Star trek online meet admiral quinn

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star trek online meet admiral quinn

Admiral Quinn is the commanding officer of Earth Spacedock and new players will speak to return to Earth Spacedock to drop off the evacuees and meet with Admiral Quinn. . Hubs & Starbases in Star Trek Online [hide]. Star trek online meet admiral quinn. Rear admiral gregory quinn was a high ranking starfleet officer attached to starfleet command in the s the wiki for. "Welcome to Earth Spacedock" is a Federation mission in Star Trek Online and part of the "Klingon War" episode. Meet with Admiral Quinn for new orders.

star trek online meet admiral quinn

In your first star trek online mission, admiral quinn tasks you with finding a missing freighter, the ss azura this mission provides your first taste of both ground and space combat, as well as hopefully some new equipment and a new member for your crew. When sisko returns to earth to meet admiral leyton its based on evidence from star trek online fleet admiral jorel quinn.

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A walkthrough for the divide et impera mission in star trek online enter starbase sierra and meet admiral zelle she is in the hall right outside the. Are you ready to lead star trek online's executive producer dan stahl announced that the rank earned at the next level cap 61fleet admiral, is more than just a name--players will finally be given the ability to control and manage a fleet of their own.

Posts about star trek: The heavy, stuffed chair squeaked as admiral quinn leaned back ever since the rebuilding of earth spacedock, his chair had squeaked. Star trek the next generation episode transcripts you do not look as if you meet the age and you can inform the crew that admiral quinn is most impressed. The neural parasites were a species of alien and the infected admiral quinn came in star trek online they are given the name bluegill and are.

star trek online meet admiral quinn

As we approach the fall season finale, star trek discovery's latest episode raises more confusion than questions. All information is collected about the quinn for you watch movies and tv shows online with your favorite characters star trek: When the player scans the small Iconian gateway on Brea IIICrey notes that it was set for a destination in the Delta Quadrant ; however, Federation sensors have detected nothing but empty space in that area.

Mission: Welcome to Earth Spacedock - Official Star Trek Online Wiki

He vows to send a ship to investigate the location. After the player attempts to access information on the Iconians from the Preserver database, Crey observes that the Preserver technology is biological, similar to a more advanced version of bio-neural gel packs used in Starfleet vessels. While he is concerned about the difficulty of extracting the desired information, he says he will forward the data to the research teams anyway.

Crey then visits the site in person, as Temporal Investigations has determined that this is the point from which the future version of the player had traveled back in time to visit their past self.

Jorel Quinn

Crey oversees the process. When the player accesses a Borg database on Omicron Kappa IICrey notes that the Borg have extensive records on the Iconians, and that they consistently link the Iconians to Omega molecules.

Star Trek Online season 8 the end party of earth space dock (ESD) at Admiral Quinns corridor xD

Crey explains the dangers of Omega molecules to the player. When the player discovers a piece of Iconian technology aboard a Borg Cube, Crey observes that the device was acquired in Fluidic spacesuggesting that the Iconians have been there in the past. He speculates that the Borg may have used Iconian technology to improve their assimilation process in their efforts to assimilate the Undine.

Crey serves as a liason between Temporal Investigations and the Iconian Resistancewho are attempting to construct a Krenim time weapon.