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meet our leadership team building

Andrew Todhunter President & Chief Executive Officer CEO Meet Our Team As Proponent's Chief Financial Officer, he puts his analytical mind to work. Asana's leadership team is committed to creating a product people love and love, empowering all teams to do great work, and helping the company grow. Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced executives. Working with Meet Our Board of Directors. Joe Almeida.

An additional manufacturing plant and modern laboratories are located in Arlington, Texas.

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This newer structure is designed to supply all of the northeastern United States market while Demilec Canada covers the entirety of the Canadian market.

Paul Valle President and CEO of Demilec, Paul Valle, is backed by over 25 years of experience working with construction products and manufacturing industries. Over the years, he has gained the knowledge and skills necessary to improve operational functionalities, quality, and drive cost competitiveness in order to promote greater customer satisfaction.

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During his time with the company, he successfully navigated the team through a construction market slowdown. He is regarded as the pioneer of renewable foam insulation and recyclables.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Dan Clayton Backed by over three-and-a-half decades of experience in the spray foam industry, Dan Clayton, the Vice President of Sales in Canada, brings extensive knowledge and skills to Demilec. PFSI with only two other employees.

meet our leadership team building

For the past 25 years, Clayton has served as a member of the Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association and has been a member of the Board of Directors for over 13 years. Prior to joining Demilec, Elizabeth worked in positions of increasing scope and responsibility within risk management, human resources, and operations. With expertise in the areas of marketing, operations, and sales, Brady serves as the Vice President of Strategic Marketing.

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Before committing his life to the industry, Brady attended Carnegie Mellon University where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and his M. Jen Gergen Contact Jen Jen is enthusiastically devoted to advancing the Inside Sales industry and all the opportunities it can offer! As Director of Operations, she is dedicated to supporting and growing the association by joining forces and collaborating with AA-ISP members, sponsors, and executive staff. She is particularly focused on the constant review and evolution of internal processes and procedures to optimize the efficiency of the organization.

meet our leadership team building

It is her strong belief that authentic communication is the key to progress. Jen is based in Brooklyn NYC and actively participates in the local art and music community, eternally grateful for a remote position that allows her the opportunity to travel extensively.

Life before AA-ISP was a truly colorful adventure, and Jen incorporates her unique talents and skills in all aspects of her position. Moreover, Richard is currently researching the duality of a B2B inside sales agent role, motivational influences for Hispanic and bi-lingual inside sales agents and the role of blogging on inside sales performance.

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Upcoming studies include how to motivate applicants to apply for inside sales jobs and inside sales compensation. Prior to transitioning to academia, Richard spent 10 years as an executive in the financial arena leading mid to large field operations ranging from to employees.

As an executive, Richard was known for creating employee-centric cultures, successfully managing change and developing talent. He successfully led multi-year double digit sales growth while reducing turnover and increasing employee engagement from 3.

As a speaker, Richard has presented the following topics: Before becoming a professor, he was a Strategic Account Manager for Xerox, and had sales and sales management roles in the media industry where he won several all-time awards. As a professor, he has earned 23 international research, teaching awards and distinctions, and is the first sales educator to have received all the teaching awards from the major academic marketing associations.