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Sep The huntsman for the Sussex based Crawley and the Middleton Hunt, a registered hunt based in north Yorkshire, each Aug Two members of the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt were found guilty at Southern year to the Middleton Hunt who met in Driffield on Boxing Day and. England Traditional-style fox hunting with hounds in England is prohibited, Farmers Hunt[1][3]; Mid Devon Foxhounds[1][2]; North Cotswold Hunt[1] .. [1] Country The hunt country lies in Shropshire and Staffordshire, with key .. [5] Major meeting points include the Boxing Day meet in Tenterden,[6] and Tunbridge Wells. CDH Aquaduct Marina 15th Dec · CDH Boars Head 22nd Dec · CDH Boxing Day meet · CDH Closing Meet 18 · CDH Davenport Arms 20th.

He was offered 12 opportunities to make his case to trustees — that he did not accept these offers suggests he had no case to make. The reasons for his expulsion are confidential, but, as with Chris Williamson MP, his views on how the League were run are at odds with those of the League Board, CEO, Directors and staff and considerable detriments were felt.

We came to the conclusion that it was actually our own IT security that we needed to protect. League supporters understand that there has been a period of change at the League. His replacement, Andrew Wood, unfortunately had to step down for personal reasons. A new Chair will be appointed in due course. In spite of the changes, the League has gone from strength to strength. In the last year alone: We won the campaign along with Animal Aid to end shooting on public land in Wales — it will end by March We played a major role in ensuring hunting was one of the most talked about issues and most recalled manifesto commitments during the election.

Our work was key in bringing about the adoption of strengthening the Hunting Act as official Labour Party policy. Four times as many League investigations have gone to the police so far in than in the entirety of last year.

We have achieved over 92, signatures to our Hunting Kills petition to date since March We have created pressure on Yorkshire Water to end grouse shooting on its land, with 15, campaign postcards sent in recent months. We supported National Dis-Trust and achieved extensive media coverage of hunting on National Trust land and trail hunting over the summer, and came within votes of winning a vote to ban hunting on National Trust land following a doubling of voter turn out.

We rescued and helped the successful rehabilitation of a dog potentially involved in dog fighting in We played a big role, along with other organisations, in persuading the Government to commit to raise maximum sentences for animal welfare crimes. Under Andy Knott, we are half way through a two year change programme that will allow us to strengthen our financial position while increasing the amount of investigations and campaigns work we do. We have a large financial reserve money in the bank ; and are investing that money in operations and marketing to enable us to grow and become even more effective.

A recent staff survey showed very high levels of confidence in our future. Supporters meeting Andy Knott have been inspired by his powerful, professional and no nonsense vision for the League, where we have firm financial foundations, passionate and experienced staff members, all working towards the same goal. It has been disappointing that some supporters and former officials of the League cannot understand the direction the League is travelling.

Our goal is exactly the same as it ever was — to put an end to cruel sports in the UK. Our team now is a strong mix of long-term animal welfare campaigners, highly-trained investigators, vastly experienced law-enforcement professionals, and professional managers who will ensure that financially and legally we stay strong and secure.

The input of everyone at the League is valued and vital. The League is becoming stronger than ever. That is why our opponents are running scared. That is why some will continue to attack us. That is why some are playing dirty tricks. But we know what the vast majority of our supporters want us to be doing. We know that the vast majority of the general public share our views. We know how to end cruel sports in the UK, and we are going to achieve that, whatever anyone says about us.

If you would like to join us in our fight against the persecution of animals through cruel sports, you can make a donation online today. Riders often use their horses to intimidate. Here are the Ryford Chase hounds being chased out of the county on the day, having been unable to even start to hunt A blockade of the Dove Valley Mink hounds kennels stopped their days illegal activities from even starting.

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As sabs descended on the hunt their hounds could clearly be seen chasing a hare but upon becoming aware of our presence they gathered up the hounds and finished hunting for the day. Saturday's events follow on the heels of the effective sabotage of the opening two meets of the Culmstock mink hunt, in Devon, over the Bank Holiday Weekend. Hunt saboteurs have been gathering intelligence about these hunts for the past few years and are now seeing the results of all their hard work.

We are also receiving far more information about their activities from anonymous sources which suggests the majority of law abiding, compassionate country folk will no longer tolerate this cruelty. It is surely obvious to everyone that if the mink hunts had nothing to hide they would publicise their activities and carry on hunting even when saboteurs are present.

On Saturday 3rd May 50 sabs descended on their meet on the River Yarty near Chard and brought hunting to an immediate halt.

A convoy of sab vehicles spent the rest of the day pursuing the hunt's hound van through the Devonshire countryside. The pursuit eventually ended in Honiton where four police cars blocked off the High Street to allow the hound van to return to kennels.

Today, Monday 5th May, 10 saboteurs attended the hunt's kennels at Cullompton while a further 40 patrolled their anticipated meet at the Culm Valley Inn. The hunt did not venture beyond the kennels and no hunting took place.

