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1. It was nice seeing you. 2. It was nice to see you. 3. It's nice talking to you. 4. It's nice to talk to you. #1 and #4 are quoted from Michael Swan. Robin McKelle Jean Louis Budynek thank you so you enjoyed the music! . Jazz à l'Ouest: soirée velours avec Robin McKelle - L'Imprimerie Nocturne . Cool seeing our friends from Gregory Porter's band and the man himself! . 16/ @[Mjc Bréquigny] in rennes (35) 17/ Jazz in. They are different, "nice to see you" implies that you have already met or seen the person before. "Nice to meet you" means that it is your first.

Rennes offers more than 50 urban bus routes and a metro, with 1 service every 5 min in each direction for the metro and main bus lines at peak hours. This bus and metro network connects all parts of Rennes and all municipalities in the metropoleand so you're never far from a bus stop. All the bus stops conveniently have a map une carte of Rennes with all the lines on, and a timetable for the routes it provides, so there isn't much chance of getting lost.

The metro, called the VAL, has only one line with 15 stops and is 8. It runs from one edge to the other in 16 min. It connects the main train station to the centre, Villejean university, the hospital, the city hall and more.

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It runs from A second line is under construction and is scheduled to open in By bike[ edit ] Rennes offers very good options for cyclists. With plenty of cycle lanes, the city has plenty of cyclists. These bikes are not particularly good, but they work and have three gears, so its worth checking them out. Once registered, you can get a bike as often as you want from any station by typing your personal account number and PIN.

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The first 30 minutes of every rental are free, so the trick is to return your bicycle just before 30 min at the next station and immediately borrow another one.

If you are after a pleasant cycling trip, check out the canal route, which is flat and not very hazardous. One sees this situation depicted at times in a novel, movie or play. However, such a situation of 'meeting' someone twice in a short time period does not have to be that dramatic.

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The two could be introduced to each other more than once within a time period and say Nice to meet you each time. There is the option, of course, to say to the host We've already met. This usage acknowledges that it has been so long a time since the two people last saw each other that it is similar to meeting for the first time.

This would be a humorous but sincere usage.

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There might be much catching up to do between the two. In some dialects, at least, one can also use these 'ing' phrases rather than the infinitive phrase. They seem less formal than the infinitive phrases, but are natural to use in a less formal or informal setting.

What describes 'formal', 'less formal', 'informal' is local usage.