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'Born Schizophrenic': 2 Mentally Ill Children Threaten to Tear Family . paying the bills because for them, Jani and Bodhi are a full-time job. Jani's friend Briana introduces us to one of her hallucinations, Seven. Discovery Life — Full Episodes and Exclusive Videos Born Schizophrenic. Sneak Peek at Born Schizophrenic: Big Changes Jani's Next Chapter: Meet Seven. Maldonado (Lili Taylor) tries to figure out how to meet the terrorists' demands and prevent the loss of innocent lives in the new episode “Are.

'Born Schizophrenic': 2 Mentally Ill Children Threaten to Tear Family Apart

She tells Sam that she's been in the ward for 5 weeks and that the doctors think she's suicidal. He asks her for the truth, and she tells him that she hears her dead brother's voice.

He wants her to kill herself to be with him, and if she doesn't, he'll do it for her. He's already started a fire to try to kill her. After confessing, she leaves, upset. The next morning, Dean goes into a convenience store and is confronted by three demons.

He kills one and then is knocked back, losing Ruby's knife. Thankfully, Meg shows up and kills one demon while the other flees. Dean is surprised to see her, and she tells him that she's there because of rumors about a wandering healer, who she's shocked to learn is "poor dead Castiel. Although they don't trust each other, they both need friends, so Dean agrees to let her come with them to Indiana as long as she doesn't remind Castiel of his true identity yet.

The three of them leave together. Back in the locked ward, Sam apologizes to Marin for upsetting her. Then he tells her that he believes her about her brother and wants to help. From his questions, Sam learns that Marin feels cold before her brother talks to her, and that she's heard him in more than one place despite the fact that he's cremated.

Sure that he's a ghost, Sam tells her that he can put her brother to rest, and then asks her if she has anything of his. She wears a bracelet he made for her with an injured hand - it's likely he bled on it. Sam tells her what they need, and she brings back salt and a lighter she stole from Marcus. They make a ring of salt and stand inside it, and when Sam asks her for her bracelet, the ghost of Marin's brother appears.

He breaks the lights in the room and pleads with Marin not to do it. She gives Sam the bracelet and he burns it, causing her brother to go up in flames. Marin thanks Sam, and he tells her to go. She leaves quickly just before orderlies enter the ward to restrain Sam. Dizzy, Sam looks up to see Hallucifer standing over Dr.

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Kadinsky's shoulder as the doc explains to Sam that they cannot give him any more medication and should try surgery instead. They can't get inside, though, because it's surrounded by demons. Meg and Dean retreat to talk in private, and Meg insists that they remind Cas who he is so he can destroy the demons.

Dean warns her that after what Cas did, he could snap and disappear. Emmanuel overhears Dean and tells him that he wants to know who he is. Dean is hesitant, but Meg tells him he's an angel and that he and Dean were best friends who used to fight together. Emmanuel realizes that he must be the "Cas" that Dean told him about, and he apologizes.

Then he resolves to fight the demons in front of the hospital, even though he doesn't remember how. He approaches the demons, who are shocked to see him alive. Before they can do anything, Castiel smites them all. His memories come back to him in the process, assaulting him with images of his partnership with Crowley and his betrayal of Dean.

Once the demons are taken care of, Meg and Dean approach him. He tells them that he remembers them—he remembers everything. He's disgusted with himself and starts to leave, but Dean chases after him. When it seems like he is trying to defend Castiel's past acts, Castiel tells him he deserved to die for the things he did.

He doesn't think he can fix anything, but Dean believes he can. He reaches into the trunk of his car and pulls out Castiel's trench coat. Meanwhile, Sam is strapped down and wheeled into electroshock therapy. He starts to panic and asks for his brother, but the orderly ignores him and places a rubber mouth guard between his teeth.

He says that he's going to start Sam off on a high setting, just as his eyes flash black. Sam struggles, but can't escape, and the demon shocks him. He's about to increase the electrical setting again when Castiel appears behind him with his old trenchcoat on before smiting him.

Castiel releases Sam from the electroshock machine and reaches out to heal him, but it doesn't work and Sam still sees Hallucifer. We did not know they were hallucinations and had a mind of their own. One evening she tried to choke herself with the sleeves of her shirt.

By then, her parents had started checking her into psychiatric hospitals. Some staff suggested that all Jani needed was stricter discipline. In earlyJani went berserk at school, trying to hurl herself through windows and doors. Michael arrived to find her locked in an emptied office with a district psychologist. He told the stunned headmistress to call the police. Jani was taken to UCLA, where she was placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold, a law used to confine mentally ill people deemed a danger to themselves or others, and admitted to the psychiatric unit.

It was stronger than I am, and it had more power over Jani than I did. She was hallucinating nearly all of the time and barely interacting with the real world.

One night he visited her at UCLA and, for the first time, she did not recognise him. The parents swapped places every night. The unconventional arrangement worked: She became calmer and more relaxed.

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Now Jani is able to tell her parents when she needs extra medication. She is likely to require drugs to control the psychotic symptoms for the rest of her life. She also has weekly sessions with her psychiatrist and psychologist.

Later in the day, Jani arrives home from school. Then she goes to her bedroom and shows me her two fish and the 13 turtles housed in large gurgling tanks surrounding her bed.