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swap meet in la puente

Answer 1 of 6: Hi, any indoor swapmeets around LAX/'Santa MOnica/Hollywood that have AC? Or interesting thrift stores in Hollywood?? Thanks!. Send by email or mail, or print at home. % satisfaction guaranteed. Gift cards for Nogales High School Swap Meet, Nogales St, La Puente, CA. The West Coast's Largest Classic Car, Corvette, Porsche, Street Rod, Volkswagen, Modern Muscle, Exotic Swap Meet and Classic Car Show held at Fairplex in.

Aside from the marquee, its only notable infrastructure is the fence that denotes its boundaries in relation to its light manufacturing and residential neighbors, and two relatively modest buildings located at the center of the swap meet, where a cafeteria, administrative office, and restrooms are located.


Sold at the swap meet are toiletries, herbal medicines, pet clothing, and seemingly everything in between. The swap meet's demographic and cultural components are largely defined by its majority Hispanic, immigrant, and low-income community. As such, the swap meet's landscape is altered by the region's varied cultural influences and can be seen as one walks through the swap meet and learns of the interactions among vendors, and between vendors and customers.

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It would be negligent, though, to say that the influences are obvious, beside the language barriers that exist between the groups, broken English often being the only language that ties the communities.

The entrepreneurial spirit certainly thrives throughout the entire swap meet; however, unlike their Hispanic counterparts, Asian vendors appear to actually prescribe to the idea of remaining inside the spaces for which they have paid. Hispanic participants subscribe to a more anarchistic approach, more fluidly taking on the varied roles defined in the 'Primary Swap Meet Entities' diagram. On any given weekend day -- rain or shine -- vendors begin arriving at the break of dawn, driving their packed vehicles through the swap meet's west entrance.

As urban theorist James Rojas might say, vendors enact, or begin enacting, the environment with their presence, their arrival marking the birth of a new swap meet day 2. By mid-morning, vehicles are unloaded and stands set-up in time to welcome early customers.

LaPuente - Nogales High School Swap Meet - The Original Clark's Flea Market U.S.A.

Vehicles, particularly those containing the components of a larger stand, are often modified and outfitted with shelves, metal crossbars, and netting to better store merchandise. The stands are themselves props, or "movable items, easily manipulated by the user who provides instant modification" Rojas.

They serve to connect the user to the space in the enacted environment created by the vendors occupying the property's void.

swap meet in la puente

The structures are, for the most part, modest in size and design, but will occasionally reach heights equivalent to a two-story building and may sinuously weave around the many trucks, equal extensions of these entrepreneurial enterprises, parked in between the stands.

Several hours are often spent building the structures, which are typically composed of metal poles, tarps, and the joints and cables that hold them together.

swap meet in la puente

Working a stand can be rigorous, and requires a certain kind of physical stamina that can endure seasonal weather changes and heavy lifting. Remaining relatively intact for only a few hours of the swap meet's hour-long days, the stands usually begin to see their end at about 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

The ritual of erecting and dismantling the stand is largely determined by natural time in that the swap meet is solely lit by sunlight, yet sometimes still remains despite evening's darkness; some vendors are stubborn enough to work according to abstract time in order to make an extra buck.

The swap meet, although legal, has often been a source of concern to local officials, who have regularly identified health and safety violations. As a result, property owners have often felt pressured to close the swap meet - or at least pressured enough to alarm vendors of the possibility of closure if they continue to violate regulations.

In Sprawling Los Angeles, a Swap Meet Becomes a Community’s CBD

The swap meet manager will periodically -- approximately, every six months or so -- try to clean up vendors' violations, which may be anything from placing items outside of a demarcated vending space to selling food out of one's truck.

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swap meet in la puente

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swap meet in la puente

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