Paranormal meet up new york city

What Meetups Tell Us About America

paranormal meet up new york city

Find Meetups about Paranormal and meet people in your local community who share your interests. 2, MOVIEHOLIC SINGLES 40 PLUS | New York, USA. The Brooklyn Paranormal Society is a collective of investigators with a passion for the strange, abnormal, and unexplainable. We explore creepy and compelling . With the amount of ghost tours NYC has, you'd think the entire city is haunted! So cue up what we've deemed the best Halloween songs and step out served as the meeting site for the peace conference between the.

Beyond just the paranormal, Meetup groups provide a unique glimpse into the passions and concerns of Americans.

paranormal meet up new york city

We collected data on each of theMeetup events created in the United States since and analyzed this data to understand what people care about across the country. What we found confirmed several city stereotypes: We also looked into what Meetup data tells us about the other homes of tech, and the cities most interested in music, and finding love.

Drunk ghost-hunting tours in Brooklyn: a spirited night out or a total ghost bust?

Scott Heiferman and Matt Meeker were serial entrepreneurs looking for their next gig. After the attack on the World Trade Center, the two men had noticed that New Yorkers relished the opportunity to join together as a community.

They also believed there was money to be made in sparking the rise of these communities. Within two years, there were well over one thousand Meetups; within six years, there were more than 10, Today, according to the Meetup website, there are overMeetup groups in countries. More than 24 million people have signed up for the site.

We collected data from the Meetup API on American Meetups and found that, as of January 7,there weregroups in the United States with an average of members per group.

Although our data does not allow us to isolate exactly how many Americans are users, we found there were Though Meetup users are not perfect representatives of the country as a whole, this is still one of the biggest available datasets of American past times.

The following table displays the number of groups that fall under each of these categories.

Ghost Hosts | Ghosts of New York

Many of these groups may no longer be active, as we are unable to obtain data on when they last met. This is followed by Tech groups, which have 5. The NY Tech Meetupfounded in by Meetup co-founder Scott Heiferman, now has over 48, members and regularly holds events with over attendees. The NY Tech Meetup grew so large that it developed a life of its own. It is now a registered non-profit with full-time employees and its own website. This next table shows the twenty largest Meetups in the United States along with their group type.

California has the most groups 27, and member signups 9,and Wyoming has the least groups 48 and signups 1, The table below lists the American cities with the most member signups along with the type of group that is most popular in that city. To see what more Meetup membership might tell us about the character of American cities, we looked at the most unusually popular group types for the 40 cities with the most Meetup signups.

  • Ghost Hosts
  • Paranormal Meetups
  • The Content Marketing Bootcamp

We define "most unusual" as the category that has the highest proportion of signups in that city compared to the country as a whole. Many of the results cement city stereotypes. A signup for a Brooklyn-based Meetup is almost eight times more likely to be for a fashion related group than in the rest of the country.

10 most Haunted Places in New York City

Other results weren't as expected. It was the first of many Meetups developed to support the Libertarian ideas of former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. The three cities in our list where Tech is the most unusually popular type are all in the Bay Area: But this list made us curious: As Handy concedes, this measure is imperfect given its reliance on city boundaries.

Booze, but no boos. We spotted a pile of odd-looking gadgets a sight that clicked with our SyFy-fueled mental images of what ghost-hunting gear might look like and a large box of wine. After a few minutes, chief event organizer Anthony Long who, as promised by the Meetup invitation, wore a Goosebumps hat began to herd us outside, where we were able to see that the group was about 20 or so strong, made up of late twenties and early thirties-ish men and women. We started chatting with co-organizer Pat Pacelli, a friendly dude from Bay Ridge wearing a CamelBak full of white wine, who is convinced his own house is haunted.

He explained that BKPS came together in mere weeks, born of a drunken conversation between himself, his wife Jamie and Long over their affinity for both alcohol and the paranormal.

He explained the purpose of the waivers: Once we arrived at the site of the main event, we shuffled around uncertainly, everyone waiting for a cue as we gathered at the base of the towering Prison Ship Martyrs Monument in the center of Fort Greene Park. A girl wearing a Goosebumps t-shirt offered to wield the bag, walking around the group and stopping every few seconds to hold it high while we knelt and squeezed the spigot into our open mouths.

Drinking in public of course remains illegal, and even though getting out of one of those tickets is easyno one really seemed worried about the cops.

Long handed out investigative tools, including a digital thermometer, a GoPro camera and an EVP recorder. Long stood at the base of the monument, reading an article from his phone.

paranormal meet up new york city

While the monument sits above a small crypt that houses the remains of some prisoners who died on ships in Wallabout Bay during the Revolutionary War, there are not actually any stories about the park being haunted. Nor did our hosts highlight any supposed tales of hauntings in their history lesson.

It was becoming increasingly clear that the event organizers were the drunkest girls at the party. A few minutes later, when the reading concluded, the bag of wine was just a squished plastic carcass. He stood before us and dished his primary piece of spirit-seeking advice: Because one time he saw a cat acting weirdly.

paranormal meet up new york city