Registration 2014 hot rod reunion swap meet

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registration 2014 hot rod reunion swap meet

The 17th Annual Holley National Hot Rod Reunion is June , It has also spawned the National Hot Rod Reunion, held each year in It includes nostalgia drag race events, a parade of street rods, vendors and a swap meet. Hot Rod Association has secured the FCC Registration for DragFest .. June 11, 12 14 July 30, December 17, 13 24 January National All-Mopar show and swap meet featuring a Minnesota reunion, over 1, show cars and trucks, + booths in the Swap Meet area, car Registration ($10—discount for Wisconsin Mopar Muscle Club members).

registration 2014 hot rod reunion swap meet

Decals must be vintage or vintage styled. Due to this, we are making a change for Southeast Gassers will be there with a limited number of cars making exhibition passes. You will not find a more period correct group of gassers running anywhere else than the Southeast Gassers and nobody is better of wheels up in the air and door to door racing action!

Bring out your cool custom or stock vintage bicycle. The bicycle corral located near the music stage to show your bicycle.

registration 2014 hot rod reunion swap meet

See a Geargoyle representative at the Geargoyles tent, next to the music stage to register your bicycle. No charge to register your vintage bicycle.

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This is not a contest based solely on popularity or cosmetic appeal, but on that includes inner beauty as well. The gates open at 12 pm Friday, August 24th. Friday night will include 2 bands and overnight camping. Grudge racing from 4pm to 6: Race your buddy, race your rival or just cruise your ride down the strip.

There will be no lights, just the drop of a flag by a Steel In Motion flag girl.

registration 2014 hot rod reunion swap meet

This is a disappointment because it has been a big part of Steel In Motion but it is a decision that is in best interest for the participants safety. We will have a Mini Bike show and award!!! Please bring out those cool vintage Mini Bikes and display them in the Mini Bike and Bicycle corral located near the music stage. Anyone camping, whether it be tent, pop up, travel trailer or RV will be camping on the show side of the track in a designated area.

If you have someone camping with you that is driving a separate vehicle non show vehiclethat vehicle will not be permitted on the show side. It must be parked on the opposite side of the track in the general spectator parking.

For example, the Mr.

registration 2014 hot rod reunion swap meet

This event celebrates the icons of racing as well as the new generation of drivers and nitro enthusiasts. As the evening drew to a close, race teams and fans alike took the opportunity to see these beasts up close. Children were amazed as their shoes stuck to the sticky track surface as they checked out some of the legendary cars and met some of the equally iconic drivers. Fenders, wheels, and engine parts only begin to describe the plethora of parts for sale in the swap meet. Almost anything required to build a gasser could be found in the swap meet area.

Mopar Scene – August 2014

If one was in the market for a Hemi or Hemi parts, the swap meet had the materials to live out your inner Joe Dirt fantasy. Many of the sellers had interesting methods of displaying their wares, such as a tricked out vintage school bus.

The pits were so packed, that the swap meet and car show continued out past where the pavement ends.

registration 2014 hot rod reunion swap meet

On the outskirts of the swap meet was a collection of vintage roadsters, trucks, coupes, and sedans. From Austins to hay trucks, the car show had a little bit of everything. The power is transferred through a spline Ford 9-inch differential with 4: However, the collection of apparel provided fans with the opportunity to take a piece of the event home with them.

Burnouts, tire smoke, and the smell of race fuel delighted the fans. The Battle Continues Back at the starting line, eliminations continued to delight fans with tire smoke, the smell of burnt race fuel, and serious drag racing action. As the finals approached, the stands remained full, despite the threat of rain and the fact that many had to be back at work bright and early Monday morning. Jason Rupert took home the top honor in the Nostalgia Funny Car, with a 5.

Holley National Hot Rod Reunion

In a close race, Morovich turned on the win light with a 7. In the final round of Geezer Gasser, Greg Porter was victorious with a 9. Even if your team did not make the finals, there is always a chance next season.