Seah kian peng marine parade grc meet

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seah kian peng marine parade grc meet

Published by and at the directions of Seah Kian Peng, Blk Serangoon Joined these VJC students at the Marine Parade MPS this evening with ESM Goh . Braddell heights is my second family - for two terms and the last 10 years, you have put your trust in me. I pledge myself to your service. ". Mr Seah Kian Peng MP for Marine Parade GRC. Place: Blk Serangoon Ave 3 # Singapore Date: Every Monday Time: From pm.

We need to help them move up in terms of social mobility. The money should be awarded instead to other deserving students from less privileged backgrounds.

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However, when I ask whether he thinks capital gains and wealth taxes should be introduced, he hesitates. But I believe that in terms of luxury taxes and even income tax, more can be done. We need to be competitive and we should. But as with all things, we need to look at issues holistically. There are many factors that investors would take into account - tax rates are just one such factor.

But on many other factors - environmental, social, security, infrastructure, many of my friends tell me Singapore compares very favourably against Hong Kong. On this, he is non-committal. The key is that for corporate tax, I think there is room for it to be adjusted upwards and the same for personal income tax for the top earners.

When you have more, you should give more. So I was talking to my Danish friend. He told me the income tax goes up to almost 60 per cent and their equivalent of Goods and Services Tax GST was 25 per cent.

Nobody likes a tax increase, but we have to be objective.

seah kian peng marine parade grc meet

We will be investing much more going forward - in our nursing homes, hospitals, roads and education. So if things work out, we may not have to increase GST so soon. He often had to make hard choices, he says. On certain days, it meant choosing between a bus ride or having a meal. His father was a line worker in a printing firm and his mother, a housewife who took on sewing gigs to make ends meet.

While there, he learnt an important life lesson. You could be a bricklayer and do it well and proudly and you can make a living. Whichever profession they were in, they felt dignified.

Will PAP shore up Marine Parade?

He welcomes the Progressive Wage Model to elevate the status of low-income workers, but says that each of us needs to do more to instil a sense of respect for the work they do.

They could be working in a supermarket, in a restaurant. They might also do part-time work during the school year. And this is regardless of their socio-economic background. This builds a certain sense of resilience, it builds a certain sense of appreciation. Mr Seah credits his success throughout school to the people around him.

Our relatives chipped in to help us get by. What stayed with me was the fact that whenever we are in the position to help others, we should. We were fortunate to grow up in a time when social inequality was less stark and the rate of social mobility was higher because economic growth was swifter.

Things are different now. Aside from taxes, we should also make charitable contributions when we can. We all contribute in different ways - time and money and for those who are in a position to do both, it is a real privilege and blessing.

Those are important things because we always want to make sure that the next generation inherits a functioning ship, not a broken ship. He isn't able to narrow it down to anything specific. Are they able to hack it? I think these are the things which we need to certainly keep an eye out for.

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If it means having to go into the reserves, I think we must. Mr Seah had highlighted a sharp increase in the number of parents filing applications with the Tribunal for the Maintenance of Parents and had suggested that the Commissioner of the tribunal be given more powers to obtain data on the whereabouts and financial status of children who were not supporting their parents.

But I feel we have to try. Filial piety is important.

seah kian peng marine parade grc meet

Neither do we want a situation where people easily pass the buck to the state. Taking the eagle-eye view is Geylang Serai resident Prem Kumar Nair, a year-old material planner, who says: Cost of living is high, of course, but you've got to work hard and spend frugally. Some residents feel little connection to the rest of the GRC.

Adds the year-old semi-retiree: While some credit PAP incumbent Seah Kian Peng with improvements such as new street lights and pavements, half of the dozen private housing residents polled in Braddell Heights said they were undecided, or considering the opposition. But none has seen any opposition parties walking the ground.

Adding to the mix is the Joo Chiat ward, which comprises virtually only private housing. Since his narrow win, he has worked hard to address both municipal and national gripes, although how this will pay off may be moot as he is expected to contest WP-held Punggol East SMC. Cost of living, healthcare costs, have a big impact.

And if you look at government programmes, growth dividends, GST rebates and so on, those in private housing get nothing. This was a source of unhappiness. She "gave the WP a chance" inbut says she is likely to vote for the PAP this time, having gained confidence after Mr Chong's work. Lawyer Rachel Tan, 25, who lives in Joo Chiat, says she is inclined to vote for PAP because "they have done a good job taking care of Marine Parade", citing renovations and improvements like hawker centre and park upgrading.

The WP has its stalwarts, too. Housewife Toh Sin Ai, 52, intends to vote for them again - she feels private home residents like herself have been neglected by the PAP.

PAP's Seah Kian Peng leads cheers with Marine Parade candidates

But Mr Tan points out: We will certainly look at some of the concerns that they have and address them as best as we can.

What is memorable is the PAP. Their stability will always lead us. Political scientist Derek da Cunha predicts a "fairly close fight", saying: When added to the protest vote against the PAP, it would be sufficient for the WP to get to the finish line. Of residents Insight spoke to, a fifth are still undecided. Surprisingly, while Mr Goh has some personal fans among those polled by Insight, most say his presence is not a deciding factor.

He is not the main point of us making the decision.