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Brine shows up at the end of the movie riding on top of his submarine as if he was dashing through the water. Dave at first appears to have been turned into a giant towering over New York City, but in reality he is now tiny and trapped in one of his snow globes.

Private when all the penguins except him are mutated. The movie begins and ends with Private hatching out of something: Young penguins stranded on an ice floe floating out to sea Skipper: Kowalski, What's our trajectory? Adventure and glory like no penguins have ever seen before!

Penguins flying on jetpacks Skipper: The "looks don't matter" aesop is a bit broken in many ways: First, the mutated Private isn't nearly as unattractive as all the other mutant penguins - he still looks mostly like his adorable self, despite having allegedly taken on all of the other penguins' disfigurements. In The Stingerthe penguins go through the trouble of changing him back to normal, at his request. The sheer fact Dave's plan counted on the humans trying to kill the penguins simply because they were hideous and scary looking but still affectionate. Toys & Games

Since nearly every human there calls for the exterminators in droves, the climax revolved around the penguins having to change back to being cute. Kowalski is prone to this. Are you my family? You don't have a family, and we're all going to die. You're hideously disfigured, and will probably be hunted for sport. But for Me, It Was Tuesday: The penguins arriving to the zoo and stealing the spotlight from Dave with their cute antics was the Start of Darkness for the octopus, but the penguins weren't even aware of his existence.

After Agent Classified drugs the penguins, he has them shipped to the North Wind's most remote safehouse. After they break out of the box, and tumble into the cockpit of a commercial plane, Skipper briefly flirts with a bobblehead doll. At the first Madagascar movie, Skipper asks Kowalski what's written in the box they're in and he says he doesn't understand because he can't read. During the scene where Kowalski is checking the manual of the North Wind's jet he says "No, still can't read". Skipper delivers one after the penguins are stranded at sea without food and water.

The main cast of Madagascar only shows up as a shadow behind a circus tent at the beginning. Mort and King Julien show up during The Stingerthough.

Changed My Mind, Kid: Classified has the North Wind "regroup" at their headquarters, leaving the captive Skipper, Rico and Kowalski behind, to Private's dismay. They return in the final battle, providing a little help against Dave's forces.

The paperclip that Rico coughed up earlier is later used by Private. Similarly, Rico eating Dave's snow globes becomes useful when the penguins need to figure out where he will attack next.

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They are also used to enhance the ray gun when it is set to return the penguins back to normal. Private's cuteness works like this: Private splashes some gunk on the three older penguins when he hatches, but once that's over with he's perfectly dry and clean.

Dave the Octopus and his army of squid minions regularly use this as a combat tactic. Comically Missing the Point: Within one action scene, he scolds Private for playing with "backpacks" actually parachutessays passengers on a plane they punched holes in are going to freak because of a lack of snacks, and responds to Kowalski saying a plane is at 12 o'clock referring to its position in relation to the penguins with "Good, it's only eleven thirty". Rico takes a lot of cues from his cartoon version, choking up more things and saying more while not actually being intelligible.

Averted; the penguins puncture holes in several passenger airplanes, but there's none of Hollywood's usual continuous-wind-sucks-everything-out-of-the-fuselage involved. Dave somehow knew ahead of time that the Penguins were going to break into Fort Knox and go for the vending machine long before they even told Private of their plans.

Kowalski is subjected to this by Eva. John Malkovich's character is at first credited as Debbie, then corrected as Dave, in keeping with the Running Gag of Skipper misnaming him. The penguins waste no time putting their horribly mutated bodies to good use in the final battle, their misshapen limbs making excellent bludgeoning weapons. Corporal goes into gushing mode when he sees penguins. Dave has one in his submarine, where victims are tied into a Theme Park-style ride car and driven through a series of swinging blades, mashing spikes, and explosive rockets fired at close range.

Dude, Where's My Respect? This is Private's goal throughout the movie — he wants to be treated as a valued member of the team, but everyone else especially Skipper just sees him as the Tagalong Kid. Despite his love for penguins, even Corporal is a little miffed that Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico destroyed the North Wind's airship.

Everything's Better with Penguins: Invoked in-story; Dave plans to use the Medusa Serum to turn all of the penguins of the world into hideous monstrosities so people will stop loving them. Everything's Squishier with Cephalopods: Dave, an octopus, is the main villain.

The North Wind's computer interfaces run on this trope. Even their in-field tactical planning sessions utilize a projected display dome with animated graphics. Played with by the North Wind. While they are a competent and heroic team, they're also rather egotistical and unsympathetic, causing much of the antagonism between them and the penguins. Cemented when the North Wind abandon the penguins inside Dave's submarine to "regroup", even after Private saved them from a Death Trap.

Dave, who has cartoony eyes, a mouth in front of his face instead of a beak beneath his head, two siphons which look like ears, and is purple. This is especially jarring since every other octopus in the film looks comparatively realistic no mouth, for starters. Dave the octopus may be the Big Badbut he's quite Faux Affably Evil at times, which, combined with his sheer hammakes him a very entertaining character.

