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petatv meet your meat youtube

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is an American animal rights organization based in It also campaigns for a vegan lifestyle and against eating meat, fishing, the killing of animals regarded as pests, welfarists," arguing that its work with industries to achieve reform, which continues in the tradition of Henry Spira. We also reach them where they already are: MySpace, YouTube andblogs. They launched in , but have had videos on their main site since PETA videoslikeMeet Your Meat ( are also used at tabling. Meet Your Meat in 30 Seconds. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Loading Unsubscribe from PETA (People for the Ethical.

The footage showed researchers laughing at baboons as they inflicted brain damage on them with a hydraulic device intended to simulate whiplash. Laboratory animal veterinarian Larry Carbone writes that the researchers openly discussed how one baboon was awake before the head injury, despite protocols being in place for anesthesia.

petatv meet your meat youtube

After the video footage aired on British television ina group of activists set up Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty to close HLS down, a campaign that continues.

The New York Times reported the investigation as showing workers stomping on live chickens, throwing dozens against a wall, tearing the head off a chicken to write graffiti, strangling one with a latex glove, and squeezing birds until they exploded. Yum Brands, owner of KFC, called the video appalling and threatened to stop purchasing from Pilgrim's Pride if no changes were made.

Pilgrim's Pride subsequently fired 11 employees and introduced an anti-cruelty pledge for workers to sign. According to The Washington Post, PETA said an employee of the group filmed primates there being choked, hit, and denied medical attention when badly injured.

The company said none of the issues were pervasive or endemic and that it had taken corrective action. The Washington Post writes that the video shows Frisco shouting, "Make 'em scream!

A company spokesperson dismissed PETA's concerns as "Utopian philosophical ideology" but said the circus would no longer use electric prods. As CBS News reported of the resulting video footage, "In the video, the rabbits' high-pitched screams can be heard as farmers rip out their wool until the animal is bald.

The rabbits are then thrown back into their cage and appear to be stunned and in shock. One worker allegedly beat a lamb over the head with a hammer. Workers for five contractors allegedly threw sheep and or slammed their heads and bodies against floors. Robert Williams, executive director of the commission, said, "We recognize PETA for playing a role in bringing about changes necessary to make thoroughbred racing safer and fairer for all.

Asmussen remains under investigation by the U. As the Daily Mirror reported, "PETA has obtained footage showing workers grabbing terrified dogs with a metal noose, clubbing them then slitting their throats. The video footage is too graphic to be shown here and is very distressing to watch. The resulting video footage "featured images of pigs, some allegedly sick and not given appropriate care, crowded into hot pens and roughly handled by employees," contradicting both the farm's own video self-portrait and Whole Foods' claims about "humane meat" a term that PETA maintains is an oxymoron.

The group's video showed "an octopus writhing as its limbs are severed by a chef at T Equals Fish, a Koreatown sushi restaurant in Los Angeles. PETA claims that for "35 years, dogs have suffered in cruel muscular dystrophy experiments It was claimed that video footage showed workers at the company's facility in Alexandria, Minnesota "drowning fully-conscious pigeons, injecting live crayfish with latex and claiming that they sometimes would freeze turtles to death.

Drowning is not considered an acceptable form of euthanasia, according to the American Veterinary Medical Associationand its standards of humane euthanasia must be followed by companies certified by the United States Department of Agriculture such as Bio Corporation.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

The video evidence "depicts goats being thrown around wood floors, dunked in poisonous cleaning solution or having their ears mutilated with pliers.

But PETA and a coalition of animal-welfare groups brought a lawsuit, "citing First Amendment protections for free speech," against Idaho that overturned the state's "ag-gag" law in Augustsetting a precedent that may help overturn these laws in other states.

petatv meet your meat youtube

Inthe Virginia General Assembly passed a measure aimed at curtailing the operations of its shelter that makes almost no attempt to save animals. Virginia's Senate Billenacted in Marchdefines an animal shelter as "a facility operated for the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes for animals. The CCF said in a news release that "[a]n official report filed by PETA itself shows that the animal rights group put to death nearly every dog, cat, and other pet it took in for adoption in InGeorgia's Humane Euthanasia Act became one of the first laws in the nation to mandate intravenous injection of sodium pentobarbital as the prescribed method for euthanizing cats and dogs in Georgia animal shelters.

Prior to that time, gas chambers and other means were commonly employed. Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin was tasked with licensing the shelters and enforcing the new law, through the department's Animal Protection Division. However, Commissioner Irvin failed to abide by the terms of the law, [] [] and instead continued to license gas chambers. When the department continued to license a gas chamber in Cobb Countya second court action was brought, which resulted in the department being held in contempt.

