Memebase after dark seems right to meet

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memebase after dark seems right to meet

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A couple of years later, Ultron hits the main stage. He also furthered his powers by creating his own robotic soldiers to help him in his mission. If Loki had an army and Ultron was an army, why would Thanos be able to take down the Avengers all by himself?

However, what happens to the Black Order when the actual planet starts to fight back? In the last Guardians of the Galaxy movie, we found out that Star-Lord is half-celestial. This means that Star-Lord draws powers from a planet and can manipulate energy and matter to create solid constructions such as a glove of rocks or a giant Pac-Man.

He also has superhuman physical strength and is almost immune to any damage. When the Mad Titan was introduced in The Avengershe had a dark purple hue and piercing, glowing blue eyes. His appearance and cryptic smirk made him seem like a true force to be reckoned with. This change in appearance has sparked the creation of many memes.

memebase after dark seems right to meet

The menacing villain of Infinity War might be more interested in keeping up his appearances than actually destroying half of the universe. JusticeForHawkeye has most likely filled up your Twitter feed for the past couple of months.

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This is because Avengers fans have been outraged by the lack of a specific archer in the Infinity War trailers and marketing material. Or does his costume give away his transition to Ronin?

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This has prepared them for everything, even meeting gods. During their encounters with the God of Thunder and the God of Mischief, Captain America was still able to hold on to his faith. This has led to one of his most infamous lines: Hulk, on the other hand, has completely humiliated the two Asgardian gods. Everything Thanos does, he does for love.

Lady Death never feels the same way about him and the Mad Titan is usually left alone and friend-zoned. If Lady Death makes an appearance in Infinity War, she has the power to destroy Thanos even before the Avengers need to assemble.

memebase after dark seems right to meet

If he fails to find one of them, his entire plan falls to pieces. So, can the Avengers prevent him from finding the hidden gems?

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Therefore, the Avengers just have to keep Vision away from Thanos, right? However, from the Infinity War trailer, we can assume that Thanos does find Vision. Why should Infinity War be any different? In the ultimate battle of good against evil, good must always win so that us, viewers learn a valuable lesson.

This meme makes fun of a scene in one of the Infinity War trailers, where it looks like Thanos is pouting and using his puppy dog eyes to get sympathy.

memebase after dark seems right to meet

Could this be what Thanos does when the Avengers take him down and ruin his evil plans? Does he trade in his menacing grin for puppy dog eyes and sympathy?

memebase after dark seems right to meet

So, could Captain America be strong enough to take down the Mad Titan with his bare hands? Some people believe that this scene indicates that Captain America is in possession of the Soul Stone. To some fans, this shows that Cap has found the Soul Stone and is using it to destroy Thanos. Could Cap have gotten the Soul Stone during his time in Wakanda? However, this one takes a different approach and compares Thanos to a purple thumb. This meme suggests that if you drew an angry man on your thumb and colored it purple, it would look exactly like the Mad Titan.

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memebase after dark seems right to meet

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