Purple dragons tmnt 2012 meet

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purple dragons tmnt 2012 meet

(1, 2, 3, 4, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! The turtles "Purple Dragons," Leo spits, "I hate Purple Dragons," he puts his hand on his shoulder. The Purple Dragons (also know as the Flaming Dragons) are common enemies of the Ninja Turtles in many incarnations of the TMNT franchise, with their first appearance in the opening pages of the very first comic. They are a series. Purple Dragons are villains of the Ninja Turtles. They are a street was lead by Xever. The Purple Dragons debut in Never Say Xever. Meet Mondo Gecko.

Casey feels a spot on the wall as April and the girls descend down the stairs. You could still see where they plastered up the wall I punched when I was seven," he calls out and they shush him.

Ha, don't worry, there's no one around for miles," he dismisses, but they give confused looks as they hear someone trying to get the door open. A man tumbles inside the house and Casey slams him against the wall. Casey gives an angry look, ready to beat him up.

You're not welcome here," Casey spits. You and Amy get this house, you get the girls. Well I want my share! I want the money," he argues.

The girls, April, and Casey look to each other, having no idea of what he is talking about. You know what I'm talking about," Donnie sees this conversation from the stairs and walks back up before he can be seen.

Everyone knows that Grandpa robbed that train. I want Grandpa's share of the Hobok train job. Spot marks the X, he was always saying, the crazy old coot. I dug holes out here for years looking for it, for anything that looked like an X.

It's gotta be here! That's not right," April murmurs in thought. Casey walks over to the door and opens it. You've got the money. Now give me that money or things are going to get ugly!

The turtles and Amy take a stance "I'm not gonna ask you again, Case! Now give me that money! Leo helps him up the stairs. Cousin Sid brought a Federation blaster to the party," he tells Leo and he tries to move his bandages off. Raph struggles to sit up.

We need to-" "I'll take care of Sid," Leo interrupts, walking away. They have Triceraton guns.

purple dragons tmnt 2012 meet

The leader kicks the door open. Sid looks back at him in shock. Look girls, they got matching jackets, oooo. And all markers are being called in. That means yours too, Sid. We're just here to make sure your little treasure hunt goes smooth. Casey gives an angry look, clenching his fists. He steps forward, but the girls hold him back. They continue to tear the house apart and an arrow is fired. The others upstairs look as the arrow gets stuck into the floor.

Let's take them down! I love it when Leo talks tough. We should get Karai and Jared to stab 'im more often. Maybe ice princess will be acting that way too when she wakes up," Raph answers and Leo turns around, growling at the mention of Karai.

Mikey holds a crutch between the two. And I got just the spot. Leo and Donnie carry Raph to the closet. N-No way am I missing this action! You better hope I never heal! Splinter leans in the window. Casey has the money, he found it! There IS no money! His eyes widen as he recognizes the horn. Nobody messes with my car, ever! Max," he grabs Max by the shirt, "You and the others find out whoever's out there and take care of 'em. One of them opens the door only to find no one.

Ghost didn't honk that horn. One of them is pressing his back against the silo, where Mikey is hiding inside with the logs. He looks back before hiding behind the logs. He looks down at his crutches and throws it in the air, catching it. He accidentally moves a log with one of his broken legs.

purple dragons tmnt 2012 meet

Some of them fall out of the silo, which the Purple Dragon notices. Mikey knows that he heard him, looking at his crutch. Splinter breaks the logo behind him, taking a stance Mikey gives a nervous look as the Purple Dragon is getting closer.

He struggles to get up with the one crutch, but he falls face front into the grass. He tries to move his other crutch, but it's stuck. He pulls as hard as he can. He looks back as the Purple Dragon is almost to him.

He looks around before there's a bright light shining and he covers his eyes, seeing a car. He sees something in the darkness. Donnie jumps up to the ceiling and grabs a tire, his arm cracking. He almost shouts in pain, but covers his mouth. He grabs the tire and rolls it down the ceiling, which gives off dust above the Purple Dragon. Donnie runs up and grabs the ladder, jumping over the other side. The Purple Dragon screams and lands in the hay below, dropping the gun.

Donnie lands and grabs some rope, pulling it with his teeth.

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The Purple Dragon runs for his gun and Donnie lassoes his foot. He grunts and pulls the Purple Dragon to the ground. He tries to reach for his gun but is pulled by Donnie, who jumps to the floor, hanging the Purple Dragon in the air. Help-" Donnie puts a handful of hay in his mouth and looks at him. The leader of the "Black Dragons", apparently cut a deal with Officer Miller, which resulted in Hun being locked up and allowed him to gain control of the Purple Dragons.

He then helped the Purple Dragons' one-time-rival, the Shredderwipe out the group, turning them into the Black Dragons: In their first fight against the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Purple Dragons found that their guns and knives are useless against their martial arts.

The turtles managed to kill most of the members before the police arrive. Decades ago, the gang's leader Hunter Mason the true identity of Hun delivered a brutal beating to a teen-aged Casey Jonesone of the Purple Dragons' bitterest enemies, prior to being thrown in jail.