The animals had been euthanized after being removed from shelters in Northampton and Bertie counties. A Bertie County Deputy Sheriff stated that the two employees assured the Bertie Animal Shelter that "they were picking up the dogs to take them back to Norfolk where they would find them good homes. She also stated that the dumping of animals did not follow PETA policy.

He reported the incident to the police, who identified and charged two PETA workers, but the charges were later dropped by the commonwealth attorney on the grounds that it was not possible to prove criminal intent. The state later determined that PETA had violated state law by failing to ensure that the Chihuahua, who was not wearing a collar or tag, was properly identified and for failing to keep the dog alive for five days before euthanizing the animal. The contract worker who had taken the dog was dismissed by PETA.

petatv meet your meat youtube

One of the group's first notable satirical games, called Super Chick Sisters, parodying Super Mario Broswas released in December[] in order to spread its idea of Kentucky Fried Cruelty. This was widely criticized as "absurd and unresearched" by the gaming community, prompting PETA to explain that it was a tongue-in-cheek effort to draw attention to the real-life issue of tanuki being skinned alive.

Mike Fahey of Kotaku opined that New Super Chick Sisters "manages to be a rather capable little platformer despite its heavy-handed message. Inas Time magazine reported, the group selected Pope Franciswho took his name from the patron saint of animals, St.

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Ingrid Newkirk noted, "With more than a billion Catholics worldwide, Pope Francis' animal-friendly teachings have a massive audience. Animal Liberation Front Newkirk is outspoken in her support of direct actionwriting that no movement for social change has ever succeeded without what she calls the militarism component: In white abolitionists, having given up on peaceful means, began to encourage and engage in actions that disrupted plantation operations and liberated slaves.

Was that all wrong? If I had more guts, I'd light a match. I just don't like the idea of that, but maybe that's wishy-washy of me, because I don't want those buildings standing if they hurt anyone Why would you preserve [a building] just so someone can make a profit by continuing to hurt and kill individuals who feel every bit as much as we do?

It supplied doghouses, 1, bales of straw, and 2, dog toys in In a perfect world, animals would be free to live their lives to the fullest, raising their young and following their natural instincts in their native environments. Domesticated dogs and cats, however, cannot live "free" in our concrete jungles, so we are responsible for their care. People with the time, money, love, and patience to make a lifetime commitment to an animal can make an enormous difference by adopting an animal from a shelter or rescuing an animal from a perilous life on the streets.

For one thing, we would no longer allow breeding. Branded with no drugs. I disagree with PETA on many issues but kudos for putting this video. Peta- Meet your Meat Cattle are castrated and horns are cut.

petatv meet your meat youtube

Watch Meet Your Meat and other documentary films. PETA delivers a variety of animal rights videos:. Filmed in several locations across the United States, the film is about the animal liberation movement and takes its name from a PETA comic book of the same name.

This means that Meet Your Meat Video 7. Want to share IMDb' s rating on your own site? This PETA video is pretty graphic.

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Free, dairy, dog, download video. Use the HTML below. Find Meetups and meet people in your local community who share your interests. Meet Your Meat Video. Save Bandage Girl from Meat Boy' s bloody, jealous rage! To Peta - Go Vegan. Nintendo' s million- selling family- friendly Mario games have been targeted by American animal rights group PETA for showing Mario ' wearing fur' - actually a magical suit that gives him new powers.

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Find out more at meat. By Vivian Goldschmidt, MA. Thirty years ago, The Smiths sang, " The flesh you so fancifully fry is not succulent, tasty, or kind— it' s death for no reason, and death for no reason is murder.

On the Meet Your Meat site. The best thing you can do for animals, as this video makes clear, is to go vegan. Researchers in Cambridge and Aberdeen say food production could cause targets for greenhouse gas emissions to be exceeded spired by traditions, ' Top Chef' s' Whitney Otawka recreates unique dining experiences at Greyfield Inn. The video that all meat- eaters should watch and every vegetarian should own, " Meet Your Meat".

Meet your meat - The. The inspiring story of an animal rescued will encourage you to stand up for animals all month long. Need a MeetMe account? It describes itself as " dedicated to protecting consumer.

Debunking The Milk Myth: Shown that adding meat to a vegetarian diet raises blood pressure levels rapidly and. So feel free to download the video and put it up on your own channel, download it here:.