Nannaku prematho success meet today free

Nannaku Prematho Success Meet

nannaku prematho success meet today free

Producer of Nannaku Prematho, B V S N Prasad called for a special success meet and the overwhelmed team did the signature step, enjoying. Nannaku Prematho Success Meet. First image |, Previous image |, Back Contact Us About Us Careers. StatCounter - Free Web Tracker and Counter. blog stats. Nannaku Prematho is a Telugu action thriller film written and directed by Sukumar and From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia During this period, Abhiram regains Divya's love and also gets her to meet . "'Nannaku Prematho' success gets record price for Jr NTR's 'Janatha Garage' theatrical rights". ibtimes.

But Krishnamurthy turns out to be aware of Abhiram's intentions.

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Subramanyam gets admitted to the hospital as his condition turns critical. Abhiram's brothers break up with him after they come to know that Abhiram wasted their property on the painting. Krishnamurthy plants a bug in Abhiram's lair because of which he comes to know of their plans and Divya too comes to know of Abhiram's intentions.

She breaks up with him. Krishnamurthy had grabbed a gas project from businessman Kapil Sinha in Spainto where he goes with Divya.

nannaku prematho success meet today free

Abhiram follows them with his group but gets kidnapped by Divya. She does so as she wants to find his plans of ruining her father.

nannaku prematho success meet today free

During this period, Abhiram regains Divya's love and also gets her to meet her mother in jail whom she had not met since she was of four years and reveal her mysterious dream. Her father had put drugs in their bag during one of their travels, but the airport officials find the bag with Divya's mother when Krishnamurthy and Divya were in the washroom.

Krishnamurthy leaves his wife to save himself and his daughter. Divya begins to loathe her father.

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Meanwhile, it turns out that the painting gifted to Krishnamurthy had a camera in it and that Abhiram too was aware of Krishnamurthy's plans. He finds out Krishnamurthy's bank number and accesses the account, transferring the 35, crores to his family account. It is also revealed that the gas land Krishnamurthy grabbed was no real gas land and the gas there was given by tunnels planted by Abhiram's KMC company i.

nannaku prematho success meet today free

His role Krishna Murthy is also a cool-player and there is no exaggerated role for him this time. Though there are no fights and violence, he tried to portray a myriad of emotions with his expressive eyes. Heroine Rakul Preet has for the first time acted very well.

She left her plastic smiles and over board excitement at home and struck true to the character.

nannaku prematho success meet today free

As a rich person's daughter, she's terrific and her presence in songs is also an asset for the film. All other actors are routine, while Rajiv Kanakala once again makes a mark with just couple of scenes.

Sukumar has once again tried to put his extensive knowledge of science, maths and other physical theorems into usage. Taking up a routine story, he comes up with display of knowledge which sounds good in certain scenes but ends up as an over-fried curry in the end.

nannaku prematho success meet today free

Someone on deathbed asking to take revenge on his opponent is something we see on villain's side each time, but here hero's father does that. Other than that, Sukumar churned same old story.

But he took scenes from movies like Transporter, Taken and some emotional plots from The Descendants to churn out the film.

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Vijay K Chaktravathy's visuals are top notch, while Devi Sri Prasad's background music is good at parts.