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Nov 27, What: the completely unofficial 70K Forum and 70K Facebook Groups' Meet'n' greet. A chance to put names to faces and see old cruise. Mar 8, Metal Meet - metalshapers discussion forum. Forum Details. Forum is ranked out of forums. Forum software: vBulletin. Site hosted. has always been a solely owned website/forum. Wray Schelin Less chat and more metal shaping is what most of us want.

I am not in any way speaking on behalf of the owners of this site, and appreciate being allowed to post what is going on with Metalmeet, for all the members both here and from Metalmeet that want to know the truth.

The following two posts are what got me for all intents and purposes banned from posting on Metalmeet.

metal meet forums

Originally Posted by Oldgoaly Hang in there! There are some changes in the works, as my Mom rip would say "hold yer horses!!!! Seems, the Board of Directors of Metalmeet. I have been edited by him lately. Where did that come from. Will Terry Thorne be the next new Admin?

It appears to me that the folks who currently control the site, have installed software to allow them to read members PM's and have been doing so for some time.

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If you recall a couple of weeks back, I was summarily banned by Dick Strever, and Marty lost his Mod rights at the same time. Well, it was done an hour or so after Marty and I had PM'd back and forth about me probably being banned for reposting a deleted post, and that he Marty would reinstate me. The following is an excerp from an email sent by Dick Strever to four board members two of which are no longer on the BOD.

You can draw your own conclusions Groups" Metalshapers e-mail List, which Wray had co-founded, and which George and Tom were both charter members.

metal meet forums

Soon a sign-up list was posted, and momentum begun to grow. As the host, George decided that the event was to be free with the exception of covering the cost of materials that would be used.

The first year went better than anyone had ever expected.

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Folks came in from all over the country, coast to coast. A lot was accomplished in the way of Metal Shaping, but something significant had been set in motion, and with the help of all the participants, it quickly developed into an annual event, one that many waited all year in anticipation to attend.

Since the first FormFest at Georges shop ineach year has seen a steady growth in interest in the Metal Shaping Craft, being helped along by the growing presence of TV shows dedicated to Motorcycle and Hotrod building.

After two successful years being hosted by Randy Ferguson at his home in Robinson, Ill. Since then, the small, friendly and gracious, Midwestern town of Oblong has welcomed and supported our events, and helped MetalMeet to grow and prosper. Photos by Contributing Members.