Nba players union leaders meet

NBA referee association, players union discuss growing on-court tensions

nba players union leaders meet

NBA, players' union reach tentative agreement on new 7-year CBA . According to a report from USA Today, union officials will now handle The sides have been meeting almost daily this month -- sometimes multiple times. NBA players, referees meet in search of common ground players caught up in heated competition vs. game officials charged with coolly imposing The NBPA and the National Basketball Referees Association issued a joint. Chris Paul re-elected NBA players' union president National Basketball Players Association Friday at the annual board meeting in New York.

It's a great thing.

nba players union leaders meet

In addition to those planned hikes, sources said teams will have the ability to offer designated veteran star players contract extensions up to five seasons in length and in some cases six seasonsgreatly enhancing the ability of small-market teams to retain their best players. There will be no amnesty clause in the new CBA, sources say.

nba players union leaders meet

There have been amnesty clauses in the past two CBAs, allowing teams to waive players and have their salaries removed from the salary cap. The annual split of basketball-related income, known as BRI, for players will remain at the current 49 percent to 51 percent, sources said.

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The early-entry age for the NBA draft will continue to be 19, with the stipulation that American players must also be one year removed from high school to be draft eligible. Maximum roster size, though, will rise from 15 to 17 players, with the extra slots earmarked for players on "two-way contracts," as seen in the NHL.

These are definitely signs that things are going in the right direction. The season, sources said, will start in the Oct.

nba players union leaders meet

According to a report from USA Today, union officials will now handle negotiations with companies for player likenesses in licensing agreements. The NBA has handled licensing negotiations for the past three decades, while paying the union a flat fee in the millions to distribute among its membership. In a recent two-hour-plus conversation at the National Basketball Players Association's Manhattan offices, Seham and Roberts discussed several referee-player issues, including the NBRA's belief that the league office has become too lenient in allowing players' aggressive verbiage toward refs.

Roberts countered that players are overwhelmingly disconcerted by what they believe is the disrespectful manner with which refs address players on the court. Across months of team-by-team union meetings, Roberts said players have consistently raised concerns with her and union staff about the dismissive tone of game officials.

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You'd bring it up, and there would be groans, groans and groans. Lee [Seham] told me, 'That's what they're trained to do. I hope someone over in [NBA] basketball operations will maybe reconsider that because it doesn't serve to be a de-escalation of things; it really pisses guys off.

I don't know whose idea it was, but I hope they revisit the wisdom of it. I mentioned to players who specifically complained, and they weren't happy to hear that it was a part of the training.


What is in their toolkits is that we want to be humble, and we don't want to escalate situations. Our changes include Monty [McCutchen], who is balanced, has great communication skills and wants to enhance our [training] program.

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We're all over this, frankly. We need to do it at a time when there's no game on the line, or you're not thinking, 'What's he or she going to do to me in the next quarter if I complain?

We talked about this a couple of years ago.

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