Power rangers in space meet andros

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power rangers in space meet andros

Power Rangers in Space is an American television series and the sixth season of the Power Much to Andros' surprise, it turns out that Karone is actually Astronema, who was raised by Ecliptor to be evil. . He nearly met his end with the creation of the Psycho Rangers, who drew their energy from the evil monarch every. When the Turbo Rangers go into Space, they meet Andros, another Power Ranger series who lives on a spaceship alone, traveling across. Andros is the Red Space Ranger of the Space Rangers and the older brother of This article is about a/an ranger in Power Rangers in Space, the last.

Appearing as silver robots with blades as their primary weapons. Like the Cogs before them, they pilot vehicles for attacks. Craterites - Foot soldiers from the Astro Megaship simudeck's training program.

A lightning bolt once hit the megaship while T. And Ashley were doing a session, causing them to become real and hide amongst the people in Angel Grove by disguising themselves as humans. After fighting the Rangers, they then merged into a Congolomate version of themselves. After being defeated by the Astro Megazord, they were once again part of the simudeck program.

Psycho Rangers[ edit ] The Psycho Rangers are five evil rangers created by Astronoma as part of her plans to destroy Dark Specter and originally drew their energy from him, who felt the drain more strongly if the Psychos fought hard.

Though stronger than the Power Rangers, the Psycho Rangers were impatient, could not work together, and unwilling to follow Astronema's plans, leading to them being destroyed by the Space Rangers before Dark Specter was.

When grown, their true monster forms were revealed.

power rangers in space meet andros

As spirits, they sought a way to return to physical form; this led them to the lost city, where they used a digitizing device in reverse to become real again. However, the rangers digitized them into data cards; the cards later ended up in Deviot's possession, who revived them in Power Rangers Lost Galaxybut they were again destroyed by both the Galaxy and Space Rangers.

Psycho Red portrayed and voiced by Patrick David - Psycho Red was the leader and the most powerful of the Psycho Rangers, as demonstrated when he faced all five Space Rangers in battle without aid.

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He was also the most impatient of the Psycho Rangers and became more and more frustrated when Astronema would not let them destroy the Space Rangers. Though each Psycho Ranger wanted to destroy their Space Ranger counterpart, Psycho Red was the most obsessed with doing so — even jeopardizing nearly successful plans. His monster form was a flame-like monster. Of the five, he was the most level-headed and least rebellious. He wasn't too happy with Astronema's strategy, but followed her orders because he was afraid of being destroyed if he rebelled.

He tended to disagree with Psycho Red, finding him too irrational. He stopped Psycho Red from killing Andros at a time when Red was refusing to obey Astronema's orders, angry that Red wanted all the glory for himself.

power rangers in space meet andros

His Psycho-Monster form was a rock-like monster who can use a rock-like tentacle. He had a seemingly unstable and insane personality - not unlike a raging psychopath. Over time, his obsession with his counterpart got the better of him, to the point where he refused to give up when he faced five Blue Rangers the other four main Rangers had re-coloured their costumes to mimic the Blue costume.

Power Rangers in Space

He rushed into battle, taking out four Rangers, but was eventually overpowered by the Blue and Silver Rangers. His Psycho Monster form is an ice-like monster with freezing powers. Psycho Yellow portrayed and voiced by Kamera Walton - Psycho Yellow was the loner Ranger - she did not participate in battle as much as the others did. She preferred to let others do the dirty work while she claimed victory.

She even double-crossed Psycho Pink, using her for her own scheme. Psycho Yellow was also able to infect the Mega Voyager and force it to fight against the Mega Winger and Delta Megazord after transforming into a computer virus. Psycho Pink voiced by Vicki Davis - Psycho Pink was the least fleshed out of the Psycho Rangers, though at times she appeared to be the most aggressive of them.

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However, she went in a secret alliance with Psycho Yellow that ended abruptly when Yellow betrayed her. In her monster form, Psycho Pink was a plant -like monster, and was destroyed by the Mega Voyager's V3 Missile attack.

