Nithyananda press meet july 2011 eclipse

Cold reception for Swami Nithyananda at Puttaparthi

nithyananda press meet july 2011 eclipse

India | Maya Sharma | Updated: February 01, IST Bangalore: Controversial godman Nithyananda held a press conference at his ashram near Bangalore He was granted bail in June last year after being arrested on charges that include . StatusTrain StatusUpcoming MoviesTata SkyLunar EclipseMi TV. “I am not the woman in the video,” Ranjitha said at a Press meet here in her first public appearance after the sex scandal broke out in March. Nithyananda's new Abracadabra: Unsuccessfully trying to make people levitate - 27 Jul 27 Jul Wiesbaden, Germany. Category: Fake. Swami Balendu.

He and his followers thus went and sued them for defamation and making fun of these holy techniques.

nithyananda press meet july 2011 eclipse

At the same time they sued the TV channel that published the video that led to his scandal in the last year, saying that it is morphed although forensic reports already proved that it is really Nithyananda in the video.

Of course having sex does not make a Guru fake but what about lying and manipulating several women and changing statements when asked about it? Once I was in Samadhi, once I was experimenting, another time I was ill, then I forgot what happened, I have erectile dysfunction or I am celibate and this all cannot be real.

This hypocritical person teaches celibacy and at the same time makes followers sign a sex contract on the name of Tantra. Many people have left him like the girl who wrote her experiences to us. After seeing this drama, how come they can still sit there and believe in him? I actually had pity with him last year and advised him to leave this fake guru business, to go and get married, lead a normal life and enjoy it. The point is however that he cannot leave this life.

Tani Tamizhilar Senai support to Paramahamsa Nithyananda

He is a cheater. You can see this from his faked birthdate until his recent levitation attempts.

nithyananda press meet july 2011 eclipse

Maybe one woman is not enough for him and as a guru he can have many. Or it is the money in this business that attracts him. Be that as it may, he will not come out of this illusion and will keep on trying to attract people to follow him. At the moment he is still out on bail and his trial will continue. We hope he will get the right treatment for his actions and wrongdoing.

nithyananda press meet july 2011 eclipse

When searching for a picture for this purpose, we were at a loss as to what to put. This is how I volunteered to dress up as a magician to illustrate our point. TNN Jan 1, Actress Ranjitha accuses Nitya Protest over Swami Nithyananda Actress Ranjitha on Friday claimed she was not the woman in the sleazy video involving Swami Nityananda. Breaking her silence after the sex scandal broke out in MarchRanjitha told a press conference her first public appearance since then that she is ready to reveal the names of those behind the video if she is given security cover.

Nithyananda makes light of rape charges

These people are working with Lenin former driver ,'' she charged. They have threatened me against revealing the names.

nithyananda press meet july 2011 eclipse

They are people with political backing and power. I have no backing. My family is behind me,'' she said. Commenting on the video clip which purportedly showed her in a compromising position with Nityananda, she said: I am not the person in it. In fact, at that time, I was in a room that I was sharing with another female devotee in the Dhyanapeetham ashram. It has affected my career though some people still ahve faith in me. I have not met the swamiji since these happenings.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda Press Meet 2nd June 2012