South brooklyn weightlifting club meet results track

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south brooklyn weightlifting club meet results track

This is a great opportunity to get some lifts in, meet fellow attendees, and get Where: South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club, Douglass St, Brooklyn, NY they can get training back on track and see better results than they ever have. We'll be hosting our 4th-annual women-only powerlifting meet at the gym today from All classes (including Open Gym) are cancelled today. Results from the SBWC Raw Open Powerlifting Spring Classic Meet wrap-up to follow shortly. South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club - Google Sheets · 31 Likes3 Comments3 Shares · Share. English (US).

What do you look for in someone who says they want to try weightlifting?

south brooklyn weightlifting club meet results track

The attitude is the main thing. Some people think if they have some athletic ability in other things they can weightlift well. That confidence is sometimes a killer, because they really, truly believe it. Also, just being able to get out of their own heads. They have to allow themselves to be coached. Do you notice a pattern in the type of people with specific backgrounds who tend to have the athletic potential and the ability to be coached?

Gymnastics is the obvious one.

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Someone coming from track and field sometimes has the explosive strength. I feel like people who come into weightlifting are not interested in doing what it takes to get strong and get skilled. I go back to saying it again: No one has the patience. Especially adults who pay to be here, unlike kids who are forced into it. Now if I yell at people, I have a business here. But they come in here and want to get good. A lot of people put that stress on themselves, especially over achieving adults in New York.

USA Powerlifting SBWC Spring Classic - South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club

Have you ever thought about moving to a place where you could grow a crop of lifters who will do exactly what you want? Or neighbors being on top of me? I could spread out. I could have space. New York needs this… Becca: Is SBWC still the only dedicated weightlifting and powerlifting gym in the city? For weightlifting and powerlifting, yes. A lot of CrossFit gyms now have some sort of sub program offered to their members, but to do powerlifting properly, in my opinion, you just have to do powerlifting.

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Is there stigma against equipped versus raw powerlifters? People say a lot of things. A lot of the top lifters compete in both. When I first started powerlifting, I started in raw, and I probably had more of a negative disposition toward equipped.

south brooklyn weightlifting club meet results track

Doing equipped lifting is painful. You see people pass out at high level meets just from how tight and constricting the gear is, but it needs to be that tight to be effective. Because it makes you feel alive. You can always go faster, with more weight, and more reps. We listened to our customers and made the most convenient bar attachment method on the market.

south brooklyn weightlifting club meet results track

All you do is magnetically attach it to the bar and its roller magnets will keep it at the very bottom for every rep, allowing the most accurate bar tracking. Your workflow Our team has created the best lift-tracking app in the world. Since our developers consist of Olympic lifters and Powerlifters, the app was made with functionality in mind.

south brooklyn weightlifting club meet results track

Every feature is purposeful to allow your phone to be a passive extension of OpenBarbell. The OpenBarbell app is open source, which means if you know how to code in React Native you can add functionality like tempo squats, audio cues, force curves and more.

south brooklyn weightlifting club meet results track

What is Open Source? A photo posted by Caleb Gorman clbgrmn on Apr 28, at 4: Voodoo Manufacturing specializes in medium volume 3D printing. For OpenBarbell, that means a lot of squats.

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Assembled in Seattle The rest is done in Seattle. If you want to see more of our assembly process, keep up with makingobv2 on our Instagram page squatsandscience. The Future of V2 OpenBarbell is always improving. Our contributors consist of developers, engineers, data scientists and exercise physiologists.