The hunt saboteurs used a drone unmanned aircraft to track, and monitor, the hunt. Members of the hunt were so concerned by the presence of the drone that they threw stones at it to try and make it crash.

The Culmstock Mink Hounds have had a disastrous start to their season and, with sab groups up and down the country making similar plans, it promises to be a long hot summer for the mink hunts. The sound of the 35 dogs yelping, barking and howling in unison at dusk and daybreak across the Cornish countryside has proved too much for local residents, who have reported the racket to the council.

Mr Greenwood denies two charges relating to alleged incidents of hunting with dogs on 14 September and 24 October. Mr Andrews' charge relates to the September incident and Mr Summersgill to the other. Both plead not guilty. Both cases have been adjourned and the men, who are all members of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, are due to re-appear at Taunton Magistrates Court on 30 May.

The cases are based on video evidence gathered by the League Against Cruel Sports. The defence has been given five weeks to study the footage to see whether the cases fall within the exemptions in the law, where hunting can take place for research and observation purposes. It allows for up to two dogs to be used to pursue any wild mammal for any length of time, so long as the dogs do not attack the mammal. It effectively allows hunters to do this purely because they want to.

In deer hunting, the idea is to use dogs to exhaust the deer so that it stops and goes to bay, when the hunters will shoot it from close range. Some years ago, the Quantock Staghounds, who used relays of pairs of hounds to chase deer, relying on the 'flushing' exemption [Schedule 1. Since then deer hunts have relied on Schedule 1.

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It is not clear whether such hunts employ just a single pair of hounds or relays of couples. Whichever, the law relating to what they can and can't do under Schedule 1. Despite the coalition agreement pledging that MPs would be allowed a free vote on the highly-sensitive issue, senior Conservatives have decided there is no point holding a vote before the election as most MPs support the status quo.

However, The Times reports that David Cameron has been issued a stern warning by countryside groups that rural communities will be less inclined to support the Conservative's election campaign if a promise to repeal the ban is not included in the Tory manifesto. The manifesto has got to be clear and unequivocal.

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Mr Blair has since expressed his regret at pushing the legislation through. Richard Holloway, from George Nympton near South Molton, contacted the Journal to explain how his daughter Heather was forced to witness the bloody scenes on Thursday, March It was in front of everybody, the kids could see everything. My daughter came home very upset. The bodies were shredded and ripped.

I am totally against blood sports. I am not a campaigner or a hunt saboteur I just think it is cruel. In it he said: I am told there appeared to be little regard by some individuals following the hunt for the safety of the children.

A small number appear to have ignored the efforts of teachers to alert them to the fact they were operating close to children. I have spoken to the Hunt chairman of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, Mr Guy Thomas-Everard, who has expressed his apologies to the school community. This is the first time this has occurred and while no one came to any harm, we are working with Devon and Somerset Staghounds to understand how this happened and avoid it in future.

We are sorry we ran into the event. We will take steps to stop it happening again. Mr Greenwood was charged by the Crown Prosecution Service alongside huntsman Donald Summersgill with an allegation of illegal stag hunting on October 24 in west Somerset, and is due to appear before Taunton magistrates on April The joint master is already due in court later this week on an earlier charge of breaking the Hunting Actthis time relating to a separate incident that happened in September last year.

He faces that charge alongside fellow joint master Rupert Andrews, with the pair due at Taunton Magistrates on Friday this week. If is not persecution Mr Blackmore, what is it? Name and address supplied. What does this represent, a genuine reduction in persecution or merely the more successful hiding of persecution by the culprits?

I would have the same concerns about the safety of the farm animals at night, as this has proved to be a problem in other areas of the country…. Cheska, Binky, Lucy, Louise and Spencer all took to horseback for an episode of the show….

I would like to pose Becky a few questions. Are there any other lame or ill animals she would chase for hours until, terrified and exhausted, they could no longer run? Anti-badger cull campaign group Care for the Wild claims the existence of the report shows a decision on expanding the culls has already been taken, and should be made public….

Have yourself a veggie little Christmas - Reporter Jasmin martin discovers a hug array of meat-free dishes to delight the tastebuds this Christmas…. Growing up in a vegetarian household has meant that the traditional turkey has never accompanied my crispy spuds, crunchy carrots and controversial brussels sprouts - and never will… Hilary Humphrey who lives in Bostock Road, Horsham, with her husband… has been a vegetarian since when she was 12 after gaining an interest in animal welfare and hearing it could potentially benefit her health… story Since the hunting ban, these Welsh farmers have lost far more lambs to foxes than in the past… What the Welsh farmers are asking for is the version of the hunting ban that Labour introduced in Scotland, which allows a full pack of hounds to flush foxes out on to guns….

At the last general election, a countryside organisation called Vote OK mobilised enthusiastic campaign workers for candidates who said they would vote for the repeal of the hunting ban….

Party leaderships respond that they need to reach far beyond their members to win. Obviously that is true, but whom does a mass organisation convert by showing contempt for its own?