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raw meet diet

Does a Paleo diet have to involve eating your meat raw? Are there potential health benefits? What about the safety risks?. Vice magazine recently featured a man who has eaten only raw meat for five years. What do nutritionists have to say about it?. Included in raw animal food diets are any food that can be raw muscle-meats/ organ-meats/eggs, raw dairy, and.

Diet Secrets of the Elite (Raw Meat Barbarian Diet)

Eating so much meat [is] excessive protein and excessive saturated fat It could clog your arteries. It could cause heart disease — and bowel movement problems too. The issue is that you can't really extrapolate this diet to anyone else. If this man has been on it for five years and survived, then good for him. His genetic makeup might have helped.

But that doesn't mean somebody else would be able to sustain it. If one were to eat raw meat, are there better and worse types of meat to choose? Depends on your goals.

raw meet diet

If you happen to like sushi and want to eat raw salmon, that's an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. As long as that raw fish is caught, processed and prepared in a way that protects against food poisoning, that's a very healthful choice. If someone is going to eat a raw animal product, [fish] would be my top pick. Otherwise, looking to local markets and thinking about organic choices — you certainly can buy [better meat] I think in this day and age it's certainly easier — although more expensive — to find good animal products and know what you're consuming.

Chicken is obviously the worst because it carries salmonella. Sushi and sashimi can be OK. Tuna tartare or steak tartare are traditions and are eaten as delicacies, but you're still going to have the risk of ingesting pathogens.

I Ate Nothing But Raw Meat For 2 Weeks: This Is What Happened To Me

With raw meats, you always have a heightened risk of contamination. Are there any foreseeable advantages to eating meat raw? I don't see any advantages. Meat is poison until you first kill it with fire! Why would you eat something that you truly believe is poison? Would you eat cyanide if it was cooked long enough?

You wouldn't of course. Raw meat is not poisonous or harmful. That's why you eat meat. We've all been told the horror stories of uncooked food but it is completely illogical that humans have to first kill their food with fire so as not to poison us… when no other species on planet earth cooks its' food.

Also, people never get sick eating cooked food, right? I have eaten raw meat, raw organs, raw milk, raw cheese, and raw butter. I became infused with abundant energy and great health. I never got sick, diarrhea, vomit, nothing! I'm not saying you can never get sick eating raw meat. I am saying I have personally never gotten sick eating raw meat. Eat raw at your own risk, but I believe the bigger risk is eating the standard diet.

Even the health food of today will kill you. But if raw meat is poison, why does literally no animal on earth get sick from eating raw meat? We actually get sick from cooked meat, not raw meat. People go to the emergency rooms from undercooked meat, not from raw meat. It is the cooking process that makes the meat poisonous. You need fiber to poo-poo.

On the raw meat diet there are no toilet problems whatsoever. Frankly, vegetables make you far too stinky. When you eat your natural foods, the unnatural stink goes away. Raw meat and raw milk will give you parasites! We need to look into this deeply to learn if internal parasites are actually a bad thing. Perhaps they are there to clean up diseased and dying tissue, which is what external parasites do to meat you leave out too long. They clean up the rotten meat, they never touch fresh meat.

That being said, if you eat a sick animal you can get sick.

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The problem with buying meat at a grocery store is that you have no idea about the health of the animal. At the store, you only see packages of animal products but not the entire animal. It is better to view the animal you are eating to ensure that it is healthy. If you cannot do that, it is better to buy from a vender, butcher, or farmer than you relatively trust. If you can raise your own animals, this is best.

raw meet diet

Meat causes heart attacks! Saturated fat and cholesterol are vital for good health. Processed meat like hot dogs and sausages probably cause heart failure and other health issues. But processed meat is not raw meat, is it?

Processed meat is deformed death meat. Meats makes you fat! Why do they overeat? They overeat because the food they eat is completely void of nutrition.

No matter how much food they eat they can never get satisfied so they continue eating and eating. The problem is that they are eating junk food any food which is not from an animal and they will NEVER be satisfied.

raw meet diet

When you eat enough meat you get satisfied and you stop eating. It is simply impossible to overeat when you eat your natural meat diet.

raw meet diet

Meat does not make you fat. Raw meat makes you satisfied because it fully nourishes your body. Look at pictures of Australian Aboriginals who eat nothing but raw meat, you will see what humans who eat a natural diet look like. Raw meat does a body good. Health is in the raw meat and raw dairy of animals. It is nowhere else to be found.

For the utmost health, eat food in its natural state. The people who live longest on earth are the Okinawans. They live longer than anybody.

raw meet diet

Can you guess what they eat? They live on raw fish and they outlive the rest of the world. After writing this article it has come to my attention through people who have visited Okinawa that their most prized and favorite food is actually PORK. Here's a tip for when you're hungry and don't have a good source of meat or raw milk… Go to a sushi restaurant and eat sashimi. Sashimi is raw fish without any rice or vegetables. Even though raw meat is considered dirty and cooked meat is considered clean, raw salmon tastes so much better than cooked salmon it's unbelievable until you try it.

Raw food is living, cooked food is sterile, dead. Since using spices and herbs is a pervasive culinary practice, this seems like a simple, elegant, and tasty way to make your meat even better for you. Food Safety The most obvious advantage of cooking is safety. Cooking meat kills bacteria, parasites, and viruses that can make you very, very sick if you ingest them.

And this is just accidental contamination from people who presumably knew that raw meat can be dangerous and were making at least some kind of effort to avoid contact with it. If they were deliberately eating it raw, the numbers would probably be a lot worse.

Of course, these were all numbers for people eating factory-farmed meat. The only meat you should ever eat raw is meat you can completely trust. Cooked meat and fat allowed us to take in enough calories to fuel our enormous, energy-greedy brains.

Diet Secrets of the Elite (Raw Meat Barbarian Diet) - Bold and Determined

In the days before freezers and refrigerators, it also allowed us to get all that nutrition from animal foods without such a high risk of foodborne disease.

This theory holds that cooking makes meat a more efficient delivery mechanism for calories, especially protein. But other studies have shown the exact opposite effect! And just to make it all even more complicated, one recent study found that it actually varies with cooking temperature: The upshot is that the evidence from the protein-digestion front is fairly mixed.

In times of food shortage, this could very well be an advantage even if the protein is equally or a little less bioavailable.