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Spring Track and Field – St. John Paul II Regional School

BERKELEY -- There was unanimity in the response of coaches at the state Groups 2, 3 and Non-Public B track meet to the saga of the. Size and weight chart for different age groups. This includes shot put, discus, hammer, javelin, and weight. Freshmen--Chatham 49 - Morristown Boys Basketball. Varsity--Chatham 61 - Pope John Ice Hockey. Varsity--Chatham 2 - Morris Knolls 1. Indoor Track.

The distributor who had introduced the two was impressed, said Desai. The big leap The year was Equity markets were in the doldrums. A year ago, in the yearNJ had started building a network of partners. Typically, distributors who wish to expand, hire people to work for the firm and pay them a fixed salary. But NJ found it better to build a network of partners and share commissions with them.

They were also likely to have other professions, for example: But before they came to a stage where they could dive deeper, they had to choose between equity trading and mutual funds. One such large broker called Choksi, Desai and Misbah Baxamusa—another senior member of team NJ—to Mumbai one day in to sell them the idea of becoming sub-brokers.

We were dazed and wondered what we were doing up until then.

Track and Field Spring

But most importantly, do we want to do all that? By then, we were already convinced about systematic investment plans SIPs. Manish Gadhvi, head Mumbai operationsNJ, joined the company in as a unit manager, straight out of a management college in Anand, Gujarat. NJ did not go to the top colleges to hire. Gadhvi says that it looked for—and still does—sincerity. Desai said that proficiency in English language is not important—he added unabashedly that perhaps is the only attribute missing from his team—but they should be hardworking and willing to learn.

The unmistakable Gujarati accent is visible in almost every NJ employee you meet in its Surat office, and many employees turn up in casual attire. Desai himself was in his sandals, as against the suits of finance in the metros. But today nobody is looking at their accents or clothes. Success charts its own rules. Unit managers at NJ are meant to recruit partners each manages around 60 partnersbring them into the NJ fold, train them and make them self-reliant.

NJ Group 4 State Track Meet 400 Meters

Unit managers come at the bottom rung of the sales division at NJ. They report to branch managers BM. All zonal managers report to Baxamusa. Gadhvi was not alone in successfully recruiting partners, training them and ensuring inflows.

His colleagues who joined at that time were able to do the same. This gave confidence to NJ that their business model was right. Prior to Augustmutual funds were allowed to deduct up to 2.

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This resulted in money flowing into equity funds as the fund houses launched funds one after another. As per data provided by Amfi, mutual funds collected Rs3. That is one big reason why NJ got a head start over all others.

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The costs of adding clients were borne by clients. NJ also keeps its costs under control. Apart from generating reports that distributors can show to their clients—such as their asset allocation, latest valuation, scrip- and sector-wise investments—it also shows them how their respective mutual fund businesses are performing. The system is designed to identify—using artificial intelligence—which clients could be sold what sort of products, depending on: All this is designed out of Surat by its technology team, which NJ has hired out of the many colleges that have sprung up in Gujarat.

nj group track meet

Lack of other opportunities for such students in nearby areas also meant that NJ could control the employee costs. Mutual fund industry officials who do business with NJ vouch for its hunger for learning. But then, they do bring in a lot of inflows, which increases the AUM of fund houses.

Mutual funds only make money in the long run, because NJ gets us sticky money. Besides, there are some funds that route liquid fund inflows through preferred distributors and then pay commissions to them.

nj group track meet

The latter is a dirty practice. In short, everyone has a different business model. And at the end of the day, we have to also pay our partners— most of whom have stuck around with us for many years. There is the price for quality. Why do they need to have such a large sales force when they can get the work done out of their many distributors? Networks like NJ give you access to more than 10, active distributors through a single-point window.

In a small town like Jamnagar, fund houses may be present, to service just about 20 odd distributors present there. Why is this needed? Choksi added that some fund houses also try to poach their distributors by luring them with higher commissions than what they get in NJ network.

NJ, through a combination of its internal research and commissions that fund houses are willing to pay, sells schemes from about 10 fund houses. At present, these are: Rebecca Kalibat, 55 - 50 breast Jerry Katz, 80 - 50 fly Eric Materniak 27 - 50 breast Ken Niemi 63 - back 1: July 20th, - Registration is now open for the Jason E. Click here for the online entry form.

Spring Track and Field

Deborah 60 broke the women's 50 free record with a Deborah was also national champion in the women's 80 free. Alison Hayden 46 - free 2: Michelle Davidson 47 - 50 back Laurie Ditommaso 55 - 50 free Deborah Cipriano 61 - 50 free Fire Island is a great destination offering weekly house rentals, hotels, restaurants, shopping and some of the nicest sandy white beaches in the world.

They will also offer a USA-Swimming meter and 1 mile distance swims. Please click here to register online! Click here for entry form. Entries must be received by Wednesday, April 25, Any questions, please contact meet director Ray Gaffney at ext.

Saturday April 7, from 6: Customized instruction will be conducted by certified adult instructors. The events are free to anyone 18 and over who wants to learn to swim, or to swim better. Both sessions are on a drop-in basis, but pre-registration is helpful.

Please call Sally at ext. Allison set new records in the women's age group with a 2: Larry set a new record in the mens fly with a 1: Alyssa Colasurdo 23 50 breast - Alison Hayden 46 free - We are looking forward to a fun evening honouring our Continuous Membership Recognition Program Award recipients. The evening will also feature world-renowned Karlyn Pipes as the inspirational speaker as she shares her journey of strength and courage throughout her Do-Over process.