Mortals meet percabeth wattpad tagalog

mortals meet percabeth wattpad tagalog

In this story, mortals, OC demigods, and gods meet our favorite demigods! This is just your average "mortals meet percabeth" story Enjoy! . Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - Filipino - Drama/Humor - Chapters: 7 - Words: 6, hogwarts. percabeth. +2 more. Demigods At Hogwarts | ✓ by ClaireValdez. #2. Demigods At She meets two brothers; mortal hunters. What will she do?. This is an extremely basic story, as there is a lot of stories like this one. It's a collection of Mortals meeting Percabeth and all the other couples. If you.

The True Story by Amelia Claw reviews The true story of Harry Potter, and the two worlds he lives in, with all the crazy things that are bound to happen.

Mild swearing, some romance, and Taylor Swift! Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Chapters: So she takes it into her own hands by splitting Leo into four past versions of himself. The seven along with Nico and Hedge have to deal with child and teen versions of their friends. And it won't be easy. I am willing to use an original character, and refer to chapter 34 for details on the submissions.

If you don't like this sort of thing, then don't read it. But the danger is far from over. The demigods now face what could be their most perilous adventure yet; High School. AU; if Trials of Apollo never happened. Rated T because I'm paranoid. Silver Bows by E. Darkbow reviews This is a collection of short stories about the Hunters from the point of view of and generally focusing on a Hunter from the Roman Empire called Lucia Antonia with the overarching theme of "immortality is not always as great as it seems" and with focus on the emotional reality of being a Hunter.

He may have changed but Percy is still Percy.

mortals meet percabeth wattpad tagalog

His friend are still his friends. Although, there are some changes How will this year go for our favorite teens?

mortals meet percabeth wattpad tagalog

Will his friends continue the show now that he's back? Will Annabeth be attending Percy's school? Better than it sounds. No flames, critics welcomed.

The Chronicles of Nico and Will by CrypticCatalyst reviews Because Nico and Will were the puzzle pieces that you never thought would fit together, but did.

Mythluver | FanFiction

Hopefully, it will a bit different than the other ones you've read. Diverged from canon upon the release of the Hidden Oracle. T - English - Romance - Chapters: Chapters are not connected. The update time will not be set, it will be updated whenever I finished one or whenever inspiration hits me. This short stories collection also helps me with the stories that I'm working on. Updates are not regular, but constant. They're all trapped, and strange things begin happening.

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One by one, they're plucked off. Review and I will update. The classic crushes and random encounters. This is my first fanfiction so I hope you enjoy it!

Forced by Hera for everyone to see his memories. No one undertood him, Hera was determined to change it. Leo didn't reply, tears going down his cheek. Frank was shocked, the jokester can cry?

Leo was betrayed and broken By everyone, even the seven who was considered family. Leo was broken but always tried to smile everyday. Will they accept them as they are, or will they reject them? Will be updated as I get more ideas but for all intents and purposes it is completed. Includes Reyna's reaction, Leo spying, Percy pouting, Annabeth cackling, Nico blushing, Facebook, Freudian slips, teasing friends, betting, deviousness, pranks, crossovers, and more!

Slash Will x Nico, Rated T for innuendo and language. What he doesn't know is that it's a lot more than that: Please do not read if you are triggered by PTSD, depression, child abuse, or intrusive thoughts. Season 3 Episode 1 and on.

mortals meet percabeth wattpad tagalog

Finally, he's back, but he has shifted his loyalties. The Team needs to get him back, but they don't know how. Will they be enough to shift Robin back, or will their bad decisions have broken him beyond repair? Four months after the great proclamation, Evie, Carlos and Jay go back to the Isle to bring Mal to Auradon themselves. However, what can four months of abandonment do to a girl like her?

What with Haley and The baby. Would Klaus even want her there? What about her friends? Takes place after The Originals episode season 1, episode 16 Farewell to Storyville.

mortals meet percabeth wattpad tagalog

But who were they before that? Unpopular, disliked high school kids. So when they're forced to return to the high school of their memories, it's bound for disaster. Especially when you throw a couple of mean girls, and first loves into the mix. In reality, she'll have to find him and help him defeat his enemies before they can have their happy ending. This story takes a sharp turn away from canon partway through 8x The four friends have been in Auradon for almost a year which means the new batch of villain kids will be arriving in Auradon very soon.

Will the new kids cause trouble for the newly-turned-over-a-new-leaf friends? Or bring out the worst of them? But then, he receives a letter from Lara Jean and everything changes - Peter's perspective on the events in the film, partly books, filling in some gaps, unseen moments and more. Hard to believe, but they had become friends. In New Orleans for Rebekah's it is enough. She would straighten her brother's head and give her friend what she needed most Vampire Diaries - Rated: Caroline did not let go of Klaus after leaving New Orleans.

Instead, thoughts of him had been preying on her mind ever since her trip. Now, will she stay in her new life or will she take a chance and follow her heart? No longer a one-shot. With the assistance of Klaus, Caroline tries to reinvent herself and find happiness again.

Margot and Josh will be together forever. She's a terrible driver. Kitty is a tiny bit spoiled. She misses her mom. Peter Kavinsky is — and excuse the swear word — a dickhead. With drama happening around every corner, anything can happen. Rated T for swearing.

Kickin' It - Rated: Another Pedrad by aswordofwords reviews What if Tris Prior was dauntless born? What if she was the sister of Uriah and Zeke Pedrad? What if all this, came true? This is the story of Tris Pedrad, beautiful, brave, kind, basically all out awesome, and one-third of the famous Pedrad siblings.

mortals meet percabeth wattpad tagalog

How will the story change, when Tris is no longer the Tris that we know? Divergent Trilogy - Rated: Rich, privileged and popular, Hiccup Haddock has everything going for him. But when tragedy strikes and everything is taken from him, he finds out who his friends really are.

This is Cora's adventure with her new family and how their lives will be like in New York City. This is my first Titanic fan fiction! Also, if you'd like to see your character in here, then just leave a review!

Check it out please! Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: This is just your average "mortals meet percabeth" story Enjoy! Yay this idea isn't original at all! T - English - Chapters: It's mortals, demigods, and gods meet Percabeth! Rated T for swearing and suggestions of things.

Will be marked as completed but I will update it ever so often. The classic crushes and random encounters. This is my first fanfiction so I hope you enjoy it! Taken from outside of their school and an unfortunate incident with the Mist, and struggling through flashbacks and night terrors, the two are trapped and surrounded by mortals who 'want nothing more' than to 'help' them. T - English - Drama - Chapters: But with slutty teens, jerky jocks and jealous friends and lets not forget the no longer working Mist this is guaranteed to be one Hell of a year.

Rated T 'cause I'm paranoodles. If someone wants to adopt this than please PM me or write it in reviews so others can see who adopted.