Monsters[ edit ] The monsters used in this season work for Astronema. The monsters are adapted from the monsters that are featured in Denji Sentai Megaranger. To make a monster grow, Astronema would give orders to fire the Sattelaser at the monster making it grow. Manta Menace - A stingray monster occasionally fought on the Simudeck.

Electrotramp voiced by Blake Torney - Electrotramp is an electrical monster that Astronema used to draw out the Rangers to have her mesmerized Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "help" them defeat him. In battle, he summons large spheres of electricity which he then throws at his opponents.

This monster was destroyed by the Ninja Turtles. Electrotramp is a hybrid of two monster suits: Clawhammer voiced by Kim Strauss - Clawhammer is a shrimp monster from the planet Kalderon who can project an energy blade from his claw. This monster was destroyed by the Astro Megazord.

Voltage Hog voiced by Kirk Thornton - Voltage Hog is an electrical monster that can drain electricity from powerlines and use it in its tentacles to fight its enemies.

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Elephantitan voiced by Michael Sorich - Elephantitan is a titanic elephant monster used by Astronema. Waspicable voiced by Ken Merckx - Waspicable is a kind-hearted wasp monster. He was able to project powerful energy blasts from his eyes and teleport in a little ball beam. After helping to defeat Sting King, Waspicable planned to do good where he started by retrieving a girl's balloons that drifted into the air.

Arguably his background role allows the more important characters to shine, but given his title I expected a little more. Relentless fighters and determined to destroy their respective colours, this story arc sees the space rangers completely overpowered and having to resort to new tactics in order to beat them.


Instead of the usual five-vehicle combinations, the first two megazords the Astro and Delta Megazords are single spaceships that transform into complete robots with the Astro Megaship also serving as the series base. It isn't until the Mega Voyager rolls around that individual vehicles appear again, and even then the combination is more innovative than the usual torso plus limbs format.

power rangers in space meet andros

The Astro Megaship Finally we come to Bulk and Skull, who's character development draws to a close in the finest of ways. Appearing far less than they do in previous seasons - Skull in fact seems to have barely any lines, In Space sees the two teaming up with eccentric scientist Professor Phenomenus in search of aliens and UFOs which is a little strange given Angel Grove has been under constant alien attack for the last six years.

However it is the series finale that the two have their finest hour. As Astronema takes the city hostage and tells the rangers that if they don't reveal themselves the people will die, Bulk and Skull step forward proclaiming to be rangers and then later lead the citizens of Angel Grove against Astronema's forces.

These are no longer the bullies they were at the beginning of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, proving that you don't need superpowers to be true heroes. Once there they all teamed up to destroy the Psycho Rangers. Wild Force Andros spying on the Machine Empire. Morphing one last time. Andros then began tracking down the remnants of the Machine Empire and Serpentera. He brings along with him Alpha 7 a rebuilt version of alpha 5 and a new Megaship the astromegaship mark 2, although it is unknown if this ship can turn into an Astro Megazord and if Alpha 6 is still on mirinoi with the galaxy rangers.

Legacy of Power Andros was featured in a chronicle of Power Ranger history compiled by Tommy Oliver shortly after he formed the Dino Rangerswhich was found by the nascent Ranger team in the Dino Lab. Legendary Battle Personality Andros is an unsociable loner, preferring to do things by himself. His time alone in space, his loss over his sister and parents, and his difficulty to understand Earth culture had made him distant from other people and can lead him into difficult situations due to his inability to tell good people from bad.

Despite accepting help from other people, he may resent the need to do so at times. Overtime, after being part of a team with his fellow Space Rangers, he became more social and learned to rely on his friends in difficult situations. The only thing he works alone on afterwards is spying and recon, something only he is skilled at. Despite these potential flaws, Andros is a brave and kind-hearted hero who, more often than not, puts other people's needs before his own. He is always willing to sacrifice his life to save millions of people from the forces of evil.

Powers and Abilities Telekinesis: