Spidey meet carnage part 2

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spidey meet carnage part 2

Carnage is the eighth episode of Ultimate Spider-Man Season 2. Peter meets with Harry and gets a ride in his Limousine, but they are attack by the Find them, rip them to shreds, bring me Spider-Man then you can be part of the family. Terri Lee sends in two tanks to try and take Carnage down. . Carnage is able to fire a part of his symbiote into Spider-Man's Web-Shooters jamming them up. . In The Alien Costume, Part III, Mary Jane met Eddie Brock while her and Peter. Spider-Man, also known as Spider-Man: The Animated Series, is an American animated . 9, 9, "The Alien Costume, Part 2", Bob Richardson, Story by: John Semper .. being Spider-Man, when he meets an inter-dimensional being named Madame . But after Iron Man and Spider-Man defeated Venom and Carnage, when.

He finds a paradise planet and introduces a band of villains to take it over Doctor OctopusDoctor DoomAlistair SmytheThe Lizardand the Red Skulland it's up to Spider-Man to lead a team of superheroes to save the planet. The Lizard then appears and attacks Spider-Man, but they knock him unconscious.

spidey meet carnage part 2

They manage to agree to a team up and use the alien tech to reactivate the part of the Lizard's mind in which Dr. Conner's consciousness is; now in control of himself, Conners sides with Spidey's team.

spidey meet carnage part 2

Octopus and Alistair Smythe join forces with the Red Skull. Spider-Man brings Black Cat to the planet to help him, although at a bad time as she, Morbius and Blade were battling Mirium and her vampires.

Along with Captain AmericaIron-Manand The Lizard who has switched sidesthey cross a wasteland in order to launch an assault on the Red Skull's empire. Doom has kidnapped The Thing.

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The heroes all go to rescue him, entering Dr. Doom's empire, which they discover is a peaceful paradise.

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Doom used the technology of the planet to not only dethrone Doc Ock, but make his New Latverria a place of good; he even gave Thing a watch to switch him back to his normal self. After learning of the Beyonder's powers, Doom decides to absorb him to ensure eternal peace by banishing the other villains; however, demons pop out of his dreams.

Spidey is able to reverse the process, proving Good is superior. Beyonder erases the others' memories and sends them back to where and when they were taken. He then reveals to Spidey that this was a test to show if he was worthy of the true challenge.

The Beyonder tells Spider-Man he is to lead a group of Spider-Men from different dimensions to stop Spider-Carnage from opening up an inter-dimensional hole and causing an explosion that will destroy all realities and dimensions across the multiverse.

spidey meet carnage part 2

Unfortunately, one of the Spider-Men is suffering from the six-armed mutation; he turns into the feral Man-Spider mid-mission. With limited power Madame Web sends the original Spider-Man to this dimension, where he finds himself engaged to Gwen Stacyand finds Mary Jane alive.

spidey meet carnage part 2

Unknown to the astronaut though, Promethium X also contains a mysterious element which manages to break free and tries to consume the two Astronauts. Spider-Man arrives on the scene and manages to save Jameson and his fellow astronaut, yet unknown to Spider Man, Eddie Brock is on the bridge too, and takes photos of him and Rhino as well. However, Eddie deliberately does not mention to have seen Rhino at the scene also.

Meanwhile, at home, Peter throws his costume in the garbage, as it is now useless to him.

spidey meet carnage part 2

However, when he returned from the crash site, his suit carried what appeared to be "rich, thick, and creamy" Hudson River pollution. When Peter went to bed, the substance oozed over him and began to give him a nightmare and when he woke up, he found himself hanging from a building in a costume he had never seen before! This costume enhances Spider-Man's abilities.

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Meanwhile, Kingpin needed to gain some materials to test the power of Promethium X, he sent the Rhino to gain the necessary materials for his machine. Spider-Man managed to stop him, but almost lost himself to the power and tries to kill the Rhino. He eventually had to retreat back to the city, and ponder how the suit is changing him. Spider-Man manages to fight them off until he is shot with a Sonic Blaster device, which weakens him.

Despite this, Spider-Man manages to escape, and focuses his attention on Eddie Brock and Jonah Jameson and warns him to call off his reward, also mentioning Rhino and how Brock neglected to mention him.

Carnage (episode)

After Jonah visits his hospitalized sonJameson finds out from him that Brock was lying and fires him. He also calls off the manhunt for Spider-Man. Noticing another disturbing change in his behavior, Spider-Man seeks the assistance of Doctor Curt Connorswho studies the suit and realizes that it is a Symbiote.

Spider-Man then uses the symbiote's powers to find a clue in Eddie's apartment, only to run into the Shockersent by The Kingpin to destroy the evidence Brock has of the crash site. The two fight, and Shocker gains the advantage, and flees, but Spider-Man follows him. Using John as bait, they manage to lure Spider-Man, to an old church.

There the Shocker attacks Spider-Man, but is defeated. Eddie Brock tries to intervene, but is webbed up for his efforts. With Shocker at the mercy of Spider-Man, he begs for his life as Spider-Man is about to push him to his death.