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nyonya lam meet

The faddish revival of all things Peranakan is upsetting some you have to meet certain standards in order to qualify as being Peranakan. . So when it comes to other aspects of the culture, like the food, Mr Fred Lam - an. THE PERANAKAN MAGAZINE Editorial Advisers: Lee Kip Lee, Peter Lee • Editor : Linda Chee . up and meet once a year Frederick Lam Beng Hock. A Peranakan community was thus rooted firmly in Malacca. . about their heritage and to meet each other in context as Babas and Nyonyas.

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Served in the soft lotus bun with condiments and sauces, it can lay claim to Nyonya Ayam Merah Burger. In short, I call it Salmon Otah.

  • Has the ‘soul’ gone out of modern Peranakans?

As the salmon fillet is coated with otah-otah, the spices from the otah naturally transfer and penetrate into the salmon. It is a creative way to cook the salmon, but there is a risk of overcooking the salmon. Served with pineapple salsa, it helps to balance the fattiness from the salmon. Stir-fried Marron with Tamarind.

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This signature Peranakan caramelised tamarind sauce cooked with marron. I like the intensity of the sauce, where the twang from the assam really hits your palate. The Marron is only available in the evening, while in the afternoon the replacement is Stir-fried Tiger Prawns with Tamarind.

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The most famous of Peranakan dishes. The chicken is juicy, succulent and absorbs the spices and flavours of buah keluak. The gravy is rich and thick, making it a perfect companion to eat with white rice or Nasi Ulam.

nyonya lam meet

The Nasi Ulam here uses basmati rice to mix with the herbs, so it is light and fragrant. They are perfectly braised. Prepared with mild spiciness, this dish is served with several pieces of Benggali bread to scoop up the immaculate gravy. The rice melds beautifully with the ingredients. Nyonya RM25 The Tandoori is a dish with ghee rice served with accompanying grilled chicken tandoori, yogurt and crispy papadum.

nyonya lam meet

The rice prepared with ghee has a strong blend of ground spices to it. Tandoori RM24 For a complete switch in spectrum for vegetarians, do consider the newly concocted Sesame Noodle.

This comforting creation is effectively capellini and beetroot salad served with a pot of herbal soup, with a medley of beancurd sheets, greens and mushrooms. Instead of skewered like the traditional street food version, expect to find pieces of chicken roulade laid on ketupat compressed rice.

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Marinated with lemongrass and turmeric spice mixture, the grilled roulade topped with thick spicy peanut sauce is best enjoyed with slices of fresh cucumber and onions.

Unique in their own way, these desserts are definitely worth a try especially on your maiden visit to KOTA. Perhaps the Nasi Lemak Cake is more self-explanatory by its traditional Malay name. The dish had spicy flavored crumbly biscuit base piled with rice, sponge cake, coconut milk cream, and cucumber-flavored jell. Enhanced with peanuts and ikan bilis deep-fried anchoviesthe combination of elements provides a challenge for the palate.

nyonya lam meet

For those who are food curious, this is without doubt a dish to try. The Nyonya Tiramisu is the Italian dessert with its ingredient of mascarpone cheese switched with local kopi-o black coffeecoconut milk and coconut flakes cooked with palm sugar.