His octopus Mooks are even funnier, with their silly antics such as sleeping on the job or starting fights with each other, their "blub" language, and their tendency to fall victim to Amusing Injuries more than any other character in the movie.

The North Wind get hit with this when they break into Dave's submarine to capture him. They confront him in the cockpit, and after a brief exchange of banter, Dave's octopus minions capture the team inside of five seconds. Corporal of the North Wind is a polar bear who coos visibly whenever he sees a penguin.

Getting Crap Past the Radar: Skipper states that there was no mating between him and Dave. Later Skipper tells his crew to grab their coconuts, and they all reach down But Rico, instead of using them to listen to the North Wind's mission, he puts them on his chest, making them look like The inflatable bounce house the Penguins retrieve and inflate before falling to their deaths from the airplane is named "Sweaty Palms".

The penguins mistake Shanghai, China for Dublin, Ireland. Before he was upstaged by penguins, Dave used to be a star attraction at the Central Park zoo, entertaining crowds with his dexterous antics.

Penguins of Madagascar (2014) and Its Mockumentary-Style Promos

Skipper hits a gondolier in the crotch while fighting with three octopi. The North Wind is a secret organization of antarctic animals. Their backers are unspecified, but they have a massive secret base, complete with hypersonic flying craft, Powered ArmorBig Freaking Gunsand flying jetpacks.

A Hero Is Born: The movie starts with young versions of Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico rescuing a runaway egg, which hatches to reveal Private. Hidden in Plain Sight: In Venice, Eva is disguised as a statue, while Short Fuse is pretending to be a scoop of ice cream and Corporal masquerades as a telephone booth. Dave invokes this when he tries to video chat with the North Wind. The North Wind sends the penguins to a safe house in Madagascar via cardboard box.

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At the climax, after Dave has turned all of the penguins into disgusting monsters, he states that he feels empty as if there is a hole in him now. He comes to the conclusion that the best way to fix that is to plan MORE revenge and starts preparing to uglify every other cute animal species. Downplayed, as it only takes Private to make Mutant!

Skipper remember the memories they had together to snap him out of it. After a flashback detailing how the Penguins became a team, the film begins during the ending of Madagascar 3: Turns out the Penguins were always awesome, even as chicks.

Kowalski even lampshades it after their first adventure together. Despite being a purple octopus with red eyes and a mouthful of crooked teeth, Dave displays some very Malkovich-like facial expressions. Even when Private expresses how much he wants just to be a meaningful and valued member of the team, the others continue to just treat him as simply "the cute one", much to his annoyance. You can't take away Private's cuteness! He's the cute one! That's, that's his thing!

It's all the little guy's got! Kowalski a penguin falls in love with Eva a snow owlwho rebuffs his advances. She reciprocates at the end, though.

This is Dave's motive for revenge against cute animals, as he feels their cuteness stole his fans from the various zoos and parks where he performed in. The Documentary Crew deliberately push some penguins over the side of a cliff despite just stating that the fall will most likely kill them.

The small, green trees on the roadside swayed as the strong breeze hit them, and hazy clouds enveloped the moon. But deep down below, passengers snuggled for warmth, shared food, clothes, blankets, and told each other the time.

They entertained each other in the dark and their kids, like good New Yorkers would do, and kept everyone safe, peaceful and their imaginations colourful. They didn't mind a storm, for they were tough New Yorkers, and if you could survive in New York, you could survive anywhere.

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Compared to a terrorist attack this was nothing, and it was just a waiting game until the power came back on.

But caution had been given to those carrying certain baggage, given like a warning, and whilst the traveller's possessions had been explored, digital devices had been confiscated, identity checks had taken place and details had been taken down, a choice had been given.

They could either wait on the train, until the next platform came along, and there they would wait in the darkness, until they were discovered by someone and decisions could be made. Or, they could head out into the open, identified and vulnerable and just hope for the best. Either way they were doomed to meet their fate, whatever that may be and during this, almost a complete and utter silence had taken place. By the time order had been restored a surreal certainty, unspoken perhaps, had been passed around between every man, woman and child.

Something big was going on, and nobody was allowed to record it. I wanted to focus intensely on the first chapter, and get across just how scared a child can be when forced to hide their feelings of sick violation. Just how far under the radar this can go when adults are lead to believe by the child that the child in question is fine. That's if the child in question even realises that they're not fine.

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There are some incredibly disturbing scenes in the Penguins Of Madagascar movie, which I felt were far too demonic for children to be watching. There was no redemption of his character, the film was released around the time of the Ebola epidemic, and I left the cinema feeling physically sickened and violated. It took me over a year to find the courage to re-watch the film, as it had kick-started my PTSD and eating disorders again.

I knew that I had to try and challenge myself to change the way that I saw it. I had to find some redemption in Dave, or else I would be too scared to trust modern animation again. So this is my challenge. Private struggles desperately with PTSD, psychotic depression and anxiety.

Unable to help Private, Skipper desperately enlists the help of The North Wind who act as social services, take Private in for intense therapy and rehabilitation, and try and protect him.