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A GMM token then costs 2,65 euro. . When is Graspop Metal Meeting? Would you like to run a merchandise stand in the Metal Market or the Festival Fair?. DOCfeed - Documentary Festival Eindhoven 6 Years Running .. It was an open and cosy place to meet other filmmakers, it felt not forced to get in contact with Thank you for your kind review. 1 2 3 Next. Add to List. Dates & Deadlines . Posted on December 19, ; We are Signify, the new company name of Philips Lighting, is the global leader in lighting building on + years of .

We accept only Documentaries. We hope to sustain and promote filmmakers, especially independent filmmakers around the world, to continue their creativity and produce their artworks; to inspire all filmmakers to never stop chasing their dreams in creating excellent movies, and to participate in the film industry.

The films will be pre-selected before presented to a judge panel. If you have any question please feel free to mail us anytime. We hope to have all the information about us on FilmFreeway.

However, if you have any question, please feel free to contact us anytime by e-mail. If your film like us on Facebook, we can promote your film once accepted. We will not use the film more than once! Wherever you are on the globe, we're interested in your cinematic story. The Netherlands is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world and, Eindhoven — one of the High Tech regions in the world — is rich with an incredible variety of peoples.

No late submissions will be considered at all. To continue raising the prestige of DOCfeed - with audiences and filmmakers — our priority is to program films of all lengths that have exclusive, Dutch premiere status.

Films that have been broadcasted and are online screenable without password protection will not be selected. The films we selected the first 4 years were mainly in the corner of human Interest, culture and music.

Since the edition, we have broadened the scope. ALL documentaries are welcomed, but keep in mind what we are especially interested in. This is a type of 'format' focusing on personal actions and consequences, and used dramatic, humorous and narrative styles. It is mostly about everyday emotions and events. All those things that people think, do and have: For the edition we are also looking for: We are NOT looking for documentaries with some political overtones or preference.

The submitter shall be either a producer, director or authorized agent of the film. All communication will be sent to the person submitting.

Submissions will be acknowledged by e-mail upon receipt using the e-mail tool included with your online submission platform. In keeping with our effort to become a carbon neutral festival, we request that you DO NOT SEND press kits, photo stills, or any other publicity materials before your film is accepted. Entry fees are non-refundable and the fees listed are per entry, in U. It is good to know that all of the entry fee will be used to cover the cost for accommodations for directors of accepted films that are visiting DOCfeed.

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Don't e-mail us, don't phone us, don't hunt us down on the streets - we've worked very hard to create an affordable submission system that offsets a very small portion of our costs. If you'd like your acceptance copy returned, include a self-addressed, stamped mailing package. Info Desk At the festival you will find an Info Desk. Besides that, the people at the Info Desk are willing to answer every question you have. They also have festival maps and the time schedule for you!

Also lockers are available at the Info Desk: The Sound Of Revolution is a festival organized and produced almost entirely by volunteers. So be nice, to us and to each other! Take care of yourself and the people around you, on the festival grounds and in the rest of the city.

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Think about your ears and wear ear protection. The Sound Of Revolution makes an effort to get the best bands to Eindhoven. But unfortunately we cannot avoid accidents or a band has to cancel their whole tour.

Because we want to keep the festival fun for everyone, provocative clothing will not be allowed. Of course you can bring along: Are you having doubts whether you can take something with you? Children aged 16 and younger are permitted only with guidance and if they have ear protection. You are not allowed to smoke inside the building, we will be very strict on this! If the organization will be fined by your actions, it will be recovered from you.

Selling items of any kind without our consent is strictly forbidden. Climbing, fighting and stealing are also forbidden.


To make a long story short: If your behaviour have caused any damage, you will be charged for the costs. Deposit system During The Sound Of Revolution, we are working with a deposit system for our plastic cups. It is obviously not allowed to pass on alcohol to minors. If you are caught on this, you will be summoned to leave the festival. Privacy Please note that there will be photographers and a video crew at the festival. You can send an e-mail to: If you have any more questions, you can ask them at the people of the Info Desk of the festival.

At the Info Desk we also sell lockers, parking tickets and ear plugs if you need those and you can also get your festival map and time schedule over there.

The Sound Of Revolution is organised by: Loud Noise Artwork and design: Sly Masmeijer Website design: For general inquiries, please use the contact form below. When visiting this website and the festival, you automatically agree with our privacy terms. Please read our privacy statement here. Wanna be part of our festival by working there as a volunteer?