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redemption powerlifting meet

19 Jun Team Samson Powerlifting- RPS Redemption III Meet Recap- Filipe Gusmao I went 6 for 9 best lifts were lbs Squat (lb meet pr), . Jordan had a great day going at without wraps via squat, bench press and a deadlift. The squat actually puts him at. Redemption Sports. likes. Redemption Powerlifting is a organization that provides a platform for lifters, and powerlifting meets directed &.

Through his coaching, Todd helped me achieve a pound total PR with only eight weeks of training. I definitely look forward to our next meet together where I can utilize his programs for not only meet prep, but his off-season training as well.

Jordan Wong Raw Total RPS Redemption Meet | Powerlifting Watch

I made an easy cut to with the help of my friend Augie, who made it a breeze for me to get down. My good friend and elitefts teammate Joe Schillero came to weigh ins with me since he also planned on competing.


We weighed in and stuffed our faces with so many fluids and food that by the end of the day our albuterol was glued to our hands. Everything from my suit and form was dialed in and ready to go. The weight felt light and moved fast. I found my groove right off the bat with zero issues. I opened with a conservative to build my confidence and get me into the meet.

redemption powerlifting meet

When that felt like an empty bar, we decided to make a jump to for a six-pound PR. I moved that almost as fast as my opener.

redemption powerlifting meet

At this point, the was all I needed to keep me on track for 2K. Since he got on his third, I went for it too…and I missed it. I know that I am good for that weight and have high hopes I will hit it whenever I decide to compete again.

The bar felt pretty heavy in my hands until aboutwhich is my last raw warm up. The big rules that are most commonly violated are: Lifters very often make more minor infractions of the rules such as not waiting for the squat command, lifting the butt off of the bench, moving the feet after the commands have been given, but they are usually able to correct those mistakes on the second or third try, particularly if they have selected the proper weight for their opener.

If you are failing because of strength, you simply are not completing the lift without the spotters help. There is no real excuse for bombing out in a meet, and if you do so you should judge yourself pretty harshly and you certainly need to learn from the experience.

redemption powerlifting meet

It should radically shake up your perspective, especially if you bombed because of strength or technique. Go back to the drawing board and start training, every rep, with perfect technique. The good news is even if you bomb out redemption lies just one meet ahead.

Jordan Wong 1900 Raw Total RPS Redemption Meet

Use that frustration of your poor performance to fuel your training. Understand the rules, figure out how to properly select your weight and dominate the next time around.

There are no weight classes you still weigh-in There are no winners you are basically competing against yourself The only gear requirement was knee-high socks for deadlift Other than that, their meets are pretty much run the exact same. I had 6 months of training before this meet and broke it down into: I knew that I needed to carry as much lean mass as possible to be competitive.

Although this was the goal, things did not go according to plan! The conditioning block only accomplished one of my goals. While I did get a lot more fit with the goal of increasing work capacity for my strength blocksI had cut too hard and lost an appreciable amount of muscle mass.


In 3 weeks I dropped 4 kilos. Hypertrophy Block My hypertrophy blocks were also fail. I simply did not have enough volume in them I actually ended up having more volume in my strength blocks lol.