Office space opening traffic scene meet

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office space opening traffic scene meet

Office Space is one of the rare movies that gets better every time you watch it. Shit is funny and/or cool for the first while, while we meet new. Explore and share the best Office Space GIFs and most popular animated GIFs here on GIPHY. Find Funny GIFs, Cute office space traffic GIF · drivetrafficoffice . “The way the cab whipped through traffic felt like a scene from a James Bond movie They were scheduled to meet with everyone tomorrow morning in the lobbyat a.m. “I don't You know, the guy who bought that office space from us.

He liked the changes made and agreed to star, which helped greenlight the project.


Several of the scenes had already been shot using actors in these roles, but the filmmakers went back and re-shot those scenes when real politicians agreed to be in the film. After Fox dropped the film in early and before USA Films expressed interest soon after, Soderbergh paid for pre-production with his own money.

office space opening traffic scene meet

Once the studio realized this, they suggested that his scenes be shot in both English and Spanish, but Soderbergh and del Toro rejected the suggestion. Del Toro remembers, "Can you imagine?

office space opening traffic scene meet

You do the whole movie, bust your butt to get it as realistic as possible, and someone dubs your voice? I said, 'No way.

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Over my dead body. It's not gonna happen.

office space opening traffic scene meet

Customs early on with the script and told them that they were trying to present as detailed and accurate a picture of the current drug war as possible. In addition, they gave the production team access to the border checkpoint to Mexico, as shown in the film during the scene in which Wakefield and his people talk with border officials. Despite the assistance, the DEA did not try to influence the content of the script.

He also spent time analyzing The Battle of Algiers and Zwhich, according to the director, had the feeling that the footage was "caught" and not staged.

Pakula 's film All the President's Men because of its ability to tackle serious issues while being entertaining.

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Analyzing this film helped the director deal with the large cast and working in many different locations for Traffic. The insurers made him agree that any further mishaps resulting in additional filming would come out of the director's own pocket.

Soderbergh remembers, "I noticed that there's a space that's inviolate, that if you get within something, you cross the edge into a more theatrical aesthetic as opposed to a documentary aesthetic".

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For Robert Wakefield's story, Soderbergh used tungsten film with no filter for a cold, monochrome blue feel. For Javier Rodriguez's story, the director used tobacco filters and a degree shutter angle whenever possible to produce a strobe-like sharp feel.

The events that follow lead them up the drug food chain to Carlos Ayala, a well-to-do suburban man who has been smuggling illegal drugs into the country from Mexico. Traffic, written by Simon Moore the writer for the British miniseries, Traffik, upon which this script is basedis superbly crafted and woven.

We learn just enough about each character to give us some insight into their motives for the courses they choose to follow. By the films end, matters are not neatly wrapped up; there is not a fairy tale ending.

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This simply adds to the realism of the issues presented within the movie. Furthermore, the intertwining stories drive home the fact that drugs are closer to you than you think.

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The script is bolstered by the phenomenal, ensemble cast. Don Cheadle is superb in his role. Michael Douglas gives his usual performance while Erika Christensen does a good job as his daughter.

office space opening traffic scene meet

Dennis Quid's character, while played adequately, is underused. The stories were shot using various filters and lenses, neatly separating them as the film went from one to another and adding to the viewing pleasure of the movie.

Mexico is filmed through a hand held camera and yellow lens to give it a dry, grainy, shaky look that heightens the feel of unrest involved with Del Toro's situation.

office space opening traffic scene meet

Douglas' story is initially filmed in a hue of solemn, comforting blue. Zeta-Jones' story is filmed without the use of lenses, suggesting that her situation and actions are the most realistic and achievable of all those presented.