Should i end the long distance relationship

should i end the long distance relationship

Learn more about How to End a Long-Distance Relationship. So, in deciding how the breakup should be handled, Branson recommends you. 8 things you should consider before trying to make a long-distance We had two choices: End the relationship before we got too serious. 7 signs your relationship wouldn't survive long distance There should be an end game or overarching goal for your relationship. Making.

In these cases, long distance is just compounding serious challenges that would have been present in the relationship anyway. When this happens in a LDR, however, the distance can even make you stay in the relationship longer than you would have otherwise. This is the situation that Kim found herself in recently.

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She began a LDR, and fairly early on she started to see signs that worried her. She found herself asking this question: How long is long enough?

How long do I give this man to change his jealous and insecure behavior? Without further ado, here is Kim to share about her long distance relationship, why she chose to end it, and seven signs that should make you consider ending your own relationship if you see them in your own LDR.

should i end the long distance relationship

John lived in the USA, and he and I seemed to click straight away. He was funny, charming and seemed to tick many of my boxes.

should i end the long distance relationship

We emailed, texted and phoned and spent many hours talking. I visit the USA a few times a year to see friends, and he lived in their state, so I thought I had a good idea of his culture and what he would be like in general.

I sensed a real chemistry between us, and thought the relationship had enough potential to give it a chance, even though we lived in different countries.

Within eight weeks, however, I was second guessing whether we really were a good fit. Some red flags had started to appear. Red Flags During those first weeks, John would make remarks which I found odd. Initially I just put these sorts of comments down to the difference in our cultures, us never having met, etc. And in the spirit of giving him the benefit of the doubt, I agreed for him to come and visit me in England. The visit was fun but certainly not without drama!

We visited a great restaurant in London with fantastic views over the Thames. I was looking around and enjoying the view, people watching, when he became withdrawn and quiet. Then a male colleague and friend texted me one evening during that visit holidays. The questions from John followed quickly: Why was he texting me? Did his wife know? The fact that John was acting jealous and insecure seems obvious now as I write this down, but it was less obvious then.

I really liked this guy. He made me laugh.

7 Signs You Should Probably End Your Long Distance Relationship

He was smart, sexy, and interested in me. Over time, though, these red flags became empty promises. Empty Promises I work in the male-dominated field of law enforcement, and I had learned some lessons the hard way during the marriage that had just ended.

I brought them up with him. He promised to change.

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He backed off for a couple of days, but within a week or two we were right back to the same old patterns. I tried conveying every way possible of my feelings for him—which were still strong. I tried talking about our cultural differences in this area, and how I had had male friends and male colleagues my entire life.

I told him the thing he was so afraid of being hurt and losing me was the very thing that was happening, due to his smothering behavior. Should your relationship survive or go extinct?

If you question that, then you don't. If you aren't able to significantly invest in the relationship, it just can't grow into love.

should i end the long distance relationship

If you aren't really sure what love is, that's OK, because people love in different ways. However, to me, this is love in it's purest sense - to do what is best for others, regardless of the cost to self. Which brings me to truth numero dos. Don't get me wrong, what you want is super important Is staying together bringing you closer to your life goals, such as graduating with good grades, having a memorable college experience and fully utilizing this slim-slice of true independence?

If you were to break up, your heart would recover.

should i end the long distance relationship

Notice, no question mark after that sentence. It's just in our nature for survival purposes. If you stay, will that make you a better version of you? Is being together bringing you both joy or causing unnecessary stress or pain?

Even if it is joyous, how long are you willing to live this way? My friend once said, "In every lasting relationship there's always one person who loves the other just a tad more. Well, here's your unexpected. Is it almost equal or is one putting in the majority of the work?