My meet scores scamps

Ella Callahan, Scamps Gymnastics -

my meet scores scamps

Michelle Quero, Scamps Gymnastics - Scores on America's Top , as of Year, Level, Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, AA. Active Meets 0. No Active Meets. Recent Meets0. No Recent Meets. Please support MeetScoresOnline by following our sponsors. MeetScoresOnline is a free . Level, Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, AA. 7, , , , , 8, , , , , 9, , , , , 10,

Also try breaking each goal into small, digestible pieces that do not feel as overwhelming. For instance, submitting an insurance claim for flood damage can be a huge undertaking…but there are ways to make it feel less overwhelming. Break the task into smaller components—call your insurance company to find out their process for submitting a claim, separate items to be photographed into small groups, photograph items within each group, complete your claim forms, etc.

As you start to build momentum toward solving the tasks ahead of you, your sense of accomplishment will increase. Research shows that engaging in activities that give you a sense of accomplishment boosts mood and counteracts feelings of depression or sadness.

Take a news break.

my meet scores scamps

If you find that watching the news is making you feel worse or is keeping you from taking steps forward, take a break from it. Either focus your energy on taking care of yourself or on solving a problem ahead of you. Those are actions that will help you to feel better. Accept the circumstances that cannot be changed.

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Not every problem is solvable. For instance, you may have lost special photographs or prized possessions as a result of the flood damage. Items like these are not exactly replaceable, and that is truly painful. Acknowledge that pain and grieve what was lost. Ultimately, allow yourself space to heal and focus on what you can control. Be Kind to Yourself This is a difficult time, and it is especially important to focus on taking care of yourself. Look for opportunities of self-discovery.

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Connect with your values and what is really meaningful to you in your life. Oftentimes, significant life events cause people to examine their lives in new ways and to get more connected with what really matters to them. Take this time to learn more about yourself. Perhaps you are passionate about your environment or community, or you want to reconnect with friends and family, or maybe you want to enroll in a course or training on an area of interest.

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Get connected with what really matters to you. Dealing with the aftermath of Harvey is difficult and stressful. Be kind to yourself by acknowledging how hard it is and by comforting yourself. Try treating yourself as you would treat a close friend or loved one going through a hard time.

Get engaged in healthy coping behaviors.

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Although it may be difficult right now, try to focus on eating a balanced diet, drinking water, exercising, regulating sleep, and doing meditation or other relaxation techniques known to help manage stress. Also think about using other healthy coping strategies that have worked for you in the past, because those are most likely to benefit you now.

Avoid drinking alcohol or doing drugs to cope, because they are depressants and can de-motivate you for taking steps toward meaningful goals. Develop or re-engage in a routine. Your routine has been disrupted due to Harvey. Do your best to move forward by creating some routine structure to your day.

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Our brains love predictability and structure, so create that for yourself. Try to wake up and go to sleep at a regular time each day. Establish certain things you want to do on a daily or weekly basis.

Ideally, include some healthy coping strategies i. Get Support from Professionals If your emotional reaction to Harvey is above and beyond what would be expected OR your symptoms of distress last longer than 6 months, getting help from a professional is likely warranted. Look into options for support groups or individual therapy in your community.

Recommended approaches include cognitive behavior therapy CBTdialectical behavior therapy DBTacceptance and commitment therapy ACTsolution-focused therapy, and problem-solving therapy.

Depending on your symptoms and areas of concern, it may also be helpful to find a therapist specializing in grief and loss or trauma. You can find psychologists near you by contacting the Texas Psychological Association: Ways to Seek or Provide Support through Organizations In addition to these coping strategies, numerous organizations throughout the greater Houston area are available to provide resources and help move Houstonians toward regrowth.

Research also shows that helping others can have a profound impact on health and happiness Dunn et al. The following are a few of the resources available, whether seeking support for yourself and family, or providing it for others. All in all, focus on what you can control, seek out support, and continue to take steps toward solving problems and taking care of yourself. This is a time for connection and growth. This is a time for healing and hope. Natural Hazards, 71 1 Spending money on others promotes happiness.

Application materials are only kept on file for one application cycle. No application materials will be carried over to the upcoming cycle. All applicants from the states of South Carolina and Delaware are required to contact Higher Education Commission about residency verification.

my meet scores scamps

The deadline for this verification is December 3, For more information click here http: These courses must be completed at an undergraduate level. All required science courses must be taken within the last 10 years.

Nutrition, behavior, production and ecology courses do not count toward the advanced biological sciences requirement. Online Courses As of April 4, we will accept Biochemistry and Advanced Biology courses from an online program that is regionally accredited. We do, however, still highly recommend that you complete these courses in the traditional lecture style, if possible.

We will not accept online courses for any of our other science prerequisites General Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, or Physics. Veterinary Technician Courses We do not accept veterinary technician courses to fulfill prerequisite requirements. AP Credit Policy AP credits must appear on official college transcripts and be equivalent to the appropriate college-level coursework.

The Analytical Writing test will be required.

my meet scores scamps

Tests must be taken in time for the official results to be received not postmarked by the College by September 17th of the year you apply. GRE scores are only valid for 5 years.

If you take the GRE more than once, the highest scores you achieved will be considered.