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Meet Schedule 5/31 Thu [email protected] 5PM 6/9 Sat ​River Swim League Champions July Cecil Aquatic Center 3PM. Argyle Waves Important. Dzieciol was alo 20th in the CIF State championships in that event. Dzieciol was 5/29 - Spring Sports Awards and Swim Team Banquet 6pm - JV . At the end there will be a meeting with parents of Varsity-level PVST swimmers. 1/30/ The Kennett Swim Team recently participated in the Southeast Missouri Swim Conference championship swim meet held in Jackson. Kennett won the meet, 10, Steinbecker, Shelby, 8, PVST-OZ 7. 11, Shetley, Kate, 6.

In the semifinal against Las Vegas Sundevils, Jazmine Razo started a seven-run inning rally with a double and Prater pitched for the win. In the championship, the Misfits faced the Sundevils again, defeating them in seven innings with LaFitte pitching and Burns catching the complete game. Coach is Ryan LaFitte. The assistant coaches are Rocky Cervantez and Andy Payne.

The 14U girls beat Alliance in the gold-medal game.

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Lexi Rond led the team in scoring with 10 goals and added six assists. Dara Bleiberg scored nine goals and contributed seven steals. Grace Heck scored three times and had five steals. Viktoria Orlov scored five times and added four assists and four steals. Jennifer Mastroianni made four goals and four assists. Kristin Kudlinski led the team on defense with eight steals. Holly Maine poured in three goals and added an assist and a steal.

Brianna Erickson scored twice. Natalie Balen scored a goal and had a steal. Grace Tuchman had a goal and two steals. Kaylie Brown had a goal and a steal.

Caitlin Gardhouse had three steals. Lindsay Flores was instrumental in the goal, making 11 saves in the tournament.

The 14U team was led by Andrew Howe with nine steals and eight goals. Christian Eckmann had five goals and seven assists. Jonah Brewer had seven goals and six drawn ejections. Goalie Luke Dominick averaged seven saves and two steals.

The 14U boys lost to MAC and were outscored in four games. James Brewer scored five goals and had three steals. Jake Peters had four assists and three steals. Tanner Frost had three goals and three drawn ejections.

The 12U boys were paced by Nicholas Poley with six goals, three steals and two assists. Brandon Berce contributed four goals along with five assists and three steals.

Portneuf Valley Swim Team on Instagram: “Three free champions for PVST tonight!”

Braeden Sanders had a goal and three steals. Matix Springer had four steals and two assists. Ocean Jones had a goal, six steals and two assists. Kyle Sharp scored three times and drew two ejections. Jack Sweet had two goals and three steals along with five saves in the goal. Noah Maness had two goals, 10 steals and three assists. Shane Glasser scored his first career goal along with four steals.

Jason Raab had two steals and an assist. Christian Jamgochyan was solid in the cage with 15 blocks in four games. The 12U girls were led by Maddie Schwartz with 12 goals, eight steals and seven assists.

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Giselle Lewis had six goals, five assists and four steals. Anabelle Sharma had five goals, four assists and five steals. Multifocal atrial tachycardia MAT is tachycardia arising from at least three ectopic foci within the atria, distinguished by P-waves of at least three different morphologies that all fall before irregular, narrow QRS complexes. This rhythm is most commonly seen in elderly people with COPD. Red dots show atrial fibrillation activity.

Atrial fibrillation meets the definition of SVT when associated with a ventricular response greater than beats per minute. It is characterized as an "irregularly irregular rhythm" both in its atrial and ventricular depolarizations and is distinguished by its fibrillatory atrial waves that, at some point in their chaos, stimulate a response from the ventricles in the form of irregular, narrow QRS complexes. Atrial flutteris caused by a re-entry rhythm in the atria, with a regular atrial rate often of about beats per minute.

The AV node will not usually conduct beats per minute so the P: QRS ratio is usually 2: Because the ratio of P to QRS is usually consistent, A-flutter is often regular in comparison to its irregular counterpart, atrial fibrillation. Atrial flutter is also not necessarily a tachycardia unless the AV node permits a ventricular response greater than beats per minute. The circuit most often involves two tiny pathways one faster than the other.

Because the node is immediately between the atria and ventricle, the re-entry circuit often stimulates both, appearing as a backward retrograde conducted P-wave buried within or occurring just after the regular, narrow QRS complexes.

Given the long and successful history of SCS s Geographic Committee structure, she noted that we have been implementing shared services among ourselves for a long time. Other smaller LSCs are now being encouraged to join in similar shared services arrangements with mixed receptivity. This push for greater shared services is unlikely to impact SCS at this time. On the national level, Mary Jo reminded all of the priority and significance of the safe sport program, and that we should try to find new ways to engage the parents and athletes in the available on- line training tools.

Other emerging issues include concussion protocols, indoor air quality and restructuring the Senior pipeline to Nationals. Following introductions by all attendees, Age Group Chair, Stacy Smith, gave an overview of the session objectives, issues to be reviewed, and desired decisions by the meeting s end.

Stacy provided all with an agenda that presented existing meets and formats, as well as input received prior to the meeting. Agenda and Statistical Analysis of Meets in the pilot two years attached. Stacy asked the general question of whether senior development issues should be considered as part of the Senior Committee or Age Group Committee or both and she solicited overall feedback on the pilot two year cycle.

She then proceeded to call on various geographic Committee Chairs and Age Group reps for input. The location of the senior development issue Senior or Age Group Committees did not seem as relevant making sure that additional opportunities were provided for this group of swimmers.

Specifically, he does not like the single age group format, preferring the traditional two- year age groups. Don also agreed that more needs to be done for the senior development swimmer. Sheri Stoddard Metro agreed and reiterated a previous query about whether or not to put a cap on JOs or other meets to better balance opportunities for 2 nd swims.

Madeleine Lepesant Athlete Rep Metro stated that high school swimmers below Sectionals levels want a place to swim at age group championship meets. Others noted that these swimmers definitely wanted a place to swim, but most wanted to be included in Senior meets with lower time cuts, rather than age group meets. Rod Hansen urged creation of a senior development meet in the January timeframe.


Mark Schubert GWSC was concerned that there were just too many championship meets and that the meet nomenclature was confusing. The purpose would be to reconcile training schedules.