Seats 2 meet utrecht centraal station map

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seats 2 meet utrecht centraal station map

Werken - Vergaderen - Ontmoeten, centraal in Nederland. Wat wil Seats2meet Station Den Bosch. Vergaderen, ontmoeten en co-working, centraal in Brabant. lounges · Transit stations · Station maps · NS International Lounge · Hire a meeting room ICE International schedule. ICE International is the high-speed train that travels daily from the Amsterdam Centraal; Utrecht Centraal; Arnhem Centraal 1 electrical outlet for every 2 seats; In a number of ICE trains, there is a. View the complete schedule between Amsterdam and Brussels (Dutch) If you are travelling from Utrecht you will only need to go to Rotterdam to catch the . Intercity Brussels has 2 travel classes: 1st class and 2nd class. More legroom; Wider seats; Access to the NS International Lounges at Amsterdam Central Station.

The Nieuwegein-Utrecht tram line has a stop at this transferium and departs 8 times an hour daytime, 4 times an hour evening and weekends.

Going back you can take a tram bound for either Nieuwegein or IJsselstijn, the last one departs at about The other transferium is near the football stadium, and connected to the city center by bus. The frequency of the bus service is comparable to that of the trams.

By tram[ edit ] Utrecht is connected to two neighboring towns by a high-speed tram line. At the edge of the city, close to the A12 and A2 motorways, you will find Transferium Westraven. It's a good idea to park your car there and to take the tram into town.

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The last two stop is at Utrecht Centraal Station. You will need to cross the train station and the shopping center Hoog Catherijne to get to the inner city.

seats 2 meet utrecht centraal station map

Visiting Utrecht by car doesn't come cheaper than this. Map of Utrecht Pedestrian street Walking or using a bike is the easiest way to travel in the city of Utrecht. To use the public transportation in the Netherlands, it is recommended to buy an OV-chipcard. You can buy these on the central bus station lower level of Utrecht Centraal Stationat kiosks inside the central train station or at some book stores and grocery stores.

The OV chipcard is valid for bus, train and tram and works like a debit card that you must first charge with an amount. Buses do take cash though. By bike[ edit ] Using a bike is the easiest way to travel in the city center if the weather is on your side. Utrecht CS |

There are many bicycle shops near the train station where you can rent bikes. Do make sure that you have good locks on your bike, as bike thefts are unfortunately quite common in the city centre. Also it's a good idea to make use of the free bike parking areas provided by the city council. They are usually guarded and are a safe place to park your bike.

Also recommended is to do a bike tour. There are several bike tour companies offering guided city tours.

seats 2 meet utrecht centraal station map

There are also cycle routes starting in the centre of Utrecht, which you can download for free: Your carriage number is printed on your ticket. When stepping onto the platform you can consult the signs that indicate where the carriages are located. Travel information Once on board, you will receive "Ihr Reiseplan", a folder that lists the stops the train will make and gives information about departure and arrival times at each station, information about connecting trains, and the services that are available on board.

Please also listen to announcements for extra information. Travellers with impaired mobility Our trains and stations provide a number of special facilities that make sure our trains are as accessible as possible for everyone, including the elderly, visually impaired and other passengers with impaired mobility.

Luggage You are permitted to bring 2 large luggage items on board max. Read more about taking your luggage on board.

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Bringing bicycles on board You may not bring a regular bicycle on board ICE International unless it fits inside a piece of luggage to bigger than 85 cm.

Read more about bringing a bicycle on board. Bringing pets on board On board most trains you can bring a pet with you.

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In certain cases conditions apply. Read more about bringing a pet on board. Travelling with children What does it cost to travel with children?