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sorry teacher press meet nandita

A Telugu film, Sorry Teacher, based on an illicit sexual affair The pictures posted online show Kavya Singh (who plays the teacher) in. As you say, Nandita has every right to make a good movie on such a . showing one side (in an interview) means that she knows that there . Sorry if I was rude, but this sick word called pro-muslim makes me throw up. secondly if history be a teacher gandhi could manage humanizing radical islamists. New Generation Online Media, which brings weatlhy knowledge of information from PRINT media to online media.

Paresh Rawal plays the role of a middle class Gujarati man who has been involved in the riots, and plays the character with subtle aplomb. What is disturbing is the way the director depicts the relationship between Paresh Rawal and Deepti Nawal who are husband and wife. The man is shown to be dominating and cruel, treating his wife almost like a slave.

I think this is an important point because when it comes to murder and mayhem, rape and looting, good people are not drawn into it. Those who participate in riots have an evil side and their family members are often at the receiving end. They can beat and abuse their family members behind closed doors, secure in the belief that they will never be found out. It is the same with rioters. They are secure in the belief that they will never be found out and as shown in this movie, the police are in on it too and protect the evil-doers.

Her desperate attempt to find the answer to Who and Why almost make her turn on her best friend, Jyoti Amruta Subhash. A central character in the movie is a little boy called Mohsin, whose family has been killed in the riots.

sorry teacher press meet nandita

His life intertwines with the life of other characters. As the movie progresses one forgets that one is watching a film that has something to do with Hindus and Muslims. How did they even get on floor? It was made with a starvation budget. I wouldn't even say small budget. We made movies in three and a half lakhs.

It seems difficult to believe. Do you think that these days since we have digital as a parallel medium, it's become easier? But I would think releasing a movie on the circuit has become tougher.

Making it is perhaps easier. You have many youngsters getting reasonable budgets to make the kind of movies they believe in. But then you get crushed by the big bollywood monsters who come along and take every screening space available everywhere. So small movies still have a difficult job ahead of them. Do you think actors have a social responsibility towards this? I think not just actos, all of us have. As long as we are part of the larger picture we hold that responsibility.

But cinema has engagement. I do agree that the highest of them all is a film which can make a difference. But then again, that would also be arguable. Would you feel that films can make a difference?

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I would like to agree with you on this but I really think that if there is an effect it will be a cumulative one in the long run. I really think cinema is overrated as a means of change. I think documentaries can perhaps fulfill that purpose. Sir, I think cinema is definitely overrated as a means of change in Indian society because a lot of the problems we face today in our society are courtesy of our films. Every Hindi film says that one must love their country, respect their parents, work honestly.

He says why do you keep criticising it? Hindi cinema teaches us such good things. Each one has their own takeaway from a film. But our quintessential Indian hero is a goon. Do you feel you have made the right choices in your career?

Not all the time. Which was your first film by the way? How do you feel? Because for me it was a matter of life and death and I had no way back. That time it actually meant a lot. So the real meaning of desperation is when you have no way back, nowhere to go. Nothing is going to be like that ever. Did you ever entertain the thoughts of failure?

sorry teacher press meet nandita

What if I fail, what will I do? Because I never did. Of course, I did. I will be remembered as someone who has made a mistake, a cautionary tale. Even when the gangster break came through and I started filming. I did not have a rush of confidence. I was still a bit skeptical about it because Anurag Basu was a new director that time.

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But you obviously wanted to be an actor right from your childhood. But I wanted to be successful.

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My great grandfather was a politician, then my grandfather. These are the stories we were told on dinner tables. So I wanted to be one of those stories. So how did you settle for acting? Arvind Gaur took me under his wings. My career as an actor is largely only credited to him. Naseer, throughout your long and illustrious career, there might have been instances where you have seen better actors walk away with better roles.

What did this do to you? Did you become resentful in any way? Did you become bitter? Did it affect your love for acting? To answer the last part of the question first - No. My love for acting has survived many, many phases of being completely stone broke and going without food for several days.

We were the ones given the least chance of succeeding in the film industry. Being in Bombay is the best place to be broke because Bombay somehow looks after you.

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Bombay is like a big father or a big mother, it looks after you. Delhi I find a very hostile city.

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Bombay I always found there were cheaper places to eat than I ever could find in Delhi. There were cheaper places to stay. There was somehow a way to survive in this city. I never dreamt of mountains of money. I always felt money brought a lot of problems with it. My dad was a government servant. He used to get a salary of a thousand rupees a month and on that he educated the three of us in a boarding school.

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He and my mom survived on bucks a month, out of which they even saved every month. I never saw my mom and dad buy a new set of clothes for themselves ever.

That can actually have a huge influence on our upbringing. Even the type of family that I come from, my mother is particularly sensible with money and I see those values in me as well. Our business can get a bit extreme.