Rafale tiger meet 2011 nfl

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rafale tiger meet 2011 nfl

Download language support packages for Xpdf: Arabic [updated Aug]; Chinese/simplified [updated Jul]; Chinese/traditional. Results 1 - 48 of VF Jolly Rogers jack patch Years of naval aviation Nick Foles Rookie Card Eagles MVP Topps Magic BGS Gem Mint NFL Football Mirage Patch NTM Rafale Badge Tiger Meet Armée Air. Typhoon of Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 74 at the 'Tiger Meet' in A Czech Mil Mi "Alien Tiger" of the st Helicopter Squadron at the 'Tiger Meet' in Tail fin of a Swiss Air Force Fliegerstaffel 11 F/AC Hornet. The NATO Tiger Association or the Association of Tiger Squadrons was established in . NTM, May 9–20, France.

The exercises include many missions, typically one in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Each raid is flown by around twenty combat aircraft with a variety of tasks like air superiority, reconnaissance or bombing.

rafale tiger meet 2011 nfl

The air operation was planned in a specific airspace area around Cambrai, above the north-east quarter of France, and some Belgian and German airspace. Click on map to get the link During this Tiger Meet, the base Cambrai welcomed people coming from 17 different countries.

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Food and drink for all this crowd was provided by the French Army from installations similar to those deployed in external operation theatres. May 11, 16 and 17 were three days planned for spotters persons a day to give the best opportunities to take pictures of the beautiful tiger painted planes. On May 17th, the weather was cloudy in the morning but eventually the sun broke through by noon. The morning mission was planned around 10hh00 local time and the second mission around 14hh The first jet engine started around 9h00 and the first take-off took place at 9h The last combat aircraft being airborne was a pair of Slovak MiG at 10h The planes took off for the second mission in more spaced boxes, each patrol alone.

So departures took place from 13h18 to 14h A team of the Bavarian Tigers, which consisted of technicians and pilots, had the difficult decision of selecting a suitable design from the many submissions.

NATO Tiger Meet landvisiau 2008

A week later, Alexander was invited to our squadron to discuss detailed arrangements and some changes. He now had to implement them promptly in order to submit the permit for the foiling.

rafale tiger meet 2011 nfl

Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it is with a car. Certain conditions must be met. For example, it's not allowed to foile some areas such as the tactical license plate or the Iron Cross sovereign license of the German Air Force. Many other small details had to be considered as well. Of course, the financing had to be clarified in advance.

Offers for the foiling had to be obtained from several companies.

rafale tiger meet 2011 nfl

Time passed and everything was still on schedule for the Tiger Meet that will take place in May in Poland. Everything went very quickly.

NATO Tiger Meet

And there we need eye-catcher, like me! The squadron was already far along with the plans for a specially painted plane but my design is really a highlight, so the Air Force has made the decision to use the "Ghost Tiger" of the Bavarian Tigers from Neuburg. We were all very proud that this design was selected. Now everything had to go very fast. My first flight was no longer required in May, now it needed to be one month earlier for the ILA. The approval and funding were no longer problems.

The Air Force can be quite fast. We also had the necessary offers. The contract was awarded to the company Hamm, a company from Neuburg, who already had multiple experiences with the foiling of a Eurofighter or Tornado. Further adjustments of the design were necessary. Therefore, the designer Alexander Breunig had to take the kilometer trip again to make arrangements with the Folier company and the Bavarian Tigers. The design could not have the exact dimensions of the aircraft, but had to be larger in order to account for the surface waste, as accurate size adjustments are made on site during foiling.

This meant a weekend shift for Alexander, because he does this as a hobby in addition to his profession. The design was perfect now and could be implemented as a foiling. Now my preparations for the foiling began. I had to be washed and grease-free and thus ideally prepared for the foiling. April 3,after the Easter holidays, were my last days in the Air Force gray dress. The Hamm company moved in with four employees, who immediately started the work to soon present me as a new Tiger.

My left rudder was foiled first.


After the first slides were applied it was immediately clear that I would become a particularly beautiful tiger! On the first day almost my entire left side was ready. After three days, almost square meters of special film were applied.

But I was not done yet, because now was time for the finishing details. The edges had to be sealed to keep my tiger dress on in flight. After all, I am a fast Eurofighter who can fly twice as fast as the sound, that is to Mach two. But I still had to be patient for the official performance. On April 11,I was finally able to come to light for the first time.

I was dragged from the painter's hall to Shelter 20, my future Tiger Cave. On the evening of April 12,it was time. My first official presentation! The shelter was darkened in green light.

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The fog machine started. Shortly thereafter, the fire alarm went off.