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Search the best its just a dream memes from Instagram, Facebook, Vine, and Twitter. Meet Me At The Burning Man · Salt Tank presents Meet Me At The Burning Man · Salt-N-Pepa · SALTA, Mike · Saltarello · Salter Cane · Salter McDonald. I will be waiting for a man who comes from Strelok to the hiding place used by Strelok Complete the Meet with Guide task to receive the Talk to Doctor mission.

Ferzu Announcement Hey folks, so we're making two updates to our policies, both aimed at reducing friction and encouraging a more positive experience on Ferzu hey, we can dream, right? The first is a slight change to our transphobia policy.

Right now, transphobic content results in an immediate 7-day ban upon first offense, and permanent removal upon second offence. We're adjusting this policy, adding an extra first warning for cases where it appears that a member has posted something transphobic out of ignorance and not malice.

In such instances, the member will now receive a first warning, without a 7-day block. Blatantly hateful transphobic posts such as "trans people are just deluded or blatantly trolling transphobic posts such as "there's only two genders" w not receive this extra warning.

Our hope is that these can be learning experiences for that member and help prevent the need for further punitive action. We see how that shakes out.

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The second is a change to our trolling policy. As of today, we are defining patently hateful language directed at cis-gendered people for what it is: This DOES NOT apply to what we call venting expressing frustration or anger at cis-gendered people which is, to be frank, perfectly understandable for trans people who must navigate a world of less-than-tolerant cis people.

This only applies to the rare cases where a post goes over the top in its hateful language such as "I hate a cis people" or" kill the cis people" in a clear attempt to provoke a response. We are now treating such posts as the trolling that they are. We hope that these two policies will help ease some tensions on Ferzu. Thanks for bearing with us. The Ferzu Team E 23 hrs Like "expressing your disdain for cis ppl is 'venting' and perfectly understandable.

Books, God, and Memes: Don't forget to use your flashlight in the sewers, especially since it's very dark here. You should also save your progress as often as possible. Don't forget about acid anomalies. You will have to avoid them at all costs. You start off inside a small, dark tunnel. Head on to the next section. You could also check one of the nearby bodies for valuable objects 1.

You will come across some of the first bandits just around the corners 2. Don't use the stairs. Instead, take them out from a distance. The second group of thugs can be found on your right 1. You won't have to avoid them, because that's where you'll have to go. Some of the bandits are carrying shotguns, so try maintaining a safe distance. You won't have to go to the left corridor, because you would encounter very serious anomalies here 2.

Make sure to use your secondary map if you don't where to go. Like I've said before, there's only one path here, so you shouldn't have any major problems. You will come across a spiral staircase 1. Use it to get down to a lower level.

Be careful for acid traps. Move slowly or use the jump button in order to avoid them 2. SAVE the game once you've reached the exit. You should also choose one of the better guns from your inventory. Head on to your left. As you've probably suspected, there's a very powerful mutant in this room. Additionally, it's partially invisible, so you might have some problems spotting it.

The mutant will reveal itself once it's ready for an attack 1. You will have to be shooting at the thing at the same time. You will also have to reload your machine gun, however if you're using a shotgun, you should be able to kill this monster quickly 2.

Check the body and collect a valuable object. Don't leave this area just yet. Head on to the stairs. They should be located on your right. You will come across a very powerful artifact here - Urchin 1. I'd strongly recommend that you pick it up. Leave this area and head on to a nearby door.

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You will come across a small passageway 2. Save your game once again, because the area is crawling with enemy units. You will have to deal with at least well armed soldiers, so be careful.

Most of the enemy soldiers will appear on your right 2. There's a small exit there, however don't use it just yet. The most important thing here is to take care of all bandits. Also, make sure that you've checked their bodies for grenades and extra ammo. Now you will have to use one of the smaller passageways in order to reach your current destination.

Once you're there, turn left 1 and use the jump button to find yourself on top of the crates. You will have to press the crouch key in order to enter this small tunnel. After that, climb the ladder 2. The first thing that should be done here is to pick up a nearby artifact - Fireball 1. This is a VERY powerful weapon and I'm sure that you have a lot of ammunition at your disposal, so start using it. Strelok's stash is hidden behind a large map 2.