After being released from jail Hun wiped out the Black Dragons, declaring his intentions to rebuild his criminal empire. Instead, the Foot Clan works more as a gang. Dreamwaves comics[ edit ] Because the first issues of Dreamwave comics follow the cartoon, the Purple Dragons were in conflict with the Turtles, accidentally abducting Raphael and subsequently fighting him and his brothers.

This version of the Purple Dragons is led by Angel Bridge. Unlike the other incarnations, the Purple Dragons are a "community watch" [9] where they do not like mutants or ninjas from the Foot Clan causing trouble on their turf.

Angel's father Brooklyn S. Bridge and Arnold Jones who is the identity of Hun in this continuity had formerly used the Purple Dragons where their activities made the streets of Brooklyn unsafe. The leadership of the Purple Dragons was wrested from Angel by force by a resurrected Hun. As a result, the Purple Dragons reverted to their former existence as a violent street gang. From early during the first season, the Purple Dragons were enemies of the Turtles after they foiled the attempted theft with the use of an armored car and eventually became friends with Casey Jones.

They were also the hated enemies of Casey Jones and the reason why Casey Jones finally reached for vigilantism. Despite being threatened not to, his father later went to the police over it. It is implied that he was killed for doing so. Following the Utrom Shredder's Ch'rell exile from Earth by the Utroms and the discovery that Shredder was an Utrom, Hun began to strengthen the Purple Dragons, developing them from just a street gang to a country-wide organized crime syndicate.

They began to steal illegal goods particularly high tech Triceratons and Federation weaponry from the governmentbut accidentally brought a mutant called Finn. Hun also broke his previous connection with the Foot Clan to spread their influence in the city. A year later, there has been word that the Shredder is coming back, so Hun has the Purple Dragons locate the Ring of Yin to grant him the power to stand up against the Shredder. They get the wrong one and the right one gets on April O'Neil.

Hun captured her to extract it but she turns into a monster and flies off. A territorial war with the Foot broke out. Hun struck an alliance with Baxter Stockman to develop weapons and hack into the Foot database to find treasure troves to rob. They were threatening and extorting shop owners such as Mr. Murakami for protection money, only to be defeated by the Ninja Turtles. In "A Chinatown Ghost Story," they tried to rob a museum to obtain specific artifacts, only to be thwarted by Donnie, April, and Casey.

However, they did manage to get away with a dagger that contained Ho Chan's ghost as he temporarily made them his servants. In "Casey Jones vs. Casey Jones had his first encounter with Hun when he and the Purple Dragons were robbing a bank following the aftermath of the Kraang Invasion.

The Purple Dragons were able to obtain specific chemicals for Shredder that came from a factory on the Purple Dragons' turf. They also appear in Out of the Shadows. When he was released from prison he went to rebuild his old gang. Dragon Face - He is seen in a drawing during a speech Shadow Jones is giving. Cristo - One of the original Purple Dragons who fought the Turtles.

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When he was young he was a member of the Purple Dragons until a young woman turned him away from crime. They had a son named Casey.

Purple Dragons

When she died he became an abusive alcoholic father to Casey. Also he frequented in criminal circles to raise money because he no longer pursued work and the scholarship of his son was able to cover only the bare necessities.

The hockey mask Casey wears in his wanderings of the streets, was originally used by Arnold. As Arnold Jones one evening was again violently venting his frustrations on Casey, this time unexpected help came in the form of the mutant Raphael.

He and Casey very quickly became close friends, and a short time later they found Raphael's father and brothers. Later in the series, it was revealed that in his teens Arnold Jones was a member of the Purple Dragons under the alias "Hun" after Atilla the Hun.

When in the course of his adventures with his new family Casey was seriously injured by the Shredder and Arnold found out about it, he came to a new found concern for his son and finally was brought back to his senses.

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Ironically, the Shredder - the man who had hurt Casey - offered Arnold the chance to pay for the medical bills of his son while Arnold himself rejuvenated by a serving mutagen would become Hun again and serve him He snatched leadership of the Purple Dragons from Angel, and led them back to their former existence as a violent street gang - an act that led to the final break up with Casey instead for the reconciliation he had hoped.

Bridge - Former second-in-command and founder. In his wild youth he was a member of the Purple Dragons, along with his old friend Arnold Jones then known under the alias "Hun"before he finally retired, married and began an honest life.

In today's times Brooklyn works as a bartender in the Scottish-born Pub Skara Brae in Brooklyn, New York and has a daughter named Angel who occasionally helps out in the pub, if they ever need money.

Brooklyn had become basically a good-hearted man after his departure from the Purple Dragons, even if he lives a hard life in Brooklyn - especially in the Skara Brae bar.

If an opportunity arises to make extra money assuming this does not bring him directly afoul of the lawhe will take it. Angel Bridge - Former leader, and twenty something daughter of Brooklyn, she joined the Purple Dragons shortly after the accidental death of her mother. She was childhood friends with Casey Jones whose father along with her own were both members of the Purple Dragons.

Under her leadership she reorganized the Purple Dragons from a violent street gang to vigilante group.