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Another friend of Louie who plays poker with him regularly. He has dubbed himself "The supreme court judge on everything gay". Nick DiPaolo as Nick. One of Louie's closest friends whom he sees regularly to play poker. He is openly conservative and once got into a heated argument over the merits of President Barack Obama. Robert Kelly as Robbie, Louie's brother. He's extremely overweight and tends to stress or upset Louie.

Jim Norton as Jim. One of Louie's poker buddies and close friends. Chris Rock as himself. He appears in various episodes playing himself as a friend and confidant of Louie.

He spreads the news about Louie being a potential David Letterman successor. Jerry Seinfeld as himself. Seinfeld portrays a fictionalized version of himself who is a rival to Louie. He later appears in "Model", where he invites Louie to open for him at a heart disease research benefit in The Hamptonsbut he hasn't warned Louie about the atmosphere and Louie ends up being severely humiliated as a result; he later arranges for a lawyer to help out Louie when a post-appearance tryst goes awry.

Sarah Silverman as herself. Another friend of Louie that dates back to their days starting out as comedians in the s. Guest stars[ edit ] Season 1 Chelsea Peretti as a woman who goes on a date with Louie in the first episode "Pilot". Matthew Broderick as himself.

He is directing a remake of The Godfatherand casts Louie as a police officer but ultimately is stymied by Louie's utter incompetence as an actor. Bobby Cannavale as Chris. A personal trainer whose child attends the same school as Louie's children.

He attempts to get Louie into shape, but ends up driving Louie to having a near-fatal heart attack.

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Ricky Gervais as Dr. Louie's doctor who is a sadistic practical joker but considers himself a friend to Louie nonetheless. His death is vaguely implied in season 4. Gervais appears in "Dr. David Patrick Kelly as Louie's therapist who finds him boring and doesn't listen to him. Tom Noonan as Dr. A mysterious doctor brought in by Louie's Catholic school as a child who graphically describes Jesus Christ's crucifixion.

He appears in the episode "God". Stephen Root as Dr. A dentophobic dentist that, it's strongly implied, orally rapes a sedated Louie. Murray Abraham as Jonathan. Dane Cook as himself. Louie meets with him and they wind up addressing a silent feud inspired by real life as to whether or not Dane plagiarized his jokes. Joan Rivers as herself. Louie wanders into one of her shows, and later goes up to her room in the hotel, where she speaks to him about her career before they sleep together.

She appears in the second-season episode "Joan". Bob Saget as himself. He plays the "best friend" role of a stereotypical sitcom about Louie, as a parody of the short lived show Lucky Louie. Doug Stanhope as Eddie. An old friend of Louie and fellow comedian. After 20 years absence, he and Louie reconnect, where Eddie reveals how he is planning to commit suicide. He appears in the episode "Eddie". Keni Thomas as himself. Season 3 Gaby Hoffmann as April, Louie's girlfriend with whom he is trying reluctantly to break up.

She appears in the first episode of the season. Murray Abraham as Excelsior Szekely. Louie's Mexican uncle who meets with him at a tea room to order Louie to go meet his estranged father. Abraham appears in the episode "Dad". Maria Bamford as Maria.

A friend of Louie's and fellow comic. After a sexual encounter, both she and Louie contract crabs. Jay Leno as himself.

He appears in the "Late Show" arc when Louie appears on his show. He interviews Louie, and later on when Louie is offered the job of David Letterman's successor, he calls Louie and congratulates him and gives him advice. Melissa Leo as Laurie Brent.

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A friend of a fellow comic of Louie's who is at a dinner party Louie attends. They are not compatible at first, but then later they have a conversation in Laurie's truck where she pleasures him and demands he reciprocates. David Lynch as Jack Dall. A friend of the head of CBS and notable television producer. He is a brash and tough leader assigned to help coach Louie to become the next host of the Late Show. He succeeds in taking Louie from a gruff comedian to a capably suited late night show host.

He appears in the "Late Show" arc. An old friend of Louie's that he hasn't spoken to in years for some unknown reason. He goes to Maron's apartment and tries to apologize, only to have Maron tell him that he came over years before and said exactly the same thing.

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Garry Marshall as Lars Tardigan. The head of CBS. Amy Poehler as Debbie. Louie's sister who tries to convince him to come spend New Year's with her and the family in Mexico. She appears in the third-season finale "New Year's Eve". Parker Posey as Liz. An eccentric woman who works at a bookstore in New York that Louie falls in love with, but loses touch with her and spends the rest of the season trying to find again.

She appears in the two-part "Daddy's Girlfriend" episode and the third-season finale "New Year's Eve", dying of cancer in the latter episode. Paul Rudd as himself. He is interviewed by Louie on his trial talk show. I guess it had been so long, it didn't occur to me that she was still my dog. The raging fire sparked evacuations and panic as residents feared the thick, heavy smoke billowing high into the sky was hazardous. Authorities have assured locals that the smoke is not toxic.

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