Pilgrim meet gymnastics 2012

Sophia's Gymnastics Journey: Pilgrim Harvest Invitational

pilgrim meet gymnastics 2012

2/15/, Pilgrim Cans 16 But Women BB Drops Home Finale, Women's Basketball 2/12/, Piper Gymnasts Third At Best Of Minnesota Meet, Women's. Home · Mission · Contact · Open Gym · Monkey Club · Parents Night Out! Policy's. back to Team Meet Info 2 SATURDAY SCHEDULE. Lianne Josbacher - Pilgrim Harvest - Uneven Bars · CMaSites 6 Wheeler 5 Años. Pilgrim Harvest Invitational gymnastics meet in MA (Level 3).

Sarcomeres contain repeating patterns of overlapping cytoskeletal and motor protein filaments, causing the striated appearance of muscle tissue and providing contractile function reviewed in [ 9 ]. Numerous skeletal and cardiac myopathies are associated with mutations in genes involved with sarcomere formation [ 10 — 12 ].

Although the process of cellular differentiation in striated muscle has been well studied, and most components of the sarcomere are likely known, the early events leading to the assembly and patterning of these protein complexes remain poorly understood.

Research has focused primarily on the genetic regulation of myogenesis, and on the protein structure of mature sarcomeres, rather than the molecular events guiding the process of myofibril assembly during development. As a result, much is known about the expression of muscle-specific regulatory transcription factors in determined mesenchymal cells, aggregating myoblasts, and fusing myotubes, but little is known about the protein processing and assembly of the sarcomere components and their intermediary structures.

Growing recognition of the role of molecular chaperones in the assembly of large protein complexes makes it clear that the development of striated muscle tissue requires more than merely the sequential expression of sarcomeric genes.

Rather, myogenesis must involve highly specific and regulated steps of protein folding and assembly, involving both general and myocyte-specific molecular chaperones, cochaperones, scaffolds, and intermediate structures.


This is coupled with dynamic turnover of proteins through proteasome-mediated degradation, resulting in a system of development and repair that allows complex assembly without protein aggregation. Over the past two decades, several models have been proposed of the earliest stages of myofibrillogenesis, focused on the stepwise nucleation and incorporation of sarcomere components, beginning with stress-fiber-like structures in differentiating myoblasts.

Eva floor routine at Pilgrim Harvest meet, Nov 2012

Current Models of Vertebrate Sarcomere Formation 2. Overview of the Cellular Events of Myogenesis Determined myoblast progenitors from paraxial myotome and dermomyotome can first be detected by the expression of pax3 and the subsequent expression of myogenesis-regulating basic helix-loop-helix bHLH transcription factors of the MyoD family reviewed in [ 13 ].

Activation of downstream myogenic gene programs by these factors results in aggregation of the proliferating myoblasts, followed by cell alignment, substrate attachment, and fusion of myoblasts into linear syncytial myotubes Figure 1.

These initial structures are similar to the stress fibers of motile cells and are sometimes called premyofibrils [ 1415 ]. These early fibrils attach to the cell surface and extracellular matrix at protein complexes called costameres Figures 1 c and 1 d [ 1617 ].

pilgrim meet gymnastics 2012

Additional myofibrils gradually fill the interior of the cell, anchored to one another and to myocyte organelles by desmin-rich intermediate filaments, until all available space is used, leaving narrow gaps for sarcoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, and nuclei Figure 1 e. She finished second all-around.

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Sophia competed level six in the fall of She finished third all-around at the Judges Cup. She placed second all-around at the Pilgrim Harvest Invitational. She competed level seven in December, winning vault, bars and the all-around at the She placed third all-around at the Kick Off Classic.

She placed third on vault and beam at the State Championships. Sophie represented Massachusetts at the National Judges Cup.

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She placed third on floor. Sophie competed level eight during the season. She finished fourth all-around at the Pilgrim Harvest Invitational. She won bars and the all-around at the Holiday Invitational.

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Sophie finished third on bars at the Starlight Invitational. At the State Championships, she finished third on floor and fifth all-around. Sophie began competing level nine in She finished second all-around and first on vault at the New Year's Invitational. She placed fourth on beam at the Gliders Invitational and third on beam at the Starlight Invitational. She placed second on vault and fifth all-around at the State Championships.

She finished eighth all-around at Regionals. InSophia finished first on bars and floor at the New year's Invitational.

pilgrim meet gymnastics 2012

She placed second on beam at the Manhattan Classic. At the Starlight Invitational, she finished second on bars.