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DURING their meeting at the Istana in November , China's Deng Xiaoping told then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew that it would take a long. Watch the latest and catch up episodes of Kamali TV serial online in full wins a scholarship which takes her to the city where she meets Anika, her half-sister. Meet a new kind of book, designed for the age of Peak TV Bookburners was one of the first works published by Serial Box, a service that aims.

Sankalp and Shruti are doctors working in the same hospital.

meet tv serial

Sankalp feels attracted to Shruti. However, he withdraws when he comes to know that Shruti has a boyfriend named Aakash. Shruti and Aakash come from very different backgrounds; so, their families object to their relationship. But the lovers are determined to be together.

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Meanwhile, Sankalp goes to attend the wedding of Aastha, his best friend Alok's sister. However, certain circumstances arise to cancel the wedding.

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Then Sankalp offers to marry Aastha, even though he has never had even a glimpse of her face. In the meantime, Shruti's family members pressurize her to marry a man of their choice. A dejected Akash, thinking that he has lost Shruti, agrees to marry a girl, Nupur, chosen by his parents. Meanwhile, Shruti rejects the alliance proposed by her family. On a fateful night, Akash and Sankalp, respectively accompanied by their newly-wedded wives, Nupur and Aastha, board the train.

Neither husband has yet seen his wife's face. Both brides are wearing red wedding dresses, their faces covered with veils.

The bomb is detected in the baby carrier. Sampada trips, but is rescued by Malhar. Pillu is extracted and sent away. Sampada is sure that she made a mistake of eloping with Atharv.

meet tv serial

This makes Malhar furious and he leaves the restaurant. When Kalyani calls Anupriya, Anupriya reveals that she too is in Mumbai. At the mall, Atharv and Sampada plan to loot the clothes. While Atharv diverts the attention of the store attendant, Sampada steals the clothes. Sampada bumps into Kalyani, but Kalyani doesn't recognise her. Kalyani hands Pillu to Sampada while she checks the shirt.

meet tv serial

Malhar tells Kalyani that if he ever finds Sampada and Atharv, they will regret being alive. Meanwhile, dressed as a mannequin, Atharv robs a showroom.

meet tv serial

Sampada is fed up with a life of poverty. Atharv pleads with her to continue with their dead status or Malhar will hunt them down and make their lives hell.

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Malhar takes Kalyani and Pillu out for shopping in Mumbai. Malhar tells Kalyani that he is aware of Aparna tricking everyone but still wants Kalyani to clean the house. Kalyani sees a chit with certain names and assumes them to be the names considered by Malhar for Pillu. Kalyani finds a bottle of chloroform in Pallavi's bag and questions her about the same.

She makes an excuse and later uses it on Aau Saheb and Rao Saheb. The factory workers reveal that Anupriya was absent at the temple. Kalyani simultaneously manages Pillu and her exam. Chits are found with Kalyani during the exam.

Tujhse Hai Raabta

Malhar asks the principal to punish Kalyani as per the policy. Anupriya suggests investigating the handwriting. Malhar knows that it was written by Aparna to create distrust between Kalyani and him.

meet tv serial

Kalyani is allowed to continue with her exam. Anupriya takes a stand for Ahusaheb. Malhar takes up for Kalyani, stating Sampada never loved him or the baby. Kalyani indirectly coaches Anupriya by revising loudly.