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nick com meet dave

Who wants to meet Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl? It was drawn by Nick Gazin and it looks like Bradford Cox from Deerhunter with long. Meet Dave a.k.a. “Starship Dave,” “Mensch, Dave! Michael Izquierdo, Paul Basile, Nick Wall, Duncan Hale Murdoch, Brandon Michael Vega. Seeking a way to save their doomed world, a crew of tiny, human-looking aliens arrives on earth in the perfect disguise--a spaceship shaped like Eddie Murphy.

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A human-shaped spaceship kicks a cat across the room we see the cat being lifted off the floor and hear it screech when it hits a wall. A human-shaped spaceship is struck hard in the head by a baseball and lies on the ground. A human-shaped spaceship is sucked against an MRI machine when it is turned on. A human-shaped spaceship is jolted with heart paddles a couple of times by medical personnel and is later tasered to regain power. A human-shaped spaceship blasts off from a pier but is struck down when it is covered by a large net it is undamaged.

nick com meet dave

A tiny alien is stuck to chewed gum on a street and is nearly run over by cars, and several aliens with guns handcuff another alien and take him to his quarters. Two members of a spaceship's crew are washed through the human-shaped ship's mouth one holds on to the uvula. A human-shaped spaceship eats numerous hot dogs in rapid succession and we see them narrowly missing two miniature aliens inside its mouth. A human-shaped spaceship puts four miniature aliens into its mouth we see the legs of one of them sticking out.

A glowing orb sails through the sky, crashes through the window of a boy's room and into a goldfish bowl where it absorbs all the water the fish is uninjured. A human-shaped spaceship struggles to put a sweater on and thrashes around on a display table in a store. A human-shaped spaceship puts a pencil up its nose to sharpen it. A human-shaped spaceship enters a bathroom stall and we hear repeated splattering as numerous hot dogs are passed out we see nothing.

A boy talks back and is rude to a human-shaped spaceship. People are alarmed and put off by the behavior of a human-shaped spaceship. A woman slaps a man on the back of the head it's supposed to be congratulatory.

nick com meet dave

A human-shaped spaceship and a woman dance Salsa-style, the spaceship dips her, and then drops her she's OK. A miniature alien jumps out of the ear of a human-shaped spaceship and lands in a cup of coffee. Goliath, Saul thought David was too small and too young to fight Goliath.

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Another interesting Biblical parallel comes from the space ship shaped like a body with individuals assigned their place in the body to make it function properly.

According to 1 Corinthians Each member has an individual role.

nick com meet dave

It is imperative that each member function in his or her specific role in order for the body to function properly. In the movie, Dave attempts to toss a ball to knock down three bottles in a game at a street fair. When he fails to come close to the bottles, the Captain asks for a report from the right arm. There were less than five uses of profanity and the most obvious sexual reference was a couple kissing.

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The violence in the movie is mild and brief with no gore. Some of the crew working in the mouth of the ship do get drunk when Dave drinks an alcoholic beverage. There is no reference to sexuality in this display, however.

Overall, I would recommend this movie for Christian audiences for ages eight and up.

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Minor Neutral—I don't understand how anyone who acknowledges that a movie has 5 swear words can recommend it to anyone. Offensive language isn't needed in movies, not even for realism. For those that say swear words are a part of their daily life I would suggest you hang around better christians. If we continue frequenting these movies and recommending them to others we become part of the reason they remain unchanged or deteriorate to worse levels of profanity or moral behavior.