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quality aviation meet and assist

2 Levels of satisfaction with the quality of the assistance service at each to ensure that service levels are maintained and the airport will meet. NEXUS is a comprehensive solution for all of your aviation needs with our suite of for continued success offering superior quality aviation services worldwide, . In addition, Meet and Assist Services, Rent–A–Car and Chauffer Driven Car. National Aviation Services (NAS) Unveils Premium Derwaza Lounge in a Pearl Assist product which includes lounges and meet and assist services across the.

NEXUS is well positioned for continued success offering superior quality aviation services worldwide, while adhering to the most stringent international regulations. Jump to a Service: Producing an accurate and optimized flight plan requires several complex calculations to arrive at the appropriate choice of route, height, speed and fuel, while complying with air traffic control and other safety requirements.

The flight plan also needs to account for the effects of weather, wind direction and speed. Finally, the flight plan needs to include sufficient safety margins e. In addition to drawing up the actual flight plan, NEXUS plans to provide these additional services to its customers: Advisories for Crew It is often necessary to communicate special advisories to the deck crew to convey safety precautions or special conditions.

NEXUS provides around-the-clock advisories to the deck crew when necessary.

quality aviation meet and assist

Traffic Rights Requests Traffic Rights are required for all flights to ensure safe distances are maintained between in-flight aircraft. NEXUS provides assistance in applying for these with the appropriate aviation authorities.

quality aviation meet and assist

Airport Fire and Rescue Category Upgrades As airports add infrastructure to ensure compliance with fire safety standards, they can be upgraded to a higher category to indicate increased fire safety. NEXUS assists customers with filing compliance documentation with appropriate authorities and informing customers of the new category. Landing Permits Most countries require prior clearances to be obtained before landing in their territory.

NEXUS provides assistance in obtaining the required permits.

quality aviation meet and assist

Overflight Clearances Most countries require prior clearances to be obtained before overflight in their territory. Ground Handling Arrangements Ground Handling covers the complex series of processes required to deplane passengers and unload baggage and cargo from an aircraft on arrival and re-board and re-load prior to departure.

For commercial aircraft, the turnaround time is critical for aircraft utilization as well as customer satisfaction. NEXUS has trained and efficient professional staff to efficiently assist with ground handling for both private and commercial flights.


Customs and Immigration NEXUS provides assistance to help customers comply with and clear customs and immigration formalities. Hangarage It is often preferable to arrange hangarage for an aircraft to prevent damage from sun exposure and inclement weather.

Further, hangarage can be required if the aircraft requires cleaning or unscheduled maintenance. NEXUS arranges suitable hangarage for its clients when desired or required. EAPIS enhances border security by providing officers with pre—arrival and departure manifest data on all passengers and crew members. NEXUS assists its customers in transmitting the information accurately, ensuring compliance with the border security regulations in the destination country. The NEXUS Fuel Management team negotiates favorable pricing across the flight itinerary and leverages the fuel tankering capability of each aircraft to take advantage of contract pricing at major airports, resulting in cost savings for the client.

Airport Parking Arrangements Landing and parking slots at most busy metropolitan airports need to be pre—booked with availability confirmed prior to departure from origin. The slot details also need to be conveyed to the crew in a timely manner. NEXUS secures the required landing and parking slots for every flight prior to departure. In cases where appropriate services are not available, NEXUS will recommend the next best destination airport.

quality aviation meet and assist

Weather Accurate weather reports are essential for proper flight planning. NEXUS provides real-time weather reports and advisory services to its customers. These can be shown as a map or an overlay showing outlines of areas covered by an aircraft flight as a visual representation for convenience of the crew.

Flight Dispatchers jointly share the major decision making and the responsibility of the safety of a flight with the flight crews. Dispatchers conduct all of the necessary pre-planning, flight monitoring, en—route assistance and coordination of every flight 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Historical data also helps in better scheduling and planning.

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Preventive maintenance to keep aircraft flying with high reliability requires that accurate performance data is available for the maintenance crew. Maintaining accurate flight logs and records is essential for regulatory compliance as well as aircraft maintenance and general record keeping. Civil Aviation Authorities require that flight data be retained for 6 years. NEXUS maintains updated records for the flights it supports. Dedicated check-in counters, fast track immigration, dedicated waiting areas and our premium lounges provide the tools to ensure a seamless airport experience.

Our People are our product.

Pearl Assist guests are guaranteed a product that is personalized. Services are carefully capacity controlled to ensure that the individualized service that the Pearl product is renowned for is never compromised. The classic product includes: A dedicated Pearl agent to each booking and fast track immigration services on arrival and departure.

Services can be tailored to specific airlines, class of travel of passengers, terminal specific operations, protocol requirements and both country and regional specific culture wants and needs. With an expertise built up over years of providing meet and assist services in the region, the Pearl team is now renowned for not only its service, but its understanding of local cultures, traditions and their unique requirements. As well as understanding local cultures, the extensive knowledge of travel behavior throughout the year in the region helps us manage the periods of extraordinary demand around events.

Additional offerings Pearl Assist offers a significant range of services at the airport in addition to the core meet and assist products: Lounge Promotions including integrated package offers with meet and assist service, chauffeur drive airside and landside with a range of vehicle types and sizes to suit a range of customers needs, baggage services including baggage delivery and collection from customers homes or hotels, floral services.