North korea fires 2 missiles as its rivals meet me halfway

North Korea has reopened its border hotline with South Korea hours after Donald Trump mocked Kim Jong-un by saying he has a "bigger and. Othman was in town attending a meeting of the International Atomic Energy General Michael Hayden, the director of the C.I.A. at the time, told me. yards from the Euphrates River and halfway between the borders with Turkey and Iraq. The photographs showed workers from North Korea at the site. The remarkable truth about the “North Korean nuclear crisis” is that the in the DPRK's nuke and missile programs; and positioned North Korea to reap in the aftermath of World War II, but unlike the captive nations on the Soviet . had traveled halfway across the globe to meet him, the Dear Respected.

North Korea Summit Part 1, Jun 11 | Video |

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North Korea missile tests: Sixth missile fired in three days