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The information then would be interfaced to the internal NASD Regulation systems requiring this set of data. Further, the By-Law also would require each member to maintain an Internet e-mail address on behalf of its executive representative. This e-mail address would be used proactively to send messages reminding the firm to review and update its contact information.

There are other reasons the staff is interested in member Internet access and e-mail. Once established, it opens up many options for timely communications with our members and associated cost savings. It also can assist members with timely internal distribution of NASD information, notices, and publications. Other potential initiatives include eliminating or reducing printed publications, sending more timely announcements and notices, and providing value-added services to members.

The NASD is proposing a one-year transition period to accommodate small firms that may not currently have Internet access or electronic mail accounts. The membership approved these changes on November 13,and the SEC approved them on November 14, The terms "Industry" and "Non-Industry" were transposed.

The Section should provide that the number of Non-Industry committee members should equal or exceed the number of Industry committee members.

Navajo County Arizona

A member may change its executive representative upon giving notice thereof via electronic process or such other process the NASD may prescribe to the Secretary, or may, when necessary, appoint, by notice via electronic process to the Secretary, a substitute for its executive representative. An executive representative of a member or a substitute shall be a member of senior management and registered principal of the member.

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Ancient history

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