Nice to meet you in spanish feminine endings

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nice to meet you in spanish feminine endings

Most Catalan speakers are fully bilingual in Spanish. nouns (but not always), while masculine words have no common ending. It should be clear from the context when to use the feminine and when to use . For the formal equivalent of "hola" see good morning, good afternoon, good evening, below. Nice to meet you. Learn how to use the Spanish sentence "Mucho gusto. I thought Mucho gusto en conocerlo/a was Nice to meet you and Mucho I believe gusto is technically a verb (conjugated in the 1st person singular -o ending) meaning 'I am pleased by. . I assume 'o' belongs to the masculine form and 'a' to the feminine, or isn't?. When someone is nice, you are polite and say, 'Thank you,' or 'Thanks. Note: Mil gracias has a literal translation into English so that you understand As you can see, we are conjugating the verb agradecer (ah-grah-deh-SEHR) which is 'to thank. . Spanish Adjectives That Start With U; Spanish Adverbs Ending in Mente .

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nice to meet you in spanish feminine endings

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