage Program Nominations Open. Nominations are now open for classes in Cincinnati, Rochester and Seattle. The deadline to nominate is October.

The first of The Foundation's core programs was founded in Leslie Wexner and Rabbi Herbert A. This program's mission statement, according to the Wexner Foundation website, is "to educate Jewish communal leaders in the history, thought, traditions and contemporary challenges of the Jewish people. It awards scholarships to 20 exceptional individuals in North America who wish to obtain degrees in Jewish education, Jewish leadership, rabbinical studies, or cantorate studies.

The mission for this program is "to encourage promising candidates to successfully meet the challenges of professional Jewish leadership in the North American Jewish community.

Kennedy School of Government. The goal of this program, according to the Wexner Foundation website, is "to provide Israel's next generation of public leaders with advanced training in public management and leadership development, thus enhancing the quality of democracy and the institutional vitality of Israel's public sector.

The president of the Wexner Foundation is Rabbi B. Core leadership programs[ edit ] The Wexner Foundation consists of seven core leadership programs: The Wexner Heritage Program was designed to provide young North American Jewish volunteer leaders with a two-year intensive Jewish learning program, deepening their understanding of Jewish history, values, and texts and enriching their leadership skills.

By the end of2, North American Jewish leaders from 34 cities will have participated in the program. The Wexner Graduate Fellowship Program was created for outstanding rabbinical students and graduate students in Jewish education and Jewish communal service programs.

In its early years, the Foundation established a grants program for academic institutions of all types to build and improve training programs for Jewish community professionals. Eventually, the Fellowship Program was expanded to include top candidates for academic Jewish studies and the cantorate.

meet our fellowes wexner foundation

The Wexner Israel Fellowship Program annually selects up to 10 outstanding mid-career Israeli public officials to study for a master's degree in the mid-career program of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. The goal of the fellowship is to provide Israel's next generation of public leaders with advanced leadership and public management training.

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By the end ofIsraeli public officials will have participated in the Israel Fellowship, including leaders who have gone on to become Directors General of government ministries, Generals and Commanders in the Israeli military, and top advisors to Prime Ministers. The Wexner Service Corps is a program designed to inspire and unite Columbus-area Jewish teens to engage in service learning. The Service Corps is open to high school juniors and seniors to participate in a week-long service trip followed by a year of monthly volunteering and Jewish learning.

Graduate Fellowship Alumni continue meeting and building a network throughout their careers. The Wexner Israel Fellowship Program pays all expenses associated for each participant including tuition, book fees, travel fees, etc. The Wexner Foundation also grants each individual a generous living stipend.

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These public officials must meet certain requirements set by the Wexner Foundation in order to participate in the program. These requirements are generally 5 years of experience working with the Israeli public, proficiency in English, and demonstrating leadership potential.

meet our fellowes wexner foundation

The Wexner Foundation hopes to improve the caliber of public leadership in all sectors of Israeli society. Participants must also attend leadership institutes sponsored by the Wexner Foundation throughout the year. After the program, the Israeli public officials return to Israel and serve in high government positions such as the Israeli Defense Forces.

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Alumni activities are held throughout the year in Israel. The program intends to strengthen Jewish values and establish these values in the community.

It is a two-year program that consists of 36 seminars held in the local community and three summer institutes including one institute in Israel. All travel and associated expenses are paid for by the Wexner Foundation in partnership with local communities.

The seminars focus mainly on four areas: To become a participant in the Wexner Heritage Program, candidates must be nominated by their community. After the program, the alumni are encouraged to continue their Jewish study and to exercise Jewish leadership locally, nationally